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Star image.

These are featured images, which have been identified as the best examples of OpenStreetMap mapping, or as useful illustrations of the OpenStreetMap project.

If you know another image of similar quality, you can nominate it on Featured image proposals.

December 2008
27th Frame 909 OSM 2008 A year of Edits.jpg A frame from 'OSM 2008 - A year of edits. Other stills available on Flickr. Animation on the ITO Vimeo site from midnight (Australia time) on Dec 31st.
20th Bradford mapping party website.png Animation of the Bradford mapping party (using the Party renderer)
13th Mapserverosm.jpg MapServer-rendered map of Paris and its suburbs
6th 2008-10-08-champlain-eog.png Geotagging a photo with OSM maps in Eye of GNOME.
November 2008
29th Tangogps.jpg TangoGPS with OSM maps on Openmoko Freerunner
22nd Rome-cyclemap-drinking water.png OpenCycleMap rendering with lots of amenity=drinking_water in Rome
15th OSM-PDA-BSGPSPDA-bike.jpg Mapping Toulouse with a PDA, BSGPSPDA, a bike, a pencil and some paper.
8th OSM Inspector Housenumbers Featured Image.png The new OSM Inspector tool offers a range of debug views of OpenStreetMap data, among them the house number/postcode view shown here.
1st 2008-09-19 133134.jpg Mapsource rendering of Vienna
October 2008
25th Coventry-ring-road-20080713-osma-z16-scaled.png Coventry Ring Road (A4053) provides a good boundary for micro mapping.
18th Car-Monitor-CID650.jpg OSM maps in a car with gpsdrive (Install notes)
11th Rendering clean z12.png Kosmos render showing an area without clutter
4th Babeloued.png Mapping of Bab El Oued in Algiers, Algeria
September 2008
27th KosmosMGMaps2.jpg Screenshot of Mgmaps application showing Kosmos-generated map on a mobile phone. Visit Kosmos And MGMaps for more info.
20th Oakland screenshot.png Michal Migurski's map of Oakland (see also historical maps on that site)
13th Large Hadron Collider at CERN map.svg Large Hadron Collider at CERN showing the layout of tunnels
6th Tgps374.jpg Gosmore running with OSM data on Windows CE and showing a route.
August 2008
30th KDE marble Linkoping.jpg OSM data in KDE Marble, for Linköping (latest map)
23rd Montpellier.png Some nice mapping done in Montpellier, France by AndrewT
16th PTGMAP oms ipaq on bike.JPG The PTGMAP application uses actual OSM data who is converted by Mkgmap into a garmin map file on your PC. Everything is ready for mapping. You see a district in Basel, Switzerland
9th USE-IT Copenhagen paper map.jpg A real paper map of Copenhagen made with OSM data. The USE-IT organisation has published this map for free for all young travellers to Copenhagen. See User:Use-it/Map_of_Copenhagen_for_Young_Travellers for more information.
2nd Cctv.png Map showing man_made=surveillance cameras from
July 2008
26th Housenumber-karlsruhe-de.png If you think you live in a perfectly mapped area or city, try joining the house-numbering project...
19th Kosmos.2.0.png A screenshot of the new version of Kosmos (v2.0). See for more info.
12th Openstreetbugs-example.PNG OpenStreetBugs help you to mark errors in OSM data. You can leave a short message on the map if something is missing or obviously wrong, like "oneway in wrong direction" or "bridge or level_crossing?". Someone will go there and check this.
5th Inhouserouting.png Routing with from one place to the cafeteria at FH Hannover-campus.
June 2008
28th Postal code-birmingham-uk.png Kosmos render of postal_code=* tag on streets (Birmingham).
21st Patterson substation.png Substations, power lines, and wind farms in California
14th Power line-in-usa.png Power lines in the USA. Data selected with osmxapi and rendered by Kosmos with special render file
7th Josm-edit.jpg The JOSM map editor, with speed color-coded GPX tracks and the AgPiFOJ plugin, allowing lots of pictures to be synced with a GPS tracklog
May 2008
31st Howth harbour.png Lighthouse and buoy data, made public by the Commissioner of Irish lights. (OSM file, discussion)
24th Cyclenodenetwork-belgium.png Custom rendering of a small part of the Belgian cycle network.
17th OSM Hi Vis Back.jpg The latest effort in the UK to spread the word of OSM whilst mapping on foot or bike - OSM Printed Hi-Vis Vests!
10th Freemap combined layer.jpg Freemap Slovakia rendered with customized styles and Osmarender extend its map outside Slovakia using OpenStreetMap's Mapnik layer with on-the-fly-stitching of its own and mapnik tiles for tiles near national boundaries of Slovakia into one browsable slippy map.
3rd Cyclingnodes.jpg A map of the Dutch Regional cycling network, based on numbered nodes. This part of the network in particular has been completed into OSM even before the official launch and corrects several errors in the offical network map. This part has been generated in only 6 weeks, and in the same time a splendid proper look has been made.

Several other regions are currently in the phase of completion, but a lot of field work remains.
The map runs on the dutch tileserver HERE
The high density grid system allows for cyclists to find there way using cycleways and quiet roads only, and opens possibilities for quality routing planners for cyclists.

April 2008
26th Berlin zoo.jpg Internal map of a zoo in Berlin (link)
19th Paris 1st map.png A map of the 1st arrondissement of Paris from, using OSM data, but annotated with attractions, restaurants, bars and hotels and with an automatically generated listing key. This map, and 20 others, are part of the printed Wikitravel Paris guidebook by Wikitravel Press
12th TIGERImportAnimation.gif From late summer of 2007 until the end of January 2008 the TIGER data was imported into OSM. This animation (maps from Randomjunk, animated by Sciuro), shows progress over this period. Of course, there's still plenty to do during the TIGER fixup!
5th Almerebuildings.PNG This is what you can do if you have too much time and Yahoo! Aerial Imagery. This is the city of Almere near Amsterdam. User:Skywave drew pretty much all of the buildings of the city using JOSM amd the WMS plugin.
March 2008
29th Freiburg Excerpt.png A high-quality printed map has been produced from OSM data for the FOSSGIS 2008 conference in Freiburg, Germany.
22nd Openstreetmap cartoon.jpg Artwork inspired by OpenStreetMap (Constantin Litvak)
15th IndividualPOIs.png This is a screenshot from a brand new program made by Plenz which is available on The user can select the POIs he wants to see from a list and he can even select the size of the icons. As an example, on this screenshot all fuel stations between Hamburg, Bremen and Hannover are displayed.
8th CycleNodeNetwork.png Dutch cyclists added hundreds of nodes to the cylemap using a custom-made script. Still they have to connect the nodes with eachother (a start is made in the upper-left corner of this image, near Schoonhoven) wich means a lot of cycling to do....
1st Cycle map with contours bern.png The cycle map is now showing contours from SRTM data.
February 2008
23rd Osmbook cover.jpg Our project is the subject of a whole book (in German), out now and available from the usual online booksellers. The book has its own web page. An English version is being discussed.
16th OSM data in OpenJUMP.jpg OSM data in OpenJUMP (a "traditional" GIS application). Note that all data in this picture is created solely using gps traces and surveying by foot as there is no high-quality free aerial source for this region.
9th Osm putney cycle.jpg One year on from the February 2007 featured image, a picture of a GPS showing the same area, but customized for cycling with cycle routes highlighted in dark red in the same fashion as the cycle map
2nd Munich 0608to0709b small.gif Animation showing the development of OSM in the area Munich, the capital of Bavaria, Germany. Time shown: August 2006 until September 2007. This animation is also shown at the German page on Munich. Animation has been rendered by RalfZ.
January 2008
26th EuropeGPSpoints.png GPS traces uploaded to OSM don't normally get seen en-masse. OSM has 115 million points for this area of Europe.
19th Navit-ffm.png Navit is a great open-source (GPL) application for routing and navigation. It contains a utility to convert .osm-files to the binary file format used by the main application. There is a SDL and a GTK+ interface. The route calculation is rather fast and it will even guide you with speech-output using speechd or espeak. Since navit renders the map on-the-fly, there's no need for storing a large number of picture-files on the hard drive or even having an internet-connection while using it. Map data from GeoFabirk's Europe-extract from Dec, 30th 2007 is only 151MB in the binary file format. (The .osm.bz2 used to build the binary data was 320MB)

The image shows navit displaying a part of Frankfurt_am_Main using the GTK+ interface with a route calculated by navit. --Jannis 18:33, 4 January 2008 (UTC)

12th Kosmos Tegernsee Sample.png Screenshot containing a sample of a relief map around Tegernsee generated with the new map rendering engine Kosmos. Contours were generated using the Srtm2Osm tool from the SRTM3 dataset (notice relief voids).
5th Geocaching with OSMify.png With the new version of the OSMify bookmarklet, you can now search for geocaches (or use any other site with Google Maps) using OSM maps.