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TapTapMap.org is a great new view into OpenStreetMap's growing map of Tap Tap transit in and around Port-au-Prince. The project aims to include routes throughout Haiti. Inspired by the 1878-1932 Tramways of Port-au-Prince and Haiti's historic railways.

Photo CC-BY MichelleWalz

Add your Favorite Tap Tap Routes

How can you support, preserve and enhance Haiti's greatest and most colorful asset?

1) Explore Port-au-Prince on OpenStreetMap and on TapTapMap.org

2) Join Mapping Haiti on Facebook and TapTapMap on Twitter

3) Learn how to edit OpenStreetMap's free global database. You can use JOSM (or the online tool Potlatch 2) to add a bus station. More experienced mappers are needed to add these into the route map shown on TapTapMap.org

Details of the project developments at Haiti public transportation page (in French)

4) Share information about missing stations and destinations below in the Stations ToDo List.

Stations ToDo List

  • Kenscoff
  • Dumay

Travel Tips

  • Keep small bills and coins available
  • Stick with other people in your group
  • Avoid sharp metal edges
  • Sit inside and hold on for safety


See TapTapMap at OpenHaiti meetings


Profuse thanks to Sam Alce for doing so much hard work mapping tap-tap-routes around Haiti!

TapTapMap would not be possible without the efforts of COSMHA to improve OpenStreetMap in Haiti.

Special shoutout to OpenStreetMap's Andy Allan (@gravitystorm in the UK) whose beauty map tiles have made this all poss!!

Jaakko Helleranta for providing invaluable tips every step of the way.

Adam Holt for reminding us civic pride IS still possible, outside the SUV.

Nick Doiron who provided ALL the duct tape ;)


Please join OpenStreetMap's global discussion list, helping depict our planet's greatest shared/public transportation networks, more vividly & vibrantly every day: