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võti väärtus element kirjeldus renderdus foto
boundary aboriginal_lands area A boundary representing official reservation boundaries of recognized aboriginal / indigenous / native peoples.
Entering Hualapai Indian Reservation.jpg
boundary administrative area administratiivpiir Selleks, et täpsustada, kas tegemist on riigi-, maakonna- vms piiriga, kasuta silti admin_level=*.
Rendering-adminlevel 2-mapnik.png
Lake city sign.jpg
boundary maritime area merepiir
boundary marker node A boundary marker, border marker, boundary stone, or border stone is a robust physical marker that identifies the start of a land boundary or the change in a boundary, especially a change in direction of a boundary. See also historic=boundary_stone
Boundary marker - Jeseniky, Czech Republic 12.jpg
boundary national_park area rahvuspark
Natianal park.png
Kings Canyon NP Sign.JPG
boundary political area valimispiirkondade piirid
boundary postal_code area Postal code boundaries
boundary protected_area area kaitseala Täpsustamiseks vaata boundary=protected_area
boundary user defined node way All commonly used values according to Taginfo


admin_level (number) area Applies to boundary=administrative and is usually in the range 1 to 10, except for several countries (Bolivia, Germany, Mozambique, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Turkmenistan, Venezuela) where it is in the range 1 to 11 – see boundary.
border_type * way area To distinguish between types of boundary where admin_level isn't enough. Used in several different ways e.g in maritime contexts.
start_date (date) area Useful if the boundary is very recent (or if it will become effective in a near future).

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