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State of the Map 2019團體照。這個活動期間成員們討論了使用OpenStreetMap的新方式。





  1. 你必須適當地標註你的資料來自OpenStreetMap。OpenStreetMap是以Open Data Commons 開放資料庫授權條款 (ODbL)為前提發布,這代表你可以自由地複製、散布、傳輸及修改OpenStreetMap的資料,但是須標明作者為 OpenStreetMap 及其貢獻者,且你根據OpenStreetMap製作的銜生物也須以相同授權條款發布。

你可以在兩個條件下免費使用 OpenStreetMap 地圖和數據:第一,恰當地標明你使用的資料來自 OpenStreetMap;第二,回來對計畫做任何的改進


OpenStreetMap 不是完整且精準的世界地圖,且不該在缺陷、遺漏、不精確或錯誤會造成死亡、損失或傷害的狀況下使用。

瞭解「地圖可能不可信」非常重要。本地圖是持續一直在進行中的工作,我們目標在產出能信賴的地圖,而且跟其他地圖一樣好或更好。本地圖系統像 Wiki 開放且能編輯的天性將能幫助我們邁向此目標,然而這也代表著地圖中永遠會有不精確的地方。你應該自己判斷我們這地圖的準確程度,在使用此地圖時請一併使用你的感覺、官方來源和常識。



要取得一張 OpenStreetMap 世界地圖的圖片檔快照,用匯出功能


嵌入了 OpenStreetMap 地圖的網頁範例。

你可以用靜態地圖影像或用嵌入式 HTML在你的網站上放 OpenStreetMap 世界地圖。如果你能部署你自己的 slippy map,可以有更多自訂。

在 GPS 裝置上

如果你想讓你的 GPS 裝置地圖基於 OpenStreetMap,造訪從 OSM 資料來的 GPS 地圖 或給 Garmin 裝置用的 Garmin 上的 OSM 地圖


請看 Offline Openstreetmap



3D 地圖

你可以從 OpenStreetMap 取得立體城市模型



GIS 軟體

我們試著記錄每款 GIS 軟體和 OpenStreetMap 的任何互通性,試試在本頁右上方的搜尋欄中搜尋你自己在用的 GIS 軟體,或瀏覽 Category:GIS software。也有開放原始碼 GIS 軟體能和 OpenStreetMap 一起用。

也有一些能來回轉換地圖資料至 OpenStreetMap 資料的工具,包括流行的 ESRI ShapefilesPostGIS 格式的支援。

下載部分 OpenStreetMap 的原始資料 (.osm格式) 可以被匯出成多種格式 (包含 SHP, POSTGIS, geojson) 拿來做多種用途,包括專業 GIS 軟體的使用。


Component overview of the OpenStreetMap software.

There are general help pages for software developers using OpenStreetMap:

If you have questions, ideas or just want to meet fellow developers, contact the OpenStreetMap development community. We also listed some books related to software development with OpenStreetMap.

You may also wish to see the list of other projects collecting free geodata.

Web applications

Developers that want to use OpenStreetMap in their web applications can see the list of JavaScript libraries. There are additional libraries in other programming languages. Deploying your own Slippy Map lists corresponding JavaScript libraries and Content Management Systems supporting OpenStreetMap. Maybe you need WMS and TMS, or to create your own tiles.


Students learning the OpenStreetMap editing process, giving an introduction to GIS during a course at a university in London.

OpenStreetMap has created a unique curriculum that is focused on introducing the topics that OSM addresses: mapping, open source technologies, crowd sourcing and community efforts. It is geared towards university level students. Further, OpenStreetMap has several open problems which would make good student projects. These are items that need researching and "longer-term" issues which could be worked on by students as a project separate from the core open source development progress happening within the community.


At the conference SotM-EU 2011, Muki Haklay gave a talk with advice to academics interested in OSM and the video is available online. See our Research page for details of academic research work.

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