Zanzibar Building Tagging Guidelines Summary

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Short Overview of tags for buildings.


Key Comment
building apartments, hotel, house, residential, , commercial, industrial, retail, warehouse, civic, hospital, school, public, kiosk, container, ruins, construction

use mosque and church always in combination with amenity=place_of_worship and religion=muslim/christian For Madrassa use school and operator:type=religious and religion=muslim

name The name of the building. If the Swahili name of the building is different use name:sw. If the building used to have a different name use old_name
amenity A desirable or useful feature or facility of a building or place (ODO)


  1. bank


  1. cafe Generally informal place with sit-down facilities selling beverages and light meals and/or snacks.
  2. restaurant Where you mainly go to eat


  1. clinic Small docters practise. If they sell medicine without seeing the doctor use "clinic;pharmacy"
  2. hospital In a hospital you can stay overnight. Also try estimate beds for the number of beds.
  3. pharmacy Shop where you can buy medicine only.


  1. school
  2. kindergarten


  1. place_of_worship
  2. public_building
  3. police


  1. fuel Petrol Station
  2. taxy A place where taxis wait for passengers.
  3. marketplace
  4. parking

uncommon: college, courthouse, embassy, fire_station, library, post_office, townhall

  1. building
  2. memorial
  3. monument


Key Comment
building:condition good, average, poor, ruinous
start_date This is the date the building was built/opened. It can only contain one single year (eg. 1970) or day (using the format yyyy-mm-dd eg. 1970-05-26). If you have to estimate the year, pick a value that fits into any of these brackets:
  1. pre 1900
  2. 1900 - 1920
  3. 1920 - 1940
  4. 1940 - 1960
  5. 1960 - 1980
  6. 1980 - 2000
  7. 2000 - now

You *must* fill this in else the date layer in QGIS will not work.

building If construction of the building(s) took more than 1 year you may namespace the building key eg. building:1960-1970=construction. See Date namespace.
building:architecture:typology single_storey_swahili, swahili_2020, suburban_villa, apartment_block, indian_shopfront, kariakoo, high_street, government, public_school, madrasa, mosque, market_stall, others
  1. single_storey_swahili
  2. swahili_2020
  3. suburban_villa
  4. apartment_block
  5. indian_shopfront
  6. kariakoo
  7. high_street
  8. government
  9. public_school
  10. madrasa Madrassa op Wikipedia
  11. mosque
  12. market_stall
  13. others

In our project this is referred to as the Architectural Style.

  1. first_swahili
  2. stone_town
  3. british_colonial
  4. art_deco
  5. modernism
  6. historicising
  7. hypermodern
architect Name of the architect. You may add architect:wikipedia and website Especially the first one (if it exists) is super interesting in the long run.


Key Comment
building:levels Amount of storeys in a building. The ground floor is 1, so a 1 Storey building is 2 etc.
  1. timber_framing This is used to indicate Wattle and Daub.
  2. limestone This is used to indicate Limestone
  3. sand_cement_blocks Sand-cement blocks.
  4. glass Glass Curtain Wall
  5. patchwork Multi-material structure, often found in very poor environments. (We can also call this a structure? That way will will also dodge any Discussion
building:structure Building Structures as used in Kathmandu


You must indicate the roof:material , You may indicate the roof:shape and roof:colour.

Key Comment
  1. thatch timber frame and Makuti Thatching
  2. slate or stone? Mangrove beams packed with coral stone, lime
  3. metal Timber frame and corrugated metal sheets
  4. roof_tiles Roof clay tiles (Mangalore)
  5. concrete Concrete?
Sample RGB hex Colour name   Sample RGB hex Colour name
  #000000 (or #000) black   #FFFFFF (or #FFF) white
  #808080 gray (or grey)   #C0C0C0 silver
  #800000 maroon   #FF0000 (or #F00) red
  #808000 olive   #FFFF00 (or #FF0) yellow
  #008000 green   #00FF00 (or #0F0) lime
  #008080 teal   #00FFFF (or #0FF) aqua
  #000080 navy   #0000FF (or #00F) blue
  #800080 purple   #FF00FF (or #F0F) fuchsia
Image Roof0 0.jpg Roof1 0.jpg Roof2 0.jpg Roof2 3.jpg Roof2 4.jpg Roof2 5.jpg Roof4 0.jpg Roof4 2.jpg Roof5 6.jpg Saint Sophia Cathedra 2009l.jpg Roof5 0.jpg
roof:shape flat skillion gabled half-hipped hipped pyramidal gambrel mansard dome onion round

Key Comment