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道路標記 Road tagging

街名 Street names

除部份僅有英文的街道名(例如半山區的Elliot Crescent)外,所有街道名稱均須以繁體中文及英文對照。 Except for some streets with only English names (e.g. Elliot Crescent in Mid-levels), all street names should be bilingual, i.e. in both Traditional Chinese and English.


ref=* 只限標籤政府指定的幹綫及出口編號。切勿加入任何自創項目。 The ref=* tag is only for tagging trunk route numbers and exit numbers issued by the Government. Do not add any self-invented items.

街道分類 Classifications of streets

請盡量依照以下指引分辨街道類型。 Please refer to the following guidelines to identify the best classification for roads.

highway=* 描述 Description 例子 Examples

法定快速公路、法定行車隧道及隧道管制區[1] Designated expressways, designated road tunnels and tunnel areas.[2]

連接快速公路的支路而有路牌生效的範圍則必須以highway=motorway_link表示。 Slip roads connecting to expressways with effect by road sign must be tagged with highway=motorway_link.

  • 東區走廊 Island East Corridor
  • 東九龍走廊 East Kowloon Corridor
  • 啟德隧道 Kai Tak Tunnel
trunk 不屬快速公路的「香港幹線編號系統」路段。Road sections that belongs to the "Hong Kong Strategic Route Number System" that are not designated as Expressways.
  • 龍翔道 Lung Cheung Road
  • 干諾道西天橋 Connaught Road West Flyover
  • 窩打老道(公主道 – 龍翔道) Waterloo road (Princess Margaret Road – Lung Cheung Road)
primary 不屬於指定幹線唯有幹線重要性及跨區交通功能路段,亦包括連接較高規格道路(如高速公路)及一般街道的集散道路。 Road sections that do not belong to any routes but have the importance and characteristics of a trunk route for cross-district traffic, and also distributor roads connecting higher-performance roads (e.g. motorways) and ordinary streets.

以前屬幹線公路後來被剔出的道路,以及第一代幹線編號系統中的區域幹道(未被新建道路取代者),一般應屬primary。 Roads that were parts of trunk routes but removed later, and the regional routes in 1st generation route numbering system (which haven't been replaced by new roads yet), should normally be primary.

經擴闊及改善的郊區主幹道,可容納較高車流量者,亦可視作primary。 Rural routes which have been widened and improved, with the ability to carry larger amount of traffic, can also be considered primary.
  • 薄扶林道 Pok Fu Lam Road
  • 太子道東 Prince Edward Road East
  • 亞皆老街 Argyle Street
  • 馬鞍山繞道 Ma On Shan Bypass
secondary 一般市區主要街道及主要郊區道路。 Ordinary major streets of urban areas and major rural roads.
  • 德輔道中 Des Voeux Road Central
  • 欽州街 Yen Chow Street
  • 錦田公路 Kam Tin Road
tertiary 一般出入社區的街道。 Ordinary streets for accessing neighbourhoods.
  • 廣東道(尖沙咀) Canton Road (Tsim Sha Tsui)
  • 安秀道 On Sau Road
unclassified 最低級的公共道路,其路況極差。 Public roads of lowest grades, with extremely bad road quality.
  • 安達臣道 Anderson Road
  • 深灣路 Deep Bay Road
residential 民居旁的街道,一般只用以通往其物業。 Streets alongside residential areas, normally used only for accessing the property.
  • 飛鵝山道 Fei Ngo Shan Road
living_street 設有行人優先路牌的街道。 Streets with pedestrian legal right-of-way. File:Hong Kong road sign 111.gif
pedestrian 行人專用道路。 Pedestrian-only streets.
service 可行車的小路(包括沒有命名的屋苑通道,村路,私家路,總站車坑)。 Minor roadways for vehicles (e.g. unamed access roads within estates / villages, private roads, lanes in traffic terminals)
track 可行四輪車的非道路 Non-roads passable by 4-wheelers.
path 小徑 Path
cycleway 單車徑 Cycleway
footway 行人徑 Footway
steps 梯級 Stairs

其它有用標記 Other useful taggings

標記 Tagging 解釋 Meaning 備註 Notes
highway=traffic_signals 車用交通燈 Vehicular traffic signals 標記在路面的停車線上 Tagged on the stop line on the road
highway=stop 停車標記 Stop sign 標記在小路出口 Tagged on the exit of the minor road
highway=give_way 讓路標記 Give way sign
highway=crossing 行人過路處(包括人像交通燈、斑馬線及有路面標記的過路處) Pedestrian crossing (including signal crossings, zebra crossings and crossings marked on the road)
junction=roundabout 迴旋處(中間不可穿越) Roundabout (with non-traversable centre) 須以way表示 Should be denoted with way
highway=mini_roundabout 迷你回旋處(大型車輛可直接穿越) Mini-roundabout (traversable directly by large vehicles) 須以node表示 Should be denoted with node
lanes=* 行車線數目 Number of lanes
maxspeed=* 車速限制 Speed limit 如無標記者根據法律為50 If not tagged, 50 according to the law
motorroad=yes 並非快速公路但以快速公路規格興建的道路 Non-expressways with physical properties of expressways 此等道路須具以下特點 Such roads must have the following properties:
  • 必須為分隔道路 Must be divided carriageway
  • 只可靠出入支路進出 Can only be accessed by slip roads
  • 不可設有交通燈 No traffic lights are allowed
  • 不可直接通往建築物 No direct access to buildings
  • 不可讓行人及單車進入 No access for pedestrians and cyclists

例子:干諾道西天橋、西九龍走廊、馬鞍山繞道等 Examples: Connaught Road Flyover, West Kowloon Corridor, Ma On Shan Bypass, etc.

highway=motorway_junction 幹線公路出口 Exits of trunk roads ref=*表示出口編號 Exit number tagged with ref=*
highway=turning_circle 調頭處 Turning place 必須為中間無阻檔的 Must be clear at the centre
highway=passing_place 讓車處 Passing place

街道標籤範例 Street Tagging Example

例子:中環域多利皇后街 Example: Queen Victoria Street, Central

香港幹線編號系統 Hong Kong Strategic Route Numbering System

香港幹線公路以以下方式標記: Hong Kong trunk routes are tagged in the following way:

每條幹線每方向均須以一個獨立的relation表示,其內容如下:Each direction of each route must be represented by a separate relation, with the content follow:

  • 幹線公路正線所途經的所有道路(不包括出入支路),按行車順序排列 All the main highways of the trunk route (excluding entrance/exit slipways), ordered by traffic direction
  • 幹線公路所有有編號的出口,按行車順序排列,並加上role=exit All numbered exits of the trunk route, ordered by traffic direction, with role=exit

幹線的兩方向則用一個relation關聯: The two directions of a trunk route are related by a relation:

網絡 Network: relation 6496897
編號 Number 由 From 到 To 長度 Length 主關係 Master relation 遞增方向 Increasing direction 遞減方向 Decreasing direction
1 香港仔 Aberdeen 火炭 Fo Tan 20.9 relation 6451465 北行 Northbound: relation 6451463 南行 Southbound: relation 6451464
2 鰂魚涌 Quarry Bay 馬料水 Ma Liu Shui 18.8 relation 6491989 北行 Northbound: relation 6451580 南行 Southbound: relation 6491988
3 西營盤 Sai Ying Pun 凹頭 Au Tau 27.4 relation 6495808 北行 Northbound: relation 6495805 南行 Southbound: relation 6495806
4 柴灣 Chai Wan 堅尼地城 Kennedy Town 15.3 relation 6495895 西行 Westbound: relation 6495894 東行 Eastbound: relation 6495846
5 觀塘 Kwun Tong 柴灣角 Chai Wan Kok 17.9 relation 6495924 西行 Westbound: relation 6495923 東行 Eastbound: relation 6495922
7 將軍澳 Tseung Kwan O 醉酒灣 Gin Drinkers Bay 17.6 relation 6495981 西行 Westbound: relation 6495967 東行 Eastbound: relation 6495980
8 機場 Airport 沙田 Sha Tin 33.1 relation 4045411 東行 Eastbound: relation 6496026 西行 Westbound: relation 6496027
9 梨木樹 Lei Muk Shue (循環 Circular) 70.7 relation 3687691 逆時針 Anti-clockwise: relation 6496057 順時針 Clockwise: relation 6496871
10 深圳灣口岸 Shenzhen Bay Port 藍地 Lam Tei 10.9 relation 3678022 南行 Southbound: relation 6496889 北行 Northbound: relation 6496888

幹線上的公路 Highways on trunk routes

所有位於幹線公路上的公路必須以highway=motorwayhighway=trunk表示,而highway=trunk只可用於位於幹線上的公路。如該highway=trunk道路被剔出幹線公路,則須將其改為highway=primary。 All highways on trunk routes must be tagged with highway=motorway or highway=trunk, where highway=trunk must only be used with highways on trunk routes. If the highway=trunk highway is removed from its trunk route, it should be changed to highway=primary.

所有位於幹線公路上的公路必須加上ref=*。 All highways on trunk routes must be added ref=* to.