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The local communities of OpenStreetMap in the Philippines actively maintain their presence in multiple channels where public interaction is promoted, answer technical or non-technical questions, and openly discuss map-py topics, including non-mapping related concerns.

The use of public channels are strongly encouraged to allow immediate response by whoever is available, in addition to tapping the collective knowledge and experience of the channel members.

For sensitive concerns, a core crew of Philippine enthusiasts are reachable by their group email.

Mailing List

  • - This is the PUBLIC, OFFICIAL, channel where vital and important messages and updates are encouraged, including concerns that may affect the wider local OpenStreetMap community, or general inquiries. Messages in the mailing list are archived for future reference. Send a public message to or subscribe to receive messages.

Instant Messaging

These channels encourage daily exchanges and casual banter.

Social Network Sites

These channels encourage daily exchanges and casual banter.

  • Facebook - A group page of the OpenStreetMap community in the Philippines on this social networking platform.

More Map-py communities

  • GeoLadies PH - A community that promotes inclusive participation and diversity in tech, especially by women who map.
  • GISsciencePH - An online group of GIS and data visualization enthusiasts in the Philippines
  • Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Philippines (HOT PH) - The country team for the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team in the Philippines. The team is currently working on the PhilAWARE project.
  • MapAmore - Shares about local map-py events in the Philippines, OSM tips and, other mapp-py initiatives. Their Mastodon toots are also re-posted as tweets.
  • Mapbeks - Online LGBT mapping community, based in the Philippines, that advocates for diversity inclusion and representation focused specifically for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, etc. (LGBTQI+) on OpenStreetMap.
  • Mental Health AWHEREness - A volunteer-organized online platform and map that shows the locations of mental health facilities and services that offer help to people with their mental health within the Philippines.
  • Ministry of Mapping - A collective cared for and owned by geospatial workers.
  • OsGeo/FOSS4G PH - The organizers of the local OsGeo/FOSS4G conference in the Philippines. They have a core crew of volunteers who organizes Maptime! Diliman events in Quezon City.
  • Pista ng Mapa - A public, casual Telegram chat channel for the Pista ng Mapa conference participants and friends. Talks about local initiatives related to open (geo)data, OpenStreetMap, Free Software, and everything else in-between.
  • Schadow1 Expeditions - Philippine mapping resource for navigation, travel, and disaster risk reduction. Coordinates mapping activities through the "Mapping for the Philippines" #mapPHL initiative.
  • Youthmappers Chapters in the Philippines

Deprecated channels