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Once upon a time I mapped Nelspruit with nothing but a camera-phone and a GPS logger. I still think that was some of the best mapping I ever did.


My mapping

Lately I've put a lot of effort into airports South(ern) Africa. I've used some of the following conventions (which may or may not be in use elsewhere).

  • If I think it's related to aviation, I've tagged it with aeroway=*. This goes for navigation aids, obstacles, helipads, and airports, and pretty much anything else I feel relevant. Of course this only applies to physical things on the ground. Imaginary things like airspace don't belong in OSM. Physical things can be supplement with intangible attributes like access=private, frequency=*, etc
  • I've tagged airports (regardless of classification) with aeroway=aerodrome. I've generally placed these nodes at the centre of the runway(s). Sometimes it makes sense to place the node at the location road users would want to go to (e.g. the entrance to the terminal building). This doesn't suit my purposes, but makes sense to the greater OSM community, so I don't have a problem with it.
  • Airports licensed by the South African Civil Aviation Authority are tagged with licensed:sacaa=yes
  • Military airports are tagged with military=airfield. If they appear in the AIP then they're tagged with licensed:sacaa=no because they're unlicensed.
  • Airports with instrument approaches are tagged with ifr=yes. Data obtained from the CAA website
  • Runways should have an associated aerodrome node nearby, and vice versa.
  • Hangars are tagged with aeroway=hangar, building=yes. I've used ref=* if I know their number, and name=* if they have one.
  • Helipads are tagged with aeroway=helipad. They're often not associated with an aerodrome.
  • Navigation aids such as VORs, NDBs, PAPIs, and ILSs are tagged with aeroway=navigationaid, man_made=beacon, beacon:type=* (vor/ndb/etc), navigationaid=* (duplicate of beacon:type)ref=*, frequency=*
  • Other features like aeroway=taxiway, aeroway=tower, aeroway=radar, aeroway=windsock, and aeroway=apron are pretty self explanatory.

Of aeroways

I'm trying to figure out the state of aeroway related information in the wiki. To start I'm simply listing everything I find. Next step is to sort it all out.

The ultimate goal is to make sure the wiki corresponds with what people are tagging, and that what people are tagging is useful to as many people as possible. High hopes, so I'll see what turns out.

My todo list

  • Wiki (aeroways)
    • Fix public transport template: most of the flights category link to the main aeroways page. Hangars should link to aeroway=hangar etc.
    • Get status for each aeroway tag
    • Come up with a solution for airport classification. See Community_Updates/2010-06-07 and Talk:Airports.