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Some taggs I am going to check, because the context is wrong or just new and needs to be documented.


footway=both, footway=left, footway=right


highway=cycleway, sidewalk=*

highway=cycleway, cycleway=*

highway=cycleway, bicycle=yes

highway=motorway, bicycle=*, foot=*, horse=*

highway=motorway_link, bicycle=*, foot=*, horse=*

highway=trunk, bicycle=*, foot=*, horse=*

highway=trunk_link, bicycle=*, foot=*, horse=*



Context seems to be wrong

cycleway=shared_lane should not be applied on "Schutzstreifen". Use cycleway=lane instead.

lcn=* is often arbitrarily used by many mappers. It is neccessary that there is a guided route. lcn=yes on streets without a relation are suspicious.

vehicle=* may often be used instead of motor_vehicle=*, while vehicle means every kind of vehicle and motor_veicle only those which are meant at the red-circle-white-circle-sign.

Objects need to be rechecked

  • type=street: roles for sidepath
  • cuisine=* möglicherweise sollten öfter werte wie international und mediterranean verwendet werden.
  • landuse=* with layer=*: All those objects are tagged due to rendering and may have to be reworked completely. Query


type=street, route=*

Relations without type=*

type=road Relations of user ulamm. Wrongly used instead of type=street.

relation 378848 beinhaltet Wege der Bremer Radhauptrouten

Double objects

Taggs to be added

Checked for replacement or removal

New Tags

To be studied