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Grup: Leisure
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Temel değerler

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
leisure adult_gaming_centre nodearea A venue with gambling machines, usually with a minimum age requirement.
Slot machines in Venetian.jpg
leisure amusement_arcade nodearea A venue with pay-to-play games.
Amusement arcade-14.svg
Dave & Buster's video arcade in Columbus, OH - 17910.JPG
leisure beach_resort nodearea A managed beach, including within the boundary any associated facilities. Entry may also require payment of a fee.
Beach resort-14.svg
Beach resort.jpg
leisure bandstand nodearea A bandstand is an open structure where musical bands can perform concerts.
leisure bird_hide nodearea A place that is used to observe wildlife, especially birds.
Bird hide-14.svg
leisure common nodearea Kamuya açık genel dinlenme alanı
leisure dance nodearea A dance venue or dance hall.
leisure disc_golf_course nodearea A place to play disc golf.
Disc golfer and basket.jpg
leisure dog_park nodearea A designated area, with or without a fenced boundary, where dog-owners are permitted to exercise their pets unrestrained.
Dog park.svg
leisure escape_game nodearea A physical adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles using clues, hints and strategy to complete the objectives at hand.
Conundrum Escape Room.jpg
leisure firepit nodearea A fire ring or fire pit, often at a campsite or picnic site.
Camp site.jpg
leisure fishing nodearea A public or private place for fishing.
leisure fitness_centre nodearea Fitness centre, health club or gym with exercise machines, fitness classes or both, for exercise.
Gym 1-1-.jpg
leisure fitness_station nodearea An outdoor facility where people can practise typical fitness exercises.
Outdoor gym in Parque de Bateria, Torremolinos.JPG
leisure garden nodearea A place where flowers and other plants are grown in a decorative and structured manner or for scientific purposes.
SF Japanese Garden.JPG
leisure hackerspace nodearea A place where people with common interests (science, technology, ...) meet.
Protospace, a Hackerspace.jpg
leisure horse_riding nodearea A facility where people practise horse riding, usually in their spare time, e.g. a riding centre. For a riding arena use leisure=pitch + sport=equestrian.
Warendorf, Reitanlage Josephshof -- 2014 -- 8591 -- Ausschnitt.jpg
leisure ice_rink nodearea A place where you can skate and play bandy or ice hockey.
Pista hielo bakh.jpg
leisure marina nodearea Liman / marina
Rendering-leisure marina.png
leisure miniature_golf nodearea A place or area where you can play miniature golf.
Miniature golf.svg
BigApple-ccby-rw .jpg
leisure nature_reserve nodearea A protected area of importance for wildlife, flora, fauna or features of geological or other special interest.
National park.png
Black Opal Spring in Biscuit Basin.JPG
leisure park nodearea A park, usually in an urban (municipal) setting, created for recreation and relaxation.
3015-Central Park-Sheep Meadow.JPG
leisure picnic_table nodearea A table with benches for food and rest.
Picnic table.jpg
leisure pitch nodearea Çoğunlukla futbol için kullanılan çim ya da toprak saha
Yes NCTU tennis 2.JPG
leisure playground nodearea A playground: an area designed for children to play.
Children playing on a modern playground.jpg
leisure slipway nodearea Kayıkhane
Transport slipway.svg
leisure sports_centre nodearea A sports centre is a distinct facility where sports take place within an enclosed area.
Western Lesiure Centre Cardiff.JPG
leisure stadium nodearea Stadyum
leisure summer_camp nodearea A place for supervised camps for children or teenagers conducted during the summer months.
Summer camp example wartenberg 2015 01.jpeg
leisure swimming_area nodearea An area for swimming within a larger body of water (such as a river, lake or the sea) that is marked by a rope, buoys or similar.
leisure swimming_pool nodearea A swimming pool (water area only).
Base layer water.png
Pool i.jpg
leisure track nodearea koşu, bisiklet v.b. parkur
Skyttis athletics tracks.jpg
leisure water_park nodearea Su parkı / kaydırak

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