CanVec: Places of interest (LX)

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This page describes OSM features tagging of NRCan's CanVec product (.osm version)
Notes are at the end of tagging description

SpecCode Geometry Entity Attributes OSM Tag(s)
100001* nodearea Lookout Lookout tourism=viewpoint
100002* node Ski centre Ski centre leisure=sports_centre;sport=skiing
100003* nodearea Cemetery Cemetery landuse=cemetery
100004* area Fort Fort tourism=attraction;historic=yes
100006* node Marina Marina leisure=marina
100007* wayarea Sports track/Race track Sports track/Race track leisure=track;fixme=sport type is not known
100008* area Golf course Golf course leisure=golf_course;sport=golf
203001* node Camp Camp building=yes;note=remote area building
207001* nodearea Drive-in theatre Drive-in theatre amenity=cinema;foot=no
220001* area Botanical garden Botanical garden leisure=garden
221001* node Shrine Shrine historic=wayside_shrine
222001* node Historic site/Point of interest Historic site/Point of interest tourism=attraction;historic=yes
226001* area Amusement park Amusement park tourism=theme_park
227001* area Park/Sports field Park/Sports field leisure=park
228001* way Footbridge Footbridge highway=footway;bridge=yes
240001* nodearea Ruins Ruins historic=ruins
242001* way Trail Unknown highway=footway
242002* way Trail Other highway=footway
242003* way Trail Portage highway=footway;sport=canoe
246001* area Stadium Stadium leisure=stadium
248001* nodearea Campground Campground tourism=camp_site
249001* nodearea Picnic site Picnic site tourism=picnic_site
250001* nodearea Golf driving range Golf driving range leisure=golf_driving_range
251001* area Exhibition ground Fairground leisure=park;note=Fairground exhibition ground
251002* area Exhibition ground Other leisure=park;note=Exhibition ground
256001* area Zoo Zoo tourism=zoo

note 1: Entity and attribute descriptions can be found here.
note 2: Entity specification code (SpecCode) is a seven digit number where * should be replaced with the appropriate Geometry indicator (0 = Point, 1 = Line, 2 = Area).