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This page refers to the country. For other uses, see Lebanon (disambiguation).
Lebanon, Western Asia

latitude: 33.86, longitude: 35.72
Browse map of Lebanon 33°51′36.00″ N, 35°43′12.00″ E
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Lebanon is a country in Western Asia at latitude 33°51′36.00″ North, longitude 35°43′12.00″ East.

OpenStreetMap images (and underlying map data) are freely available under OpenStreetMap License.

Arabic is the official language. Flag of Lebanon.svg


Getting Involved

There's a lot of work to be done for OSM Lebanon.

  • Subscribe to the OpenStreetMap Lebanon discussion list and introduce your self; you can freely use arabic, english or french as language. The list archives are also available.
  • Take a look at the Beginners' guide if you own tracking equipment and would like to start mapping.
  • If you don't own a GPS log tracker or GPS receiver, you can still contribute with the mapping through:
    • Tagging points of interest (POI's) in already mapped areas using Potlatch, Merkaartor or JOSM software. Think in particular of public services (civil administration like driving license delivery points, cadastre, courts of justice, social welfare, post offices, post boxes, telecoms etc... ), schools, universities, movies, theatre, hospitals/clinics, restaurants, tourist sites, monuments, parks, bus stations, harbors, piers, forests, parcs, banks with/without ATM.
    • Enhance or add the name of cities, villages, rivers, lakes, etc.
    • Map highways and tracks (using relations).
  • Contribute to the wiki or complete the Arabic and French translation.
  • Get in contact with public surveying institutions and collect information about licensing and the possibility of using their data for the OpenStreetMap project.
  • Use OSM data on your GPS device or phone. Check OSM Map On Garmin/Download.
  • Advertise OSM and get your colleagues involved in the project.

Current Priorities

  • Arabic and Latin naming: villages, towns, cities, regions, mouhafazat and cadaa. Initial dump of LebanonPlaceNames already available.
  • Identify and tag major geographic features like rivers, lakes, forests, agricultural/industrial/academic/residential zones.
  • Research official governmental sources for street names.
  • Set up appropriate tagging system for Lebanon highways: motorways, trunks, primary, secondary, tertiary residential, tracks (agricultural are often seen there... ) and the way to give them a name or a number.


No previous meetings to report.



Temporary note: we need to define a new page for the above link for admin maps , not a link to a single image, because there are more then one.

  • Please check the FAQ section for common problems and their solution.

Problems mapping from Lebanon

Because of the poor internet connection or else, you might face some problems; below you can find the proper solutions:

Why can't I see any mapping data on Potlatch?

Read the Potlatch manual before doing major edits. Lacking to do so, you might destroy hours of work of other OSM mappers, so please be careful.

Check on Wiki main page if the OSM servers are up and running. Generally you have to wait for Potlatch Red arrow topright to finish downloading/uploading then start adding nodes/ways, otherwise you might add ways/node on already existing ones. Working with a modem connection might be very tedious if possible at all (let us know if it works though).

IMPORTANT If the exclamation mark (!) appears at the bottom left of the Potlatch editor, click on it and select Try again to save your changes. Otherwise, they will simply be ignored.

How do I enter Arabic fonts in the tag fields ?

  • Using Potlatch, there is nothing you can do to directly input Arabic text, because the interface doesn't support Arabic fonts (at least not yet). You can however open your preferred text editor, write your Arabic text there , then copy and paste in the corresponding field in Potlatch.
  • Using Merkaartor or JOSM is easier since you can switch your keyboard and simply type Arabic text into the fields (like name=بيروت). In order to write Arabic text on a western keyboard, simply install Arabic script support in your operating system and toggle between the different keyboards. If your operating system doesn't support on-screen keyboard viewer, you can use the following key maps as a reference:
Unshifted Keyboard
Shifted Keyboard

Road system

Rivers and waterways

Orontes River

State of cities and villages in Lebanon

City Status
Baalbeck needs local mappers
Beirut work in progress
Chtaura needs local mappers
Halba needs local mappers
Hermel needs local mappers
Saida needs local mappers
Sour needs local mappers
Tripoli needs local mappers
Zahleh needs local mappers

Wiki maintainers

Please be kind and discuss potential major changes to the wiki, with the users below:

Mappers in Lebanon

Check the list of Users in Lebanon.

To add yourself to the list of mappers, simply add the following line of codes on your wiki page:

  • Lebanon mappers: [[Category:Users in Lebanon|YourWikiUserName]]
  • Specific city mappers (eg. Beirut): [[Category:Users in Beirut|YourWikiUserName]]

Quality controls

External resources

Mapping related

Other resources