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I mostly draw Ventspils and Riga

In work:

My devices:

  • May 2007 - now: PDA Asus A636N (now hangs very often) with Noni GPSPlot(in car\pedestrian)
  • October 2009 - now: Garmin Oregon 300 (offroad\bicycle\pedestrian)
  • February 2010 - now: Motorola Milestone



Key Value Rendering
amenity arts_centre X
amenity atm Atm20.png
amenity bank Bank20.png
amenity biergarten X
amenity bicycle_parking X
amenity bicycle_rental X
amenity bureau_de_change X
amenity bus_station Busstation20.png
amenity cafe Cafe20.png
amenity car_rental X
amenity car_sharing X
amenity cinema Cinema20.png
amenity college X
amenity courthouse X
amenity crematorium X
amenity drinking_water
amenity fast_food Fastfood20.png
amenity ferry_terminal
amenity fire_station X
amenity fountain Fountain20.png
amenity fuel Fuel20.png
amenity grave_yard X
amenity hospital Hospital20.png
amenity library X
amenity nightclub X
amenity parking Parking20.png
amenity pharmacy Pharmacyyes20.png Pharmacyno20.png
amenity place_of_worship Christian20.png
amenity police X
amenity post_box Postbox20.png
amenity post_office Postoffice20.png
amenity prison X
amenity pub Pub20.png
amenity public_building X
amenity recycling Recycling20.png
amenity restaurant Restaurant20.png
amenity school School20.png
amenity studio X
amenity taxi X
amenity telephone X
amenity theatre X
amenity toilets Toilets20.png
amenity townhall Townhall20.png
amenity university X
amenity waste_disposal X
OSM Tags Description Road signs Photo Road surface
Paved Unpaved
highway=trunk  List of National Roads in Latvia
Main roads (Marked with A/E)
A10 near Rīga
Krasta iela in Rīga
surface=asphalt N/A
highway=primary  List of National Roads in Latvia
Regional roads (Marked with P)
P12 near Salacgrīva
Kalnciema iela in Rīga
surface=asphalt surface=compacted or surface=gravel

Some "P" road sections might be gravel (for example P23)

highway=secondary  List of National Roads in Latvia
State Local roads (Marked with V)
Augusta Deglava iela in Rīga
surface=asphalt surface=compacted or surface=gravel
highway=tertiary Main city roads (Sometimes marked with C (For example near Riga Airport and Mārupe)).
Nīcgales iela in Rīga
surface=asphalt surface=compacted or surface=gravel
highway=unclassified Roads with local traffic outside city\town or inside city\town, but not in residential areas.

Usually wider than 1 lane (cars from different directions can pass each other) and intended for trucks ( Logging truck).

Most common roads of this type are roads operated by LVM and marked with special sign.

Cars usually drive with speed up to 80km\h.

LVM celu zime.png
Dzintara iela in Rīga
surface=asphalt surface=compacted or surface=gravel
highway=track Usually roads in woods, countryside. But can also be present in  allotments areas (Vasarnīcu ciemi) or in city\town.

Similar to "unclassified" but are 1 "lane" wide

and as "track" name indicates usually have track from wheels with strip of grass (or dirt) in the middle.

When two cars approach each other from opposite directions,

each is expected to move away from the centre of the road and use only one strip until the other car has passed.

Cars usually drive with speed up to 30km\h.

tracktype=grade1 - Usually paved surface. Example: concrete plate roads built by soviet army to military objects.

tracktype=grade2 - Unpaved surface. Similar to unclassified, but 1 lane wide. Does not have stipe of grass diving track from wheels.

tracktype=grade3 - Unpaved surface. Most roads in countryside leading to place=isolated_dwelling.

tracktype=grade4 - Unpaved surface. Most of the small roads in Latvian woods.

tracktype=grade5 - Usually have grass surface.

grade1 - Concrete plates
grade4 - Road in the woods
grade5 - grass
Only applies to tracktype=grade1 Applies to grade2-grade5
highway=residential Roads in town\city residential areas, usually with max speed 30-50km/h
Latvia road sign 525.svg
Zeichen 274.1 - Beginn einer Tempo 30-Zone, StVO 2013.svg
Latvia road sign 555.svg
Latvia road sign 519.svg
Rūpniecības iela in Rīga
highway=living_street Roads in town\city residential areas marked with special sign, where max speed is 20km/h
Finland road sign E24.svg
Rūpniecības iela in Rīga
highway=service Generally for access to a building, gas station, service station, beach, campsite, industrial estate, business park, etc.

This is also commonly used for access to parking, driveways, alleys and inside industrial areas. Not used for "Thru traffic".

service=driveway - Driveway to private houses, often marked with "private property"" signs.

service=parking_aisle - A parking aisle is a service road that passes between one or two rows in parking (amenity=parking).