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邊界線 (Boundary)

台灣的部份可參閱 Tag:boundary_administrative

關鍵字(key) 值 (value) 幾何 (element) 描述 (desc) 地圖標註 (render) 照片 (photo)

Boundary types

boundary aboriginal_lands area A boundary representing official reservation boundaries of recognized aboriginal / indigenous / native peoples.
Entering Hualapai Indian Reservation.jpg
boundary administrative area 行政界線,各級地方政府所管轄之區域,搭配使用admin_level=*
Rendering-adminlevel 2-mapnik.png
Lake city sign.jpg
boundary hazard area A designated hazardous area, with a potential source of damage to health, life, property, or any other interest of value.
boundary maritime area 海事邊界。
Sea boundaries.png
boundary marker node A boundary marker, border marker, boundary stone, or border stone is a robust physical marker that identifies the start of a land boundary or the change in a boundary, especially a change in direction of a boundary. See also historic=boundary_stone
Boundary marker - Jeseniky, Czech Republic 12.jpg
boundary national_park area 國家公園邊界。
National park.png
Kings Canyon NP Sign.JPG
boundary political area 選區,選舉的邊界。
boundary postal_code area 郵遞區號邊界。
boundary protected_area area 保護區,如為了國家公園,水源,或原住民保留地。
Yatsuhigata 04x4720s.jpg
boundary special_economic_zone area A government-defined area in which business and trade laws are different.
Steung Hav Special Economic Zone.jpg
boundary 使用者自訂 node way Taginfo查詢常用標籤值

屬性 (Attributes)

admin_level (number) area 應用於 boundary=administrative,除了德國會用到11之外,通常範圍為1到10。
Santa Catarina location.png
border_type * way area 用來區分同一種邊界的類別,或設定某一種邊界,例如,在海事邊界中可以有不同類別boundary=maritime,如同admin_level=*用在boundary=administrativeborder_type=*的使用可以相當廣泛,可參考該標籤的完成描述。
start_date (date) area Useful if the boundary is very recent (or if it will become effective in a near future).
Connel bridge plate.jpg

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