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See new year quests on PoliMappers Adventures 2018!

PoliMappers Adventures 2017 mapping event logo.

What are the PoliMappers’ Adventures ?

PoliMappers is going to publish on its social media channels ( Facebook user polimappers

and Twitter user@PoliMappers

) a simple challenge everyday for the entire month of December 2017, with the purpose of contributing to OpenStreetMap while having fun. The idea is inspired by the traditional  Advent calendar.

How to participate ?

  1. Follow us on our social media channels.
  2. Read the instructions for the mapping mission of the day.
  3. Important : add #polimappersadventures in your changeset comment when you modify the OpenStreetMap database.
    (If you are a member of PoliMappers, please also add the hashtags #youthmappers #polimappers #polimappers10.)


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
November 26 – 🌓
November 27
November 28
November 29
November 30
December 1 – 🕋 🎗️

The first quest is about learning something new about OpenStreetMap on Learn OSM. If you want to try to map something you learned today, add #polimappersadventures to the comment of your changesets !

December 2 – ☯️

It’s always time to map, even from your phone ! Download and use StreetComplete for Android or Go Maps on Apple Store.

December 3 – 🌕

Now it’s time to start to map ! In particular, you have to find a bench somewhere and to map it using the tag : amenity=bench.

December 4

Today quest is dealing with benches too ! This time you have to search for a bench in the OpenStreetMap environment and add the tag : backrest=*.

December 5 – 🤝

Now let’s map picnic tables ! Let’s go outdoor and map one of them ! You can find more information on this tag : leisure=picnic_table.

December 6

Having mapped benches and picnic tables, now find one of them in OpenStreetMap and adding the tag about the material they are made of ! Use the tag : material=*.

December 7 – ✈️

Now map a trash bin, but only those for unsorted waste ! Use the tag : amenity=waste_basket.

December 8 – ☸️

Let’s take care of the environment ! So find a bin for waste recycing this time and map it on OpenStreetMap ! Use the tag : amenity=recycling.

December 9 – 🕯️

Take photos with Mapillary! Download it on your smartphone and use them with iD editor to map features on OpenStreetMap !

December 10 – 🌗 ⛓️

If you have never used your bike to take photos with Mapillary, it's time to do it ! Map a bicycle parking using the tag : amenity=bicycle_parking.

December 11 – ⛰️

Go into details with bicycle parkings ! Find one of them on OpenStreetMap and add the additional tags documented in : bicycle_parking=*.

December 12 – 🕎 🕊️

Add the tags documented in : capacity=* to a parking which can be for bikes, cars or motorcycles !

December 13

Find a building or an entrance and to add the house number and the name of the street in which it is ! Use the tags documented in : addr=*.

December 14

Map the positions of pedestrian crossings (or crosswalks) on streets, specify exactly the tag : highway=crossing.

December 15

Find a mapped crossing on OpenStreetMap environment and to specify its type using the tags documented in : crossing=*.

December 16

Give humanitarian help ! Log in with your OpenStreetMap account and contribute to a HOT project !

December 17

Add tags documented in : surface=* to a road, a step or an area.

December 18 – 🌑 🚣

Map a drinking fountain in OpenStreetMap and use the tag : amenity=drinking_water.

December 19 – 🎅

Map some public toilets in OpenStreetMap and use the tag : amenity=toilets.

December 20 – 🤝

Find in the OpenStreetMap environment a place like a shop, a transport stop, or a toilet and to add the tags documented in : wheelchair=*.

December 21 –

Map a vending machine in OpenStreetMap and use the tag : amenity=vending_machine.

December 22

Do you know “uMap” ? It’s an open software to create your costum map on top of OpenStreetMap. Share your result with a friend !

December 23

OpenStreetMap may help save lives in case of emergency ! Find a fire extinguisher and map it using the tag : emergency=fire_extinguisher.

December 24 – 🎄

Found one elevator visiting your relatives or shops for festivities, so map it using the tag : highway=elevator.

December 25 – 🎅

The Christmas quest is about trees (and not only evergreen conifer), find one of them and map it on OSM using this tag : natural=tree.

December 26 – 🌓

Add shops on OSM and many informations about the activity as opening hours and payment methods ! Use the tags documented in : shop=*.

December 27

High buildings are notable to navigate on 3D maps and may limit the usability of your GPS when navigating in dense cities ! Find a building and to specify its number of levels using this tag : building:levels=*.

December 28

Log in with your OpenStreetMap account and contribute to a HOT project ! Add #polimappersadventures to the comment of your changesets !

December 29

Mapping on OSM would not be so successful if there was no access to training and documentation ! This time you should translate a page or upload an existing translation on this OpenStreetMap wiki to help other contributors.

December 30

Fix and close an issue/note made by other users in the OSM environment. You can find them by activating the notes layer at zoom level 9 or higher on the OSM map.

December 31 – 🎊

Write a post on your OSM Diary about your experience with us ! Show your love for OpenStreetMap, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT), OpenStreetMap Italia and PoliMappers and be creative. Your post may include a photo of you or your changesets !

January 1 – ⛓️

Thank you so much and happy new year 2018 of contributions to OpenStreetMap !

January 2 – 🌕
January 3
January 4
January 5
January 6 – 👑


Do I have to participate in all the activities ?

It is not mandatory to participate everyday. ;-)

Are there other ways to contribute ?

The wiki is not complete and some pages in English are not available in other languages. Below is a list of useful pages to be translated: