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Star image.

These are featured images, which have been identified as the best examples of OpenStreetMap mapping, or as useful illustrations of the OpenStreetMap project.

If you know another image of similar quality, you can nominate it on Featured image proposals.


Week 1
(29 Dec. – 4 Jan.)
Frame 909 OSM 2008 A year of Edits.jpg
English A frame from 'OSM 2008 - A year of edits'. Other stills available on Flickr. Animation on the ITO Vimeo site from midnight (Australia time) on Dec 31st. edit
Week 2
(5–11 Jan.)
London postcodes NPE.png
English Postcodes in London, as displayed on the postcode map edit
Week 3
(12–18 Jan.)
English Railways in the UK are now available on OpenTrainMap and on OSM UK rail network map edit
Week 4
(19–25 Jan.)
Naga osm.png
English The Naga City GIS released their data to public domain and is now imported to OSM. All roads, railways, rivers and buildings. edit
Week 5
(26 Jan. – 1 Feb.)
Tartu osm osmarenderer.png
English Map of Tartu, the green University town in Estonia were contributed by the City Government edit
Week 6
(2–8 Feb.)
English Where-can-i-live uses OSM maps to display houses within a certain commute time of work edit
Week 7
(9–15 Feb.)
English A hiking map is available, showing the relief and contours of the landscape, and highlighting paths and trails (Note: Now seems to be described at DE:OSMC Reitkarte) edit
Week 8
(16–22 Feb.)
English osmdiff is a program to visualize and report changes in an area (e.g. see osmdiff reports) edit
Week 9
(23 Feb. – 1 Mar.)
Ruiz volcano.jpg
English Colombian mappers in the Ruiz Volcano (view map) edit
Week 10
(2–8 Mar.)
English is a service similar to Google StreetView, offered by a Romanian company. They are using OpenStreetMap as an overlay to display the panoramas (only for Romania at higher zoom levels for now). They also donated 16 GB of GPS logs and gave us permission to derive data from their images. edit
Week 11
(9–15 Mar.)
GroundTruth Collage.png
English GroundTruth is a new mapmaking tool for converting OSM data into Garmin maps. This featured image is a collage of various screenshots taken from MapSource, a Garmin unit and from Wiki pages containing rendering rules. edit
Week 12
(16–22 Mar.)
English Computer Science students at the University of Maryland have created a pedestrian routing map based on OpenStreetMap data. Support is even included for wheel friendly routing, and avoiding certain areas. edit
Week 13
(23–29 Mar.)
OSM3d Dresden2.jpg
English OSM-3D view of Dresden from a Java 3D Map at edit
Week 14
(30 Mar. – 5 Apr.)
English With the recently finished ABS Import of suburb boundary data, all of Australia has relatively up-to-date suburb boundary information. Image shows progress of import in Brisbane area, created using OSM Mapper. edit
Week 15
(6–12 Apr.)
Routing plugin.png
English Routing plugin for JOSM edit
Week 16
(13–19 Apr.)
GroundTruthContours Overview.png
English GroundTruth-generated relief contours map for Garmin GPS units. The elevation data source is SRTM. This is a MapSource screenshot of map tiles. See here for more info. edit
Week 17
(20–26 Apr.)
CloudMade Bicycle Routing.png
English CloudMade's routing API gives turn-by-turn directions for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians - all powered by OSM data (shown: route around Googleplex) edit
Week 18
(27 Apr. – 3 May)
Cambridge, MA.png
English The building and open space layers from MassGIS for large swathes of Massachusetts have been imported thanks to effort by User:crschmidt and others in the region. [1] edit
Week 19
(4–10 May)
Tim Berners-Lee in hi viz vest.jpg
English Sir Tim Berners-Lee recently received both a doctor honoris causa award (for his outstanding contributions to the WWW [2][3]) and a hi-viz vest (for his outstanding mentions of OSM [4]) edit
Week 20
(11–17 May)
TopOSM example3.jpg
English TopOSM is a topographic view of OSM data edit
Week 21
(18–24 May)
Mapanalyst madrid.png
English MapAnalyst is an open source tool for distortion analysis in old maps, that uses OSM as a the default reference cartography. (Shown here: 1:50k map of Madrid dated from 1875) edit
Week 22
(25–31 May)
100 2241.jpg
English The first GPS device donated by the OSM Foundation's GPStogo scheme at the mapping party and conference in Neiva Colombia edit
Week 23
(1–7 Jun.)
English The Sunderland Mapping Party being an example of the successful Mapping parties idea. Sunderland was chosen from the UK Mapping Priorities list. edit
Week 24
(8–14 Jun.)
English A printed map of Birmingham is available thanks to the Mappa Mercia subproject edit
Week 25
(15–21 Jun.)
Tah-heatmap default rendering thumb 512px.png
English A "heat-map" of OpenStreetMap complexity worldwide (Tah-heatmap) edit
Week 26
(22–28 Jun.)
English The HaptoRender project has created the first tactile map using OpenStreetMap data. edit
Week 27
(29 Jun. – 5 Jul.)
Osmlive 24hrs.png
English The osmlive service shows worldwide OSM edits in delayed real-time. This image shows the result of a typical 24 hours of activity. edit
Week 28
(6–12 Jul.)
TrafficMan device 022.png
English Trafficman Maps From Android 1.0 Released - create OSM from your T-Mobile G1 edit
Week 29
(13–19 Jul.)
English A multi-scale density visualization shows vessel movements in front of Rotterdam harbor.

More info and large-scale overlays: Visualization of vessel movements by Niels Willems, Huub van de Wetering and Jarke J. van Wijk

Week 30
(20–26 Jul.)
SOTM09 Group Photo.jpg
English Group photo from State Of The Map 2009. Watch the videos of each talk, see photos, slides, videos, and links edit
Week 31
(27 Jul. – 2 Aug.)
English 3D terrain view of a route [5] from edit
Week 32
(3–9 Aug.)
WestBank mappers.png
English Palestine mappers (see their map, or SotM presentation) edit
Week 33
(10–16 Aug.)
English Sea marks (e.g. buoys) are now rendered on the OpenSeaMap edit
Week 34
(17–23 Aug.)
Dublin ga.png
English View the map in Irish (parks in Baile Átha Cliath being shown on Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason's experimental wikipedia rendering), or some other language. edit
Week 35
(24–30 Aug.)
Perth cycle.png
English Cycle networks in Perth. Add more routes using the cycle tagging edit
Week 36
(31 Aug. – 6 Sep.)
Burningman center.png
English Black rock city, from Burning Man edit
Week 37
(7–13 Sep.)
Dolomiti mp.JPG
English Dolomiti Mapping Party three days on the Chain of the Brenta's Dolomites. Here we are at Tuckett alpine hut edit
Week 38
(14–20 Sep.)
English Camp Delta in US naval base Guantánamo Bay (wiki) edit
Week 39
(21–27 Sep.)
Gaza tourist.png
English A tourist map of the Gaza strip! Would you ever see this from a commercial map? edit
Week 40
(28 Sep. – 4 Oct.)
Spirale di Lignano Pineta.png
English Peculiar spiral street arrangement in the Pineta area of Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy (map) edit
Week 41
(5–11 Oct.)
Bethlehem mappers.png
English Bethlehem mappers (see map, SotM presentation, WikiProject) edit
Week 42
(12–18 Oct.)
Wandertafel Simmelsdorf.jpg
English The Hüttenbach tourism association posted 12 printed maps of their area edit
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