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The route of a tram or streetcar public transport service Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: public transport
Used on these elements
should not be used on nodesshould not be used on waysshould not be used on areasmay be used on relations
Useful combination
Status: de facto

This tag can be used to mark the route of a tram (a.k.a "streetcar") service (eg the "Red line").

Tagging a tram route relation

Use one relation for each direction (or variation), so you need at least 2 relations for a tram line, both connected with a route master relation.

Tags to add to a tram route
Key Value Comment
type route (mandatory)
route tram (mandatory)
ref reference The reference by which the route is known. e.g. 4, 4A, X13, etc. (recommended)
operator operator Name of the company that operates the route.
name individual name

for PTv2 please use:
<vehicle type> <reference number>: <initial stop> => <terminal stop>
The name of the route or line.
network local / regional network Name (abbr.) of the network; e.g., BVG, RMV. (optional)
duration hh:mm
The amount of time from the first to last stop of the tram route.
interval hh:mm
The time between arrivals at any given station along the route, also known as the "service frequency".
colour ex: red, #FFEEDD The "official" color for the tram route. Identifiers in some cities. (optional)
to name Destination station
from name Start station


Add all tracks railway=tram and stops to the relation as members.

Way/node Role Recurrence? Discussion
way (blank) one or more The tracks making up the route. The order of the member in the relation should be identical to the order where the tram runs through.
node stop Zero or more A tram stop on the route. The order of the members in the relation should be identical to the order in the timetable.
node way area platform Zero or more A tram platform belonging to the route. The order of the members in the relation should be identical to the order of the stops in the timetable.

In PTv2, the roles route, forward and backward are invalid.

Possible tagging mistakes

See also

  • route=train - The route of a train service (e.g. London-Paris Eurostar). Not to be confused with a named stretch of railroad track (see route=railway).
  • route=bus - The route of a bus service.