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You may find my OSM user profile here:

Pages created include: Ahal Province | Ashgabat | Anew | Balkan Province | Balkanabat | Dashoguz | Dashoguz Province | Districts in Turkmenistan | Gazetteer of Ashgabat Street Names | Lebap Province | Mary (Turkmenistan) | Mary Province | Turkmenabat | Turkmenbashy | Turkmenistan Geoname Changes | Tag:office=diplomatic

as well as these tutorials: OSM on Paper/Printing via Maperitive, Easy Poster Printer and Microsoft ICE and OSM on Paper/Printing via Maperitive, Inkscape, and Osmosis.

The Maperitive rules file (*.mrules) I use to generate wall maps of Ashgabat is here.

Pages expanded from stubs to full articles include: Turkmenistan

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