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Star image.

These are featured images, which have been identified as the best examples of OpenStreetMap mapping, or as useful illustrations of the OpenStreetMap project.

If you know another image of similar quality, you can nominate it on Featured image proposals.

December 2007
29th Gpsdrive ipaq screenshot-map-z11.png GPSDrive for IPAQ
22nd SuttonColdfieldBuildings.png Building outlines starting to appear near Sutton Coldfield
15th Pinelands.png Pinelands, Cape Town
8th Topo20.jpg Contour lines of OSM project were created from Rendering z12-z16 took 1 week.
1st Pyroute backstreets.png Pyroute in cycle mode, avoiding big roads and giving a quiet cycle route through back-streets and cycle paths. See a video of it working
November 2007
24th Merkaartor-rotterdamwest-reduced.png Merkaartor edit session of Rotterdam West, showing off WYSIWYG map editing.
17th Palm islands.png The Palm Islands (wiki page) and the unfinished World Islands were traced from NASA landsat imagery using the map rectifier. Although "The World" is not finished the imagery gave OSM the possibility to be the first to contain partial map data from this megastructure.
10th Dynamic poi layer freemap sk.jpg Dynamic POI layer on Slovak subproject of OSM developed customizable POI layer, visitors by selecting checkboxes can choose which POI will be visible on the map. Many thanks to Dodi for a lot of jscript modifications in OpenLayers.
3rd Osnabrueck.png In 2003, the city of Osnabrück was the first city in Germany to make free geodata available, in a project named Frida. The data has now been dual-licensed (originally GPL) and incorporated into OSM by its creators, Intevation GmbH.
October 2007
27th Toronto.png Toronto city centre, rendered using Mapnik
20th PartyRenderSample Surrey black cityNames.png The Party renderer can display all your traces from a mapping weekend, as an image or video. Just give it a directory of GPX files
13th Road junction.png Complex multi-layered junctions can be mapped using the layer and bridge tags. Example shown is the start of Britain's M1 in London
6th AND-SouthNetherlands.png Imported AND data in Netherlands (to top of picture) showing comparison with Belgium mapping (to bottom/left). view the area
September 2007
29th LjubljanaMappingParty HorsesEqualsYes.jpg Not all mapping parties need to be on bicycle. Participants of the 1st Ljubljana Mapping Party used a carriage to prove the proper use of horses=yes tag.
22nd Ipswitch.png Ipswich town centre, typical example of a well-mapped town
15th OSM-slovakia-20070627.jpg Bratislava town - Even there are just four members in Slovakia actively developing and contributing to OpenStreetMap project, they are in some details far beyond. On picture you can see relief overlay from Shuttle Radar Topography Mission.
8th Rondebosch.png Adrian Frith's map of Cape Town
1st Artems AND Render.png Automotive Navigation Data (AND) donated a whole country's worth of streetmap data to the project (blog post).
August 2007
25th Bergen centre.jpg Bergen city centre, easier to read now that the coast is rendered
18th Langdales.png The Langdale Pikes (in Lake District, UK), mapped at recent Lakes mapping party, showing road, track, bridleway, footpaths, peaks and water features
11th CycleLayer.png The OSM Cycle Map uses OSM data to create a map dedicated to the needs of cyclists, showing cycle routes and emphasising cycle paths over main roads.
4th Shadow.jpg Experimenting with shadows. The SVG output of Osmarender can be tweaked to apply a 'drop shadow' effect to streetmaps, as demonstrated by Dotbaz at SOTM
July 2007
28th City oneway streets.jpg Urban one-way street systems can be tagged using oneway=yes. Turn on direction arrows in JOSM to see which way they go
21st SOTM 2007.jpg At the State Of The Map 2007 conference, OSM people discussed everything from routing software to mobile maps, animations, and 'Real' Cartography. You can download the audio and slides
14th Josm spain geodesy network.png Spanish OSMers got permission to import goverment data into OSM. The first task has been importing the "ROI" geodesy network; supposedly this is the first time that data from a National Mapping Agency is imported directly into OSM. "ROI" stands for "Red de Orden Inferior", or "Lesser Order Network".
7th Kinshasa z14.jpg Kinshasa, centre of 3rd largest city in Africa
June 2007
30th Canterbury centre.jpg Canterbury centre, results from the South East Tip mapping party
23rd IsleOfMan.png OpenStreetMap now has an excellent free map of the Isle of Man, thanks to data contributed by the Isle of Man Department for Local Government and the Environment, also by local mappers.
16th Bedford geograph freemap.png Freemap, showing Bedford, with a Geograph photo open to show what the footpath looks like at ground level
9th Assen 20070529.PNG Assen is the capital city of the province of Drenthe. It's the first city in the Netherlands which has (near) 100% coverage in OSM.
2nd Namefinder.png David Earl's Name Finder application in use. Try it out with a search...
May 2007
26th Bicester.png Bicester is a moderately-sized town in the UK, which has recently appeared in OSM and its data has quickly grown from a dot on the landscape to what we see now.
19th London-bimonthly-6-months.gif A lot of progress has been made in mapping London. OpenStreetMap's coverage has more than doubled in just the last six months.
12th Solent.png The Solent, southern UK, from the tiles@home layer showing filled sea areas for Southampton Water, Portsmouth, Langstone & Chichester harbours, and the Solent.
5th 3374-newOsmAtHomeClient2.png Østerbro, a suburb of København
April 2007
28th Bedford-ris-20070301.png Map of the Bedford area. But what do all the colours mean?
21st LoughboroughGPX20070228.png Raw tracklogs detailing the structure of Loughborough, UK.
14th Central london coverage.png Central London, showing the detail now available there
7th Maemo osm 2.jpg London and southeast England, on a MaemoMapper handheld display.
March 2007
31st Heathrow aeroways.jpg Runways and taxiways of Heathrow airport
24th Maemomapper-openstreetmap-mapnik.jpg Helsinki city centre on MaemoMapper, a mapping application for the Nokia 770 series of wireless internet tablets
17th Swaffham20070105-100.png Swaffham
10th Sharif-map.png OpenStreetMap is an international project, and street names can be accepted in multiple languages. This map is of the area surrounding Sharif University of Technology in Tehran – the Iran/Tagging rules page shows how to edit maps in this area.
3rd Cambridge-curvy.png Butt's Green in Cambridge, rendered with the new curve smoothing algorithms in Osmarender.
February 2007
24th London medium.jpg London, as seen after about 40 people mapped the place in a weekend
17th Mapping-Features-Road-Bridge.png Osmarender 4 will add support for bridges and tunnels - see Key:bridge for how to tag them
10th Putney-on-gps.jpg A Garmin GPS is used to display OpenStreetMap's map of Putney, London
3rd Baghdad.png While most of us can't reach Baghdad with our GPS units, Yahoo! have provided aerial photos of it (and other cities around the world) to create maps from. Why not pick a city from Yahoo!_Aerial_Imagery which is not currently being mapped, and start mapping it today?
January 2007
27th Cambridge-2007-01-18.jpg Thanks to the efforts of David Earl and others, the city of Cambridge (UK) is now completely mapped. Posters to follow...
20th Sector1b.jpg The London mapping party will try to use aerial photography to create a map of London, rather than the traditional GPS units
13th Taplow-100.png Map of Taplow (South Buckinghamshire, UK), rendered using Osmarender
6th Mkgmap4.png OpenStreetMap data can be used on mobile devices, thanks to tools such as Mkgmap and OSMGarminMap (shown: map of Hammersmith)