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Un lugar para estacionar bicicletas Edit or translate this description.
Grupo: Bicicleta
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El término ‘biciestacionamiento’ se refiere a todo espacio de estacionamiento especialmente disenado para bicicletas, donde uno puede dejar su bicicleta sin vigilencia con cierta seguridad. En ciudades, son generalmente ubicados adelante de tiendas o a lo largo de las vias; eventualmente en conjunto con estacionamientos tradicionales para vehiculos motoriados. Examples of specific forms include covered bike sheds and lockers, simple ground-anchored bike racks, or curvy artistic lumps of metal for chaining your bike to.


Add a node nodo tagged amenity=bicycle_parking in the geographical centre of the feature if it's just a small number of bike racks close together. Alternatively, larger areas of cycle parking may be represented with a closed way área. Don't use both together: use only one object per feature.

Additional attributes

The following tags can be used to describe the cycle parking you're tagging more thoroughly:

Tag Description
name=* Larger areas of bike parking may be named.
operator=* Cycle parking may be operated by some organisation.
covered=* Parked bikes are protected from rain.
access=* Public access is implied in most roadside cases. Some bike racks can be private to a university, company, or other organisation, possibly requiring keys or codes to access.
capacity=* The number of bikes that can be parked here.
fee=* In some places, one must pay to park one's bike.
  • paid is a less widespread alias for this.
bicycle_parking=* Details the type of bicycle parking (e.g. stands or wall loops). See types of parking below.
cyclestreets_id=* A link to the ID (e.g. 12345) of the location describing a photo of the cycle parking in CycleStreets. Multiple IDs should be separated by semi-colons.
maxstay=* Maximum time the bicycle is allowed to be parked at that place - given sometimes at covered parking-places.
surveillance=* Closed-circuit television (CCTV) security cameras can be marked with this. See the linked page for details of the values in use. Depending on the layout, a separate node nearby may be enough.

When tagging capacities, assume that most Sheffield stands (also referred to as U-racks in wikipedia) or similar forms of two-sided bike rack can hold up to two bicycles for each stand when working out the capacity=*.

Types of parking

See main entry: Key:bicycle_parking

The most common variety of cycle parking is the ‘Sheffield’ stand, which consists of a inverted U-shaped metal beam set into the ground, pavement or road surface; examples of ‘Sheffield’ stands can be found on ‘Sheffield’ stands should be tagged bicycle_parking=sheffield. For other types of cycle parking infrastructure, see Key:bicycle_parking.

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