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A place for people to sit; allows room for several people. Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Amenities
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A place for people to sit; allows room for several people. Benches are used for resting for an interval of time. They can be important to people with mobility impairments (e.g. needs a cane or crutches) who need a place to rest for a couple minutes while traveling on foot. Additionally, benches are often a suitable substitute for everyday activities like eating, reading, etc. when a picnic table is not available.

How to map

Use the tag amenity=bench on a node (typical) or a line (if tagging a unusually long bench or series of connected benches).

If the bench is a memorial, consider tagging it additionally with historic=memorial + memorial=bench.


  • backrest=yes/no - Whether the bench has a backrest to lean against. For people who have problems with their back this could be useful information.
  • direction=* - indicates the direction which the bench (or a person sitting on it) faces. Use a compass point (e.g. "NW") or value in degrees (e.g. "315"). Can be used on benches mapped as nodes node or lines way.
  • side=left/right - For complex benches mapped as lines where direction=* is insufficient or confusing, side=* can be used to indicate where the bench faces, based on the line direction.
  • two_sided=yes - For benches that can be sat on from both sides.
  • seats=* - Number of seats. (Only use this tag if the seats are somehow separated from each other, for example by armrests.)
  • capacity=* - Number of people who can comfortably sit on the bench at one time.
  • length=* - The length of the bench.
  • colour=* - Main colour of the bench (the paint colour if it is painted, or the color of the underlying material)
  • material=* - What is the bench (seating) made from? e.g. wood, steel, stone.
  • surface=* - The surface of the seating if different from material=*
  • covered=yes - roofed / covered
  • operator=* - Who maintains the bench?
  • inscription=* - The inscription or dedication on the bench (Sometimes in connection with historic=memorial, memorial=bench or memorial=yes; or start date start_date=* information)
  • openbenches:id=* - memorial bench's entry ID on Open Benches.
  • bench:type=* - specify the kind of bench you are mapping


Image Tags
Seats public transport.jpg
Hôpital Fernand-Widal, jardin 03 banc.jpg
Chamfleury Voisins-le-Bretonneux 2011 12.jpg
Concrete bench with wooden seat, Chaponnièrepark, Bern.jpg
Charles Hackley statue.jpg
2018-10-26, neue Bänke am Rotteckring.jpg
Planter with a bench around it (example)


Wanderreitkarte - rendered in the online map

  • JOSM - rendered with an icon of a backless bench, the special mappaint style Bench can be added
  • RöntgenRöntgen bench.svg, with backrest: Röntgen bench with backrest.svg, without backrest: Röntgen bench without backrest.svg

See also

  • bench=yes/no - Used to indicate whether the feature has any benches or not
  • memorial=bench - Specifies a memorial as a bench
  • leisure=picnic_table - A table with benches for food and rest
  • leisure=bleachers - Raised, tiered rows of benches found at spectator events
  • amenity=lounger - An object for people to lie down
  • playground=youth_bench - A special type of a bench, a playground facility with seating at different, age-appropriate seat heights

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