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しかし、正しく道路を分類するために、編集の標準と慣例に従い、 highway タグの使い方を参照してタグ付けしてください。後者については、国によって別なページが存在するかもしれません。

注: 道路の分類を写真を使って説明するのは難しいことです。道路網の中でそれぞれの道路がどれだけの重要なのかについては、地元の知識を必要とします。

写真 説明/注釈 タグ Mapnik/OSM-Carto
Dscf0172 600.jpg Primary with directions separated by tram line

Mapnik rheinstr.png
Highway Tram01.jpg Secondary street with embedded tramrails. The tram lines are tagged separately left and right of the highway (see Trams).

Dscf0385 600.jpg Primary with parking lane and separated footway/cycleway
Dscf0181 600.jpg Residential street, oneway, with cycleway in opposite direction
Dscf0179 600.jpg Minor street on the outskirts of town. Please refer to Highways
Residential.jpg Residential street, probably in a suburb
Dscf0245 600.jpg Residential street, probably in a suburb
Dscf0487 600.jpg A path, apparently not for horses DA Lindenstr mapnik.jpg
Cross-street no-trucks.jpg The crossing street does not allow trucks (Heavy goods vehicles)


Through street:

Suicide-lane.jpg This is a 5-lane road, with a center “suicide lane”, where cars can be going in both directions while preparing to turn.
Highway-path motorvehicleno.jpg 2.5m wide asphalt concrete path. It is signed “No motor vehicles,” and local knowledge [1] indicates that it is a shared use path (“...is a hiking and biking trail...”).
Path-footyesbicycleno.jpg An urban path with no signs at all. Not really suitable for cycling but it's not forbidden, either. Area is public space so access not forbidden. Use on foot known to be possible and legal.


Path-lighttraffic.jpg A path designated for pedestrians and cyclists equally. Possibly horse access is not allowed, depends on local law.


Path-nomotortraffic.jpg An urban path on which motorized vehicle access is forbidden. As above but no guarantees on passability. Likely without restrictions on horses. Access on foot and on a bicycle is known to be legal and possible.
Path-footdesignated.jpg A designated footway.


Oak Park Boulevard.jpg A sidewalk without signs if drawn as a separate way. For sidewalks only separated by a kerb some mappers have used sidewalk=* on the carriageway.