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Status: de facto

The key local_ref=* has been used on highway=bus_stop, railway=platform or public_transport=stop_position features to indicate the number or letter of the stop, platform or other transport feature.

The original suggestion on this page was to use local_ref=* for the number or letter of the platform or bus stop, while reserving ref=* for the number or reference code of a larger station or "stop area". However, it is much more common to use ref=* instead.

Many instances of this tag were first imported from the NAPTAN database in Britain.




This key is rendered on ÖPNVKarte for all public transport platforms.

Example with many bus stops:

Transport Map

This key is rendered on the Transport Map only for bus stops. Stop positions of trams and trains aren't rendered. The reason is unknown.

In addition, only local_ref values with 1 or 2 alphanumerical characters are rendered. Expressions like "S10" will not be rendered.

Example with many bus stops ("A" - "K"):


Over time, this tag has also come to be used for local, usually national, coding schemes for aerodromes. Examples are the codes assigned to French airfields, catalogued on, and the pseudo-icao codes assigned in Russia, as per [1]

See also

  • route_ref=* - route reference (number/code) cognizable on public transport stop signs.
  • loc_ref=* - Local reference