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The local community of contributors to OpenStreetMap in the Philippines actively maintain several channels where you may interact with fellow enthusiasts and openly discuss questions, and other mapping related concerns.

We strongly encourage reaching out through public channels which allows immediate response by whoever is available, in addition to tapping the collective knowledge and experience of the community.

For sensitive, or private concerns, a core crew of Philippine enthusiasts are reachable by their group email.

Mailing List

  • - This is the PUBLIC, OFFICIAL, channel where vital and important updates must be sent, including concerns that may affect the wider local community, or general inquiries. Messages in the mailing list are archived for future reference. Send a public message to or subscribe to receive messages.

The following messaging channels are for casual, daily exchanges and light banter:

Social Media
  • Facebook - The community page on this social networking service.
  • Google Plus - The community page on this social networking service.
Instant Messaging Channels