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For Applications doing mass downloads, see Tile usage policy.

This page lists examples of usage of OpenStreetMap data without proper attribution as required by the OpenStreetMap License. This page relies on people noticing and reporting violations.

The problem is normally one of a simple oversight, the publisher does not understand what is required, or attribution is not given correctly. There is also the possibility of wilful misrepresentation. In many instances the violation is of minor significance to the project but it is reasonable for the community to expect all users of the data to respect the requirements. There may also be major violations where the publisher may not respond to an approach by the community and the Foundation may need to contact the author.

We require that OpenStreetMap is credited, and that the users are made aware of our licence (usually by means of a link to

For more information see the Legal FAQ.


  1. When you spot a violation, check first if the usage of OSM data is substantial. See the Substantial Guideline for details about the definition of "substantial" used by the OSM Foundation. If the usage of OSM is substantial, continue with the next steps. If you are not sure, ask other people on a suitable mailing list (e.g. talk-de for Germany), on IRC or at the forum.
  2. Add an entry to the bottom of the table below. If you are unsure about the violation, discuss it on the one of our common communication channels (see above). If you are sure, you can report it at forum or a mailing list, too.
    In case that the URL is listed at Wikimedia Meta-Wiki's spam blacklist, you will not be able to insert it here. Please contact a wiki administrator, they are immune against the spam blacklist and they can also add an entry to this wiki's spam whitelist.
  3. Contact the publisher with a suitable pleasant and non-threatening email and update the record with the date you've contacted them.
  4. Wait for a response for a suitable period. If that does not create the desired response then you should follow up with a second attempt to contact the publisher.
  5. If that does not work and the violation is considered serious then report it, if not done yet, at forum or a suitable mailing list, otherwise the Foundation should be contacted, maybe legal(at)
  6. Once the attribution has been fixed or the page is no longer accessible, please move the entry to the List of usages where attribution has been fixed or case is obsoleted

To discuss a certain use before adding it to the list, consider doing so at forum, a suitable mailing list talk or a suitable national mailing list (e.g. talk-de for Germany). It is not suggested discussing cases at the discussion page because very few people read there.

If OpenStreetMap is being used through a third-party service, that service may also provide a way to report attribution issues. For example, issues involving Mapbox customers can be reported by filling out this form.

Hints to mappers

Be gentle! We are a project for providing free maps and not to argue with somebody about legal issues. It doesn't help anybody playing the police and collecting as much cases as possible. This could give OSM a bad image. Don't be too correct. If they give it their best then it is ok.

Before taking any steps, take a moment to consider whether attribution is worth the potential cost to OSM in the form of lost goodwill, bad PR or people switching to more relaxed map providers. For low-visibility, one-off publications (birthday invites, powerpoint slides presented to a small audience, random social media posts, ...), this may not be the case.

List of usages lacking proper attribution

See also They are using OpenStreetMap for rather correct attribution examples.

Page License ok Authors ok Added by Dates contacted Date fixed Comments
Architekturbüro Enrico Mincuzzi no no Driver2 on 2009-08-06 Lulu-Ann on 2009-08-06, dieterdreist on 2019-12-16 Pictures link to, which could count as 'some' attribution, but do not satisfy the license requirements and community interpretation of it.
journey description in HTML and PDF format, MFG Helmut Kermess e.V. no no MichaelK on 2009-12-09
Traveling Salesman The software itself and screenshots of it on no no maybe !i! on 2011-03-09 Last project activity in 2015.
West Highland Way iPhone App and screenshots of it no no crom on 2011-05-13 Selling OSM mapping through commercial iphone app. Last project activity in 2011. no no xopok 2011-07-28 nettroll 2011-10-24 They sell OSM maps without copyright notice etc. no no Pieren 20 Sept 2011 20 Sept 2011 (by the contact html page) No attribution on the slippy map layer called "GeoPlan" no no Lulu-Ann 2012-01-24 not yet Leaflet map with text "Tile server sponsored by STRATO / Europe only / About style". It links to but this has nothing to do with the license.
Apple's iPhoto for iOS no yes seav 2012-03-09 2012-03-08 partial Attribution: 2012-05-04 [1] It's all over the news: [2]. Attribution to OSM Contributors but without recognizing the ©, license not referenced, SA not OK.
Apple's iPhoto for OSX no yes dieterdreist 2012-10-21 unclear, is delt with by LWG and OSMF Board Attribution to OSM Contributors but without recognizing the ©, license not referenced, SA not OK. no no nettroll 2012-03-22 nettroll 2012-03-22 No OSM references on interactive map. Google logo and Terms of Use link is presented over OSM layer. yes no Bomm 2012-10-05 not yet Attribution is "Powered by Contwise Maps — Map data © 2012 General Solutions GmbH, 2012 OpenStreetMap, 2012 MapQuest" where "Contwise Maps" and "General Solutions GmbH" are links to . Probably "General Solutions" is responsible for the attribution and for the server "", not by the "Via Claudia" associations. Tiles are provided from "" owned by "General Solutions, so the license CC-BY-SA or ODBL is unclear.,65423803w.html no yes Bomm 2012-10-16 not yet Shows OSM data, in this case the selected street, on Google map background. Below the map there is a line "Quelle: OpenStreetMap" (Quelle=source) which is a link to No information about license.

Shows the street class from OSM data in text form by citing the German description of the tag highway=residential from the OSM wiki without any attribution.

From the displayed location of the street "Schmalestraße" I can see that the OSM data cannot be newer than 2011-07-19, so CC-BY-SA applies. The text saying that the probably wrongly spelled street "Schmalestraße" is near the probably correctly spelled street "Schmale Straße" seems to indicate that they combined a street list generated from OSM data with some other data source.

111 Orte in Hannover, die man gesehen haben muss ( no no Jano John Akim Franke 2013-05-03 2013-05-03 Pages 232-236 are redacted and designed OSM-data printed maps. Copyright of producer prominently given. Only page 2 says "Wald- und Siedlungsflächen: OpenStreetMap" although OSM-data-usage is more than these "areas". May be a problem for more books of "111 Orte" no no Cascafico on 2013-07-19 Cascafico on 2013-07-20 Chart 1:25000 sold with No attribution, editor Copyright only no no Joseph Reeves 18/07/2014 not yet Stamen produced maps qs background images without attribution. See &
European Comission Cohesion Policy Data portal no yes Imagico 2014-08-09 not yet Mapbox generated OSM based background map without attribution or mentioning of the license (not even link to the Mapbox attribution page) myTrails app no no --Nop (talk) 17:51, 7 January 2015 (UTC) email send on 2021-01-29 by Mateusz Konieczny Android app uses among others OSM Mapnik, OpenCycleMap, OpenPisteMap, OpenHikingMap, Hiking/Trailriding Map, Lonvia Hiking/Cycling/MTB. Shows no Attribution or licence for any of the maps. Includes mass downloading for all maps, also violating usage policies. Mass download dialog contains the claim "this map may be used without any restrictions"
mobil, issue 01.2015, (customer magazin of Deutsche Bahn), insert by connect magazine, page 8 no no --Nakaner (talk) 11:39, 23 January 2015 (UTC) 2015-01-23 It is a small OSM mapnik screenshot (4.2x5.9 cm) with a overlay showing dead zones (mobile phone) along railway line Halle–Uelzen. It is not part of the online edition!

I suggested three different choices for compensation via e-mail either a donation to FOSSGIS e.V. or an OSM advertisement or an article about OSM and/or OpenRailwayMap. --Nakaner (talk) 11:39, 23 January 2015 (UTC) no no Ogmios 2015-01-29 ... Contacted them via mail. They said they will fix it but did nothing for several month now. no no Michi (talk) 2015-02-17 not yet Map image, has "openstreetscan" in image alt text.
Metroinfo network maps (Christchurch, Timaru), also route maps (example: Grantlea), New Zealand no no Hubne 2015-05-30 No attribution on network maps (misleading "Environment Canterbury" without "©" in corner where attribution should be).

Route maps have outdated SA license from 2011 but use more recent data.

Both maps use unsourced transport data rather than OSM's - why don't they just maintain OSM data and use it?

Zeit Online ([3]) yes yes Imagico 2015-06-01 yes (2015-09-10), to kontakt AT and corresponding authors No attribution shown by default despite plenty of other credits listed, requires hover + two specific links to get to OSM, Inability/refusal to learn from past mistakes (see previous entry from April 2014).
ESA Landsat 8 Web Portal ([4]) no yes Imagico 2015-06-26 no Using OSM standard style, no mentioning of OSM on the whole site.

2016-03-13: They now have a box in the lower right attributing to OSM - but no copy right statement. no no Jedrzej Pelka 2015-07-01 2015-07-01 15:15 event poster containing a piece of OSM with event's site - is it actionable at all given that we are now in year 2021?
UNEP-WCMC here and here map is down map is down Imagico 2015-10-22 no Maps from external providers (CartoDB, Mapbox) without OSM attribution yes yes Imagico 2015-10-22 no Mapbox based map without attribution (probably also in violation of Mapbox TOS) no no Imagico 2016-02-11 no Mapbox based map without attribution (probably also in violation of Mapbox TOS) partial no Sanderd17 (talk) 12:50, 21 February 2016 (UTC) 2016-02-21 They use OSM for routing, and allow distribution and display of GPX data based on that routing info. The GPX files are distributed under a CC-BY-SA license (which is possible as derived, creative product), but don't mention ODBL (which should be done). There's no attribution on the pages towards OSM contributors. yes yes Ianlopez1115 2016-03-07 no Using Mapbox tiles without attribution (probably also in violation of Mapbox TOS).
in the video on the startpage you can see the attribution yes? yes? CMorty 2016-03-13 2016-03-13 see comment For their surveys (e.g. Supermarkets) they use printed OSM maps without attribution. They promised to look into it. As they are currently not making a survey near me, I (CMorty) can not verify that. no no Leonmvd 2016-05-28 2016-05-28 this specific URL is gone, I asked (User talk:Leonmvd) reported to relocate it (anyone else is also welcomed to help!) Usage of OSM tiles without attribution
Printed maps distributed by Guide Regional (SARL SLJ) no no Nico nc (talk) 17:38, 5 June 2016 (UTC) 2016-05-01


Printed regional road atlas made of OSM tiles and added ads, distributed in mailboxes. These maps are also visible on publisher's website: No mention of OSM license, website says that all content is property of the company.
Map appears in

Home page:

no no Spod 2016-06-08 The map displayed in their web app has no attribution. They are using Mapbox tiles, I think. I can't see an obvious way to contact them via their website.
Zeit Online ([5]) yes yes Imagico 2016-07-13 no As before second rate attribution for OSM - in a slightly different form this time, other credits are shown by default while OSM is only attributed after hover with javascript.
Spiegel Online ([6]) no no Imagico 2016-07-13 no Static map with attribution 'Karte: Mapbox' (Map: Mapbox) but no mentioning of OSM. Exact extent of OSM use is uncertain but at least the road network is likely OSM based. (site in Arabic) no no Ehsan on 2016-09-06 OSM data used with custom cartography. No attribution of OpenStreetMap exists. In spite of being publicly used, altered data are not publicly offered under ODbL and in their "About" section, they claimed they gathered the map data themselves. - no no AngocA 2016-11-05 2016-10-29 When using its application, I found that they are using OSM maps with its own tiles; however, they are not making attribution to OSM. I wrote a tweet to them about this, I they already replied they are going to do something in the next version. I am waiting for that. - no no AngocA 2016-11-05 2016-11-05 I found that this application uses OSM maps but it does not make attribution to us. I wrote an email about this, and I am waiting for their answer. ([7] and [8]) no no Imagico 2017-03-20 contacted them via contact form but no response after one week --Roadrenner (talk) 23:19, 9 August 2017 (UTC) Map in Gallery is without any attribution, Planet Explorer has it hidden under 'Terms' (both for the map and the search function) (snapshot) no no Cascafico 2017-05-18 Page 2, "Messaggero Veneto" regional newspaper, print circulation 50.000 no no Cascafico 2017-07-11 website/archive of "Il Piccolo" regional newspaper (snapshot) no no Cascafico 2017-07-12 Page 8, "Il Piccolo" regional newspaper, print circulation 42.000 (2005) no no Simone Girardelli 2017-07-25 (added while sorting list) The PDF of the projects do not contain the attribution of individual maps contained. no no Julio Costa 2017-08-02 2017-08-02 If you go to "Your locations" in you menu, and choose any of your locations, the map shown to "Edit location" is "Mapbox Streets", lacking attribution to OpenStreetMap and Mapbox, and only showing a link to Leaflet in the lower right corner.,default,pg.html#karte partial partial 2017-08-17 no The little map on the right site has a attribution, the big one (see link) not. Also in this case a entire attribution would not be amiss, at least because that's also a popular website. Or what would you say? no no mbethke 2017-10-11 2017-10-11 This travel planning site displays POI from OSM on a Google Maps background. The visible credits are "Map data ©2017 Google" without any mention of OSM; merely hidden in the FAQ they have an item saying data is gathered from "OpenStreetMaps" among others. no no Roadrenner 2018-03-27 Example: yes yes User:Joneskoo 2018-05-01 2018-05-01, 2018-05-21 Finnish supermarket chain; embedded map on page for each location with no attribution or reference anywhere. Example: <>. 2018-05-01 via customer service generic web form; 2018-05-21 via Twitter DM. 2018-05-22 confirmed they are planning to fix, but no schedule provided. no no Felipe Barriga Richards 2018-07-16 2018-07-16 Samsung's Find My Mobile Service has the option to choose between 2 maps. One of them is (with the proper attribution) and the other one is using OSM tile server ( without any attribution. Screenshots: and . I got an answer from Samsung Customer Support telling me that the development team has been notified and the missing attribution will be fixed within August.
Education trail Majdán, Slovakia no no Peter Vojtek 2018-09-16 2018-04-26 not yet (they claim to have fixed it, but we don't have visual check it was really done) Missing and attribution on map on trail information board.
Sightseeing tower Lipovec information board, Slovakia no no Peter Vojtek 2018-09-16 2018-05-10 not yet (they replied saying the will fix it, but no confirmation yet) Missing and attribution on information board. User:Nunocaldeira On September emailed facebook at asking for visible attribution on their browseable map in a reasonable way and not in a two step attribution. On 10th of October got a reply, where they state they are attribution. Replied on the same day with evidence that they are not, including maps that are visibly credited to HERE, which are OSM data. Also mentioned their sister company, Instagram is also not complying with the mandatory attribution.
Runtastic android app yes yes User:wiso 2018-11-12, contacted again 2010-11-02 TZorn (talk) December 2020 OSM map used in the app, but "Google" link shown as the map is coming from Google. No OSM attribution. Update: OSM license is displayed, Google logo also still appears, too. (website in French) no no Petermahlzahn (talk) 2018-12-01 OSM map used e.g. here, but "Google" link shown as the map is coming from Google. No OSM attribution.
føtex (danish supermarket chain) no no user:Hjart OSM map used on page for finding shops. No OSM attribution. Only a link to Leaflet.
abellio Servicestelle Gotha Hbf no no bahnpirat OSM Map (Mapnik-Style) on a big sign inside Gotha Hbf, Thüringen
PDF exports at no no Michi2 2019-06-30 no Repeated offender, see above. Mapbox based map without attribution (probably also in violation of Mapbox TOS) umbenannt in no no geri-oc 2019-07-01 02.06.2019, 17:07 27.06.2019, 23:31 bis 2020-08-22 keine Reaktion " ... Sie verwenden auf Ihrer Webseite OpenStreetMap ohne einen Lizenzhinweis. ..."
Municipios Abiertos (Open Municipalities) no no Carlos Brys Lacking proper attribution to the OpenStreetMap base map
Mapbox no (especially on mobile) no (especially on mobile) Mateusz Konieczny (talk) 16:42, 8 October 2019 (UTC) 2019 I - see details There is a deeply hidden and therefore insufficient attribution on mobile. In addition, page misleadingly suggests that data is from Mapbox.
MAPS.ME no no Mateusz Konieczny (talk) 16:42, 8 October 2019 (UTC) - 2019 VII, - 2019 X There is a deeply hidden and therefore insufficient attribution. It is in a place not visited by a typical user. There is a more visible to a typical user attribution (in bottom right corner) - "MAPS.ME" no no blackboxlogic 2019-11-29 There is a link to MapBox, but no mention of osm.

no no tastrax 2019-12-23 Mentioned in mailing list. UK based company using Mapbox/OSM Email sent 2019-12-23 (tastrax). Change on initial page but not others
Snapchat - app and website no no User:Mateusz Konieczny - 2019-12-23 no no tastrax 2019-12-24 Standard email sent to '' Followup email - 2020-11-09
Openflights [9] no no 2020-01-22 2018-12-05 via Github issue 916 developer ask for help in [10] It looks like the OpenLayers.Layer.XYZ object we're using may not support attributions. Pull requests to update this welcome :)

Pull Request:

Parkopedia no no Discostu36 2020-02-03 Only Mapbox Logo, no attribution to OSM. Contact via E-mail. In 2021 [11] full screen on PC is showing "© Mapbox © OpenStreetMap Improve this map", but if screen is smaller it gets hidden behind mystery (i) button. no no Where OSM data is used? skfd map in concrete company details
TSB Bank branch locator no no Pawcio 2019-08-08 Complaint form and no no Roptat (talk) 12:33, 1 April 2020 (UTC) Their contact page seems broken, I can't find an email address or a form that loads. They have a twitter account (I don't) so I'd be glad if someone could contact them there no no Kmpoppe (talk) 15:44, 12 April 2020 (CEST) 2020-04-12, via e-mail - reminder sent on 2020-08-10 2020-08-11 (temporary) Fixed temporarily by removing the maps altogether. I have provided an example on how to do it correctly with MapBox. no no javirg on 2020-05-03 javirg on 2020-05-03 via email Attribution disappearing on smaller screens
MapinHood scruss 2020-05-08 via app bug report form
Wallapop no no pantufla pending Where OSM data is used? (asked on User talk:Pantufla)
MK'ay art no no Anders Hedelund, Peter Leth 2020-06-07 via Email to, 2020-06-08 via phone. no no Mathias Wittwer 2020-06-14 via Email to
WeTap iOS app - no no dieterdreist on 2020-06-17 dieterdreist on 2020-06-17 and 2020-07-16 and 2020-07-30 via No attribution or license information at all, at least in the Rome area (likely elsewhere as well) a significant amount of their data is from OSM. UPDATE: received a reply on Aug 1st 2020 that they are working on it, but as they are a small nonprofit it will take some time.
mobisaar-App no no Nw520 2020-07-12 via Email to project directress App displays Standard style and uses OSM-data for bus stop positions
2020-07-13 Request has been forwarded to developer DFKI; 2020-07-15 Received reply from DFKI
PKP intercity, maps displayed inside trains (example) no no Mateusz Konieczny on 2020-07-30 Mateusz Konieczny on 2020-07-30 via phone to press office and email No attribution or license information at all no no 58zarali Advertising site
Transportr no no scruss and dieterdreist 2019-08-07 via Github issue 628 fixed in dev version #672 but not rolled out to public App Store yet (2020-08-25)
Passenger information screens in public transport vehicles in Gdańsk (ZTM Gdańsk) no no Darellur (talk) 17:26, 26 August 2020 (UTC) Darellur (talk) 15:18, 1 September 2020 (UTC)
Ecosia no no Hedaja 2020-09-03 via email 2020-09-21 via email Map preview next to search results only shows Mapbox copyright and full map not copyright at all

-Send second emaias remidner and with patched files for them

Second Community Forum for Lucan to City Centre Core Bus Corridor (18th September 2019)

Page 19 of presentation

no no Donal Hunt (OSM Ireland) 2020-09-11 2020-09-05 Reddit post surfaces on /r/openstreetmap regarding poor attribution of openstreetmap data.

2020-09-07 OSM Ireland board become aware and draft letter to author of the original document.
2020-09-10 Original author of document identified.
2020-09-11 Letter submitted to author of presentation.


  • NTA - CAS-96058-L0W1D8 NTA:00000080000127791 and CAS-96059-N2B8Y8 NTA:00000080000127790
  • OSMF DWG - Ticket # 2020091110000166
U.S. News & World Report - no no Adam Franco on 2020-09-24 2020-09-24 via contact form Map preview next to each college/university shows tiles based on OSM data with no mention of OSM or copyright. Clicking on the map shows a larger map view, still with no attribution. Example page: Middlebury College, screenshot 1, screenshot 2.
Mapping Green Dublin - COMMUNITY MAPPING (29 September 2020) no no Donal Hunt (OSM Ireland) 2020-09-29 2020-09-28 Discussed at OSM Ireland board meeting on 2020-09-28. Agreed to contact the project seeking attribution and copyright issues to be resolved.
NaSaarWas - App des Ministeriums für Umwelt und Verbraucherschutz no no User:fredao 2020-08-21 - no response
2020-09-17 - no response
2020-09-30 published
2020-10-01 answered
app gone? Asked on User_talk:Fredao#NaSaarWas OSM data used - No OSM attribution.
Ministerium weist darauf hin, dass in der App als Hintergrundkarte die TOPPlusOpen des BKG verwendet werde. no no Shnoulle 2020-09-28 ON google talk Waiting for Data, please : confirm about map attribution.
no no Shnoulle 2020-10-05 (email whois no no Woazboat 2020-10-08 2020-10-08 via email to info@ Leaflet widget displaying tiles from on and without attribution. Contacted with standard attribution email + information about the tile usage policy. no no Attribution seems OK on main page, but not on each camping. When we click on "activate" to display of the map of a camping, there is no license or attribution. no no August. 2019 & August. 2020 (support email)
AllTrails Android App no no Mario Frasca, Mateusz Konieczny October. 2020 (support email, their reference: 125657), January 2021 with email The App uses Google framework and shows the Google logo regardless which map is being displayed. They use the standard OSM tiles (I didn't check which repository they take them from) resulting in a standard Carto OSM map with the Google logo on top of it. There's a well hidden small faint information icon (circled i), and you're good if you spot it. no no 2hu4u 27th Oct 2020

6th November 2020 (reply received)

Embedded slippy map uses OSM data through mapboxgl/MapTiler tiles with no attribution given at all. Extensive OSM data used (including OSM building outlines). Company Pinecone Software Pty Ltd claiming copyright with no other attribution, and collects revenue from API access.

Reply received on November 6th; site manager has agreed to acknowledge in next update.,0 partial partial 2hu4u 27th Oct 2020 Attribution given in search query but not on full-screen slippy map no no mfdz 2020-11-02 Pdf/Print publication shows regional cycle highway on OSM background map. Attributed is only the district regarding the displayed cycleway data, no OSM attribution regarding background map. tastrax 2020-11-06 Noted on the website - behind I button. Email sent to on 2020-11-15 as there are no contact links on the interface (or the main page...that I can see - no no arichnad on 2020-11-12 2020-11-12 No attribution, no link to copyright.

Contacted Doug at on 2020-11-12. no no nw520 on 2020-11-15 2020-11-15 via email to info@ no no tastrax 2020-12-02 Apps also lack required attribution no no User:Mateusz Konieczny on 2020-01-14 User:Mateusz Konieczny on 2020-01-14 Lacking proper attribution/ email
Collect+ no no User:Futureshape on 2021-02-13 User:Futureshape on 2021-02-13 via Twitter Using OSM to power store finder. No attribution, also using OSM tile servers. no no User:Teeed on 2021-02-17 User:Teeed on 2020-06-16 via Facebok group Using OSM to power map (via tile server). Explicitly refused to attribute OSM, suggested to leave fb group. User:Teeed on 2021-02-17 Commercial website. Using OSM to power map. Attribution hidden behind "I" button, no links proviced. User:Mateusz Konieczny on 2021-02-22 ( ) Mapbox is attributed, OSM not. Website appears abandoned, see
In-seat computer displays on the Prospector train service in Western Australia no no Sam Wilson 06:26, 26 March 2021 (UTC) Emailed info, “ат”transwa“ԁοт”wa“ԁοт”gov“ԁοт”au on 2021-03-26. Photos of map use: navigation screen, live location view, static town view.
Geomaps no no Donal Hunt (OSM Ireland) 2020-04-16 2020-04-16 Emailed contact address on the website requesting they correct the attribution on their website / products.
Woopcase no no Donal Hunt (OSM Ireland) 2020-04-16 2020-04-16 Emailed contact address on the website requesting they correct the attribution on their website / products. - Cyclers Android app no (typical Mapbox-powered attribution hidden behind i button, with a twist - i button is not even clickable for anonymous users as it is hidden behind message nagging to register no Mateusz Konieczny (talk) 15 June 2021 15 June 2021 (review), 20 June 2021 (email) /Cyclers - review on Google Play, email to specififed on Google Play

/Cyclers 2 - on 2021-09-09 after they fixed blocking access to attribution by logged out users - and nothing else was fixed yes yes tastrax 20212-06-30 2021-06-30 7/7/2021 Contacted Services NSW and Mapbox via online forms. Also contacted Health Minister (30-6-2021) and Premier (3/7/2021) after no response from any previous enquiries.additional request made to '' on 5/7/2021. Services NSW indicated it was a paid service from Mapbox licenced to NSW Data Analaytics. I pointed out this did not absolve them from the correct attribution. Latest email sent to with usual email template along with link to mapbox requirements for attribution. no no nw520 2021-07-10 2021-07-01 Contacted local chapter ("Landesverband") which reported the issue to the federal chapter; Mapbox via Leaflef only attributing Leaflet no no --Kai M. Poppe (talk) 09:59, 18 July 2021 (UTC) 2021-07-18 Kopie der versendeten E-Mail Multiple apps using OSM maps no no tastrax 2021-07-26 2021-07-26 Standard template letter via contact form no no trapicki 2021-07-30 2021-07-30: Noted to
Printed "Grand Tour des Refuges" map on a tourism board (and other boards, probably) distributed by Explore Cervino. no no phaerrax, 2021-08-02 I contacted the company by email. The printed map is a local atlas in which specific trails are marked. No mentions of OSM are given.
Autobahn GmbH West: A 620 - Verkehrs- und sicherheitstechnische Optimierung des Kreisverkehrs St. Arnual (Saarbrücken, Saarland) no no Nw520, 2021-08-28 presse.west@ 2021-08-28 2021-10-29 Received reply with explanation why attribution is missing and promise to properly attribute OSM in the future.
Soluciones Integrales GIS, C.A. (SIGIS) no no Wilmer Osario, 2021-08-30 Uses certain elements obtained from OSM data, without any mention or credits.
Cycling UK no no Graham Seaman, 2021-09-05 Standard email sent to 2021-09-05.

Acknowledgement received 2021-09-08 "passed to communication team who will respond"

Uses openlayers to provide full slippy map, without any mention or credits. The map is intended to show location of cycling groups in the UK, but is actually the full map without the lowest layers.

Wok Restaurant in Bogotá, Colombia

no no Andres Gomez Casanova, 2021-09-25 2021-09-25 no no tastrax 28/10/2021 contacted via webform
BikeComputer app by Robert Oehler no no Mateusz Konieczny 2021-06-26, 2021-11-01 contacted via email, see /BikeComputer. Received reply that it is in beta branch and will be released in November 2021. no no Mateusz Konieczny 2021-06-26, 2021-11-01 contacted via email, see /Backcountry
Erlanger Nachrichten (Daily Paper) no no CMorty (talk) 2021-11-10 Article: Entdeckungen entlang der Stadgrenze, Page 32

Attribution: "NN-Infografik Grafik: Mathias Orgeldinger" Contacted by email (I contacted them before, because of other missing attribution/license issues). no no iriman (talk) not yet Only a link to leaflet
Page License ok Authors ok Added by Dates contacted Date fixed Comments

List of usages where attribution has been fixed or case is obsoleted

Entries in this list had either their attribution fixed, they are no longer accessible or the entry was a false positive.

Page License ok Authors ok Added by Dates contacted Date fixed Comments yes yes Bomm on 2010-06-04 No deeplink to the license text but to; 2020-08-14 Link dead yes yes Lulu-Ann 2013-07-29 2013-07-29 yes yes Chris66 on 2013-04-21 Chris66 on 2013-04-20 2013-05-05 fixed. yes yes Lulu-Ann on 2009-07-23 TobiBS on 2010-03-07 and !i! on 2011-03-08 !i! on 2011-03-19 Wrong license named, only CC Nutzungsbedingungen on OSM map are the ones from google! On the OSM and OCM maps, the powered by google logo is displayed. GmbH website is dead yes Lulu-Ann on 2009-08-06 !i! on 2011-03-08 !i! on 2011-03-16 no yes Lulu-Ann on 2009-08-11 !i! on 2011-03-09 --Stephan75 12:43, 1 July 2011 (BST) OSM named, but Nutzungsbedingungen links to the terms of use of Google!
Link to OSM and CC seems to have been added yes yes !i! on 2010-06-16 maybe !i! on 2010-06-16 and !i! on 2011-03-09 2020-08-14 Nw520 Strange mix between google terms and unclear what data comes from the project itself; 2020-08-14: Uses default OpenMapTiles-attribution which includes a link to OSM DGA Architects, 149a Grosvenor Road, London yes yes Gregoryw on 2010-11-18 maybe Gregoryw on 2010-11-18 2015-07-23 Appears to use a slightly-modified OSM Mapnik map in a planning application Design & Access Statement. Example: Planning application SW/10/1404 with Swale Borough Council (Kent). website died website died maybe !i! on 2011-03-09 domdomegg on 2015-07-23 site dead
OSM POI Map, Paul Lenz yes yes maybe !i! on 2011-03-09 2012-02-18
RFeye application, CRFS Limited, Cambridge Research Park, UK yes yes maybe !i! on 2011-03-09 Sample Notification Message - Coming Soon to Wiki - doesn't exist anymore
Esri Ireland yes yes larryone on 2011-03-15 larryone on 2011-03-15 samlarsen1 on 2011-06-29 No deeplink to the license text but to
Freiburg Marathon inhabitants information and route map, runabout sports Freiburg GmbH yes yes Fabi2 on 2011-03-22 Ferrero2 on 2011-03-22 unknown on 2001-03-25 see forum and don't exist anymore.
Panorama (Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln) yes yes Marc on 2011-03-31 Marc on 2011-03-31 The linked page Returns Error 404 - seems not to exist any longer. Linuxuser1 on 2012-04-09
OSM slippy map code generator, Jan Willamowius yes yes Lulu-Ann on 2011-04-09 Where is the violation?
Zementwerk Lübeck yes yes phobie on 2011-06-24 phobie on 2011-06-24 dieterdreist on 2011-12-28 Picture using the default Mapnik style and links to mapquest
Kosmos maxspeed map yes yes phobie 2011-07-12 not yet not yet Created by Stefan Dettenhofer (User:StefanDausR). Links to OSM but does not show a copyright notice. See DE:MaxSpeed_Karte. Site doesn't exist anymore yes yes fluteflute 2011-07-23 fluteflute 2011-07-23 not yet One large map of Oxford, with four cropped copies on "tabbed" pages - This page does not seem to exist anymore yes yes Guillaume 7 Dec 2011 7 Dec 2011 (by the contact bottom link, once identified). 2015-07-24 The map "OSM-OCM" is the OSM Cycle Map, used to trace running itineraries. Google logo instead of OSM + Attribution ("Conditions d'utilisation") points to Google licence. Update: the reason is a migration from Google Map v2 to v3, the OSM attribution will be fixed soon. yes yes User:skorasaurus 18 Jan 2012 not yet 2014; unknown slippy map Uses OSM tiles that are on servers; no attribution; 'Powered by ESRI' in corner. Checked website, they are no longer using OSM tiles or OSM data. yes yes Chaos99 02/16/2012 yes, Feb 16th, 2012 yes, replied and made changes 02/23/2012 Uses map with Leaflet and MapQuest as provider. Attributes only (C)MapQuest, but clearly uses the OSM data. Written to thank for the change to OSM, asked for proper attribution and gave examples with mapquest and leaflet. Got short reply that changes were made. Now proper attributed. (See yes yes Marcussacapuces91 2012-02-20 2012-02-20 not yet Showing a map to show where you are and where the test server is. The boundaries in the sea look like the OSM's ones. Absolutely no licence or copyright at all on the page. - they are not using the map anymore yes yes miklobit 2012-04-20 not yet Spider 2012-04-20 Uses maps with MapQuest and OpenCycleMap as providers. Attributes only MapQuest/OpenCycleMap. and yes yes Spod 2012-05-27 2012-05-27 via their Contact Us page 2012-08-08 Using OSM map/data with no credit or attribution. Not clear if the tiles are coming directly from OSM, or their own server, but Mapnik style is the same. Also the meta content tag is ""Excellent interactive google maps from the official tourist board."!
Südwest Presse (newspaper in Germany) yes yes Kdkeller 2012-07-20 2012-07-20 2012-08-08 Attributes only "OSM" yes yes maxolasersquad 2012-09-18 2012-09-19 2015-07-23 No attribution to OpenStreetMap provided. By happenstance I work next to someone who is part of the broadband project. She has e-mailed the people in charge for me. yes yes Lulu-Ann 2013-04-01 Bielebog 2013-03-13 apologies and good promises for the future, but no changes made or announced Several Maps online, no correction yet. - can't find file anymore nor other maps on the website yes no Species 2013-06-03 2.6.13 Al. Hinweis auf OSM wird ergänzt werden. DI Tinkl vom LFRZ bedankt sich für den Hinweis! Uses OSM highways, railways and boundaries as vector data. See discussion on Mailinglist talk-at. (inside flash .swf) no no Aseerel4c26 (talk) 2013-08-15 no Seems to use this OSM German style map. I cannot see any hint of "OSM". Page no longer accessible --Kai M. Poppe (talk) 08:02, 13 August 2020 (UTC) no no Ianlopez1115 2013-08-31 2013-08-31 no Website updated sometime in 2015, link no longer active. yes yes Metehyi 2013-10-25 2013-10-25 not yet Uses tiles from without (proper) attribution - doesn't exist anymore no no toaster 2014-01-08 toaster 2014-01-05 Uses osm-tiles from without attribution - 404 no no LordOfMaps 2014-01-19 LordOfMaps 2014-01-19 2014-01-28 Uses OSM-based tiles from yes yes Imagico 2014-01-23 not yet fixed at unkown point in time. Redirects to where the attribution is correct Seems to be an experimental service so lack of attribution might be owed to that, OSM data used in Mapbox overlay. yes yes Bahnpirat (talk) 07:23, 18 March 2014 (UTC) not yet fixed at unknown point in time map "Fahrradstraßen-Netz" on the right
Zeit Online (like [12] and [13]) yes yes Imagico 2014-04-02 2014-04-02 added attribution to interactive maps on 2014-04-03, static maps on 2014-04-04. Mapbox based maps without proper attribution. Various forms of map, some show limited attribution behind a link but never shown by default and no mentioning of the license.
Let it be noted that I consider [14] good enough. Yes, you have to click on it, but then it mentions all required information and even gives hints on how to improve OSM. --Tordanik 19:14, 2 April 2014 (UTC)
Ford Dinnebier advertising in Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung yes yes Christopher 2014-10-19 2014-10-22 Fixed in later advertisings In the local part of Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung (Zossener Rundschau) a half page size advertising of Ford Dinnebier is published. In the right corner a osm map is show without any attributation. See: compare to
Auckland Transport Journey Planner yes yes Robert Ancell 2014-12-03 2014-11-21 by 2015-05-30 Shows map that is using OSM data but no attribution either on the map or elsewhere in the website. Contacted them via the feedback form on the website. They stated the map data is from a proprietary vendor but they will get their development team to investigate. outdoor information boards with maps yes yes --*Martin* (talk) 15:57, 23 February 2015 (UTC) 2013-11-18 2015-02-18 Many information boards in the region all of them lacking OSM attribution. They promised the fix on 2013-11-22 but today the attribution is still missing. Sample at Update: Got new promise to fix it until 2015-03-01. Update2: fixed. yes yes Msuchy 2015-02-12 2013-11-08 sometime before 2020-01-22 Copyright state "Leaflet" yes yes cquest 2015-02-12 2015-02-12 2015-02-12 No attribution on the map. OSM listed somewhere else on the site. Fixed the same day. yes yes cquest 2015-02-14 2015-02-14 2015-02-16 OSM base map used without attribution. Message sent thru contact form. no yes Cquest (talk) 10:15, 26 March 2015 (UTC) 2015-03-26 (twitter) 2015-04-23 MapBox (OSM) based tiles, no OSM attribution on map (plenty of space for it) yes yes auckland_outdoors 2015/04/12 2015-04-12

2019-12-20 (tastrax)

2015-04-13 Using leaflet.js with mapbox tiles based on OSM. Responded promptly that will be correctly attributed within 24 hours. Sent another request to correct attribution (tastrax)
Openspace Advertising boards outside Tesco shops no no --Dee Earley (talk) 22:35, 18 June 2015 (UTC) 2015-06-06, 2015-06-11 Maybe, "...sorted things out" Advertising boards displayed outside Tesco stores, but managed by Openspace Advertising. Lacking any attribution or copyright. no no domdomegg 2015-07-23 2015-07-23 18:09 Costa Coffee Store Finder using Mapbox - Sadly, now using Google no no domdomegg 2015-07-23 2015-07-23 18:12 Transport for London countdown bus finder - service seems to not exist anymore yes yes Robert.ancell 2015-07-24 2015-07-24 2015-10-29 New Zealand national broadband map. Using Mapbox tiles. Replied immediately to email and plan on correcting. Last checked on 2015-10-29; proper attribution and license has been added. yes yes sakudo 2015-09-10 2015-09-09



2016-01-19 no licence info given although links to google and other provider (using osm data too) given. - 2015-09-15: Response received and they plan to correct. However, as map data is received from service provider (, issue might be deeper. Issue resolved, see outdooractive below. yes yes sakudo 2015-09-21 2015-09-15 (management)


2015-09-29 notified legal-questions@ OSM, still being processed internally

2015-10-22 phone call with company assistant to raise the attention

2016-01-19 Director Cartography responded; changes implemented

2016-01-19 is a service provider for a many other sites and delivers whole map solutions for third parties that put the provided tiles on their web pages (via an API), e. g. which is certainly a page with high volume and high visibility in the public. Therefore, proper implementation of the OSM copyright guidelines, is particularly important here. There are two issues:

1. On some pages, the maps are displayed in a "preview type of view". In this case, no attribution is seen.

2. On some pages (where you will find larger maps), the OSM attribution is displayed but in very low contrast to the background (similar colours). This is particularly irritating as other attributions (google and their own (!)) is displayed in a much better way.

2016-01-19 Acceptable copyright references implemented. Little "previews" still not fully referenced, but main maps ok. Case closed. map removed map removed xnyhps 2015-12-04 Willem1 2015-10-31

xnyhps 2015-12-02

Background image when planning a journey is an OSM map; 2020-08-14 Doesn't display maps anymore yes yes mtmail 2016-03-29 2017-06-23 2018 yes yes CaptainCrunch 2016-04-02 2016-04-02 not yet Screenshots of OSM tiles on pages 1 and 4, with annotations added. yes yes Fdansv 2016-04-05 2016-04-04 2016-04-05 One of Spain's biggest tv/news websites. Using CartoDB basemaps, with attribution div hidden on purpose yes yes Mathias Wittwer 2016-05-24 2016-05-24 2016-06-08 Only Links to Leaflet and Mapbox on the Map.

Update from 2016-06-08 Attribution is now ok. yes yes Martin Ždila (*Martin*) 2016-06-03 2016-06-03 2016-06-03 Uses OSM map without attribution. Map is contained in the PDF files on the referenced page and the leaflet with the map has been printed and distributed to all households in the Košice city, Slovakia.

Update from 2016-06-03: Attribution fixed in online maps only. yes yes User: jstein 2016-06-20 2017-07-01 yes website does not mention OSM, but puts "© 2015 VIA-Bundesverband" below the map
Answer: They will fix it as soon as possible --Roadrenner (talk) 18:57, 9 July 2017 (UTC)
Printed map distributed by Ufficio IAT Valli del Natisone [15] no no Cascafico 2016-06-20 2016-06-20 not feasible: already printed and distributed free map with advertising, 40x40cm approx. scale 1:30000; no attribution, mention neither; seven municipalities, Udine Province and Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia as sponsors yes yes SammysHP 2016-06-30 2016-02-28 Derivative database, mixed with data from Google and energy companies. No attribution. Sells this data via See yes yes ff5722 2016-07-05 2016-07-05 August 2016 Rendered map data displayed without any attribution

update 7 August 2016: instagram employee promised to have this fixed, claiming a bug update 9 September 2016: On web there is a "© OpenStreetMap" attribution displayed, on mobile a link titled 'report' linking to (now no no scruss 2016-09-30 2016-09-30 on or before 2020-01-17 Website/app from Telenav. Page only contains single word “OpenStreetMap”, a link to the main OSM map. Licence is not clear whether the app is for data or app. No idea what the Author field could mean here. Site issue here: OSM attribution · Issue #56 · openstreetview/
National Express coach tracker, e.g. [16] no no jburgess 2016-10-13 2016-10-13 On or before 2020-08-13 --Kai M. Poppe (talk) 08:02, 13 August 2020 (UTC) Using map tiles without attribution. Sent request via Contact us suggesting they update the leaflet attribution setting
Umweltbundesamt (German Federal Environment Agency aka UBA), at least on switch to tab "Stations" yes yes zarl 2016-10-19 2016-10-19 2016-11-28 A map displaying measuring stations of the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) and the German States uses the standard OSM map without attribution nor license on that page. First response on 2016-10-28 stating that correct attribution will be "restored" by technicians. Checked again on 2016-11-28, attribution is added and a link to the license exists now.
VAO (Verkehrsauskunft Österreich) yes yes Species 2016-10-30 2016-08-08 June 2017 When embedding into partner websites, they use OSM outside Austria, see example (scroll e.g. east to Hungary).

They responded immediately "we are aware and will fix it", but nothing happened after two months.

Fixed, but they referenced to instead to I would say that's okay. --Roadrenner (talk) 00:11, 1 July 2017 (UTC) yes yes Tongro 2016-11-01 Ale_Zena_IT 2017-09-20 2016-08-25 via their website feedback form (brief friendly message)
2016-11-01 via their website feedback form (standard polite message)
fixed (well somehow, still almost not readable, but the same kind of unreadability that windy uses for its own menus and overlay text) I can find no contact information on their website. At September 2017 after two polite message they still don't attribute the mapǃ yes yes --RobHubi (talk) 00:50, 14 November 2019 (UTC) See Nov. 2019 and before 2019-12-15 The attribution style is not yet optimal, but the good will is recognizable. See also discussion "Windy Map" in [Talk-de] and [Talk-at]. Comparison of the attribution before/after:
http://www.wasserqualitä yes yes TZorn (talk) 08:17, 11 November 2016 (UTC) 2016-11-10 2016-11-24 Many other licenses are mentioned, so they probably just forgot to put ours on.
SNCF ( yes yes FrankVD (talk) 11:49, 24 December 2016 (UTC) Not contacted (how to ?) no copyright info on map
now error 404
DSAT Bus App (巴士報站) ([17]) yes yes fei0316 2017-05-06 2017-05-06 and 2017-06-07 2017-07-10 Uses the map when showing bus stops and routes, but no attribution given. yes no mtmail 2017-06-23 2017-06-23, resend 2017-09-01 2019-01 Coverage map listed "GeoPostcodes coverage map © 2017 GeoData Ltd". Contacted their project manager. Now "© 2019 by GeoData Ltd & OSM Contributor". especially their products yes yes Roadrenner 2017-07-01 yes fixed This Austrian company has created a lot of products and solutions for tourism associations. License is only in some of their products given. yes yes Julio Costa 2017-07-25 2017-07-25 partial


They violate OpenStreetMap, Bing and Mapbox attribution license requirements. Although at the same time attribute Google Maps and Yandex. I reported this in the Legal-Talk list last august, but inmediately forgot about it, until the person that told me about it contacted me again today.

They responded updating their demo and hosted services. They also said that the next upgrade (end of August 2017) of their "self-hosted" software will include the proper attribution, although they have no way to assure us that all those clients will upgrade to the corrected version. They also updated 287 self-hosted servers in which they have remote access.

I think the above mentioned statement is good enough to move this entry to the fixed list. --Kai M. Poppe (talk) 08:02, 13 August 2020 (UTC)
Tripadvisor mobile apps for iOS and Android yes yes Dieterdreist 2017-11-18 Viajero Perdido 2018-2-6 They are using google maps on their website, but the apps use a map from OpenStreetMap data, no doubt.

Notified and reminded here: [18]

Sent an email to mobilehelp(at) and contacted them via but no response after more then three weeks... that behaviour is just unbelievably annoying. --Roadrenner (talk) 21:59, 18 March 2018 (UTC)

A TA dev contacted me via PM. Attribution is in place for the version going to both app stores approx. April 10, with the attribution being a clickable link in the release after that, a few more weeks. - VP

Now attributed "© Citymaps © OpenStreetMap", in both Android (verified) and iOS (reported by TA). Not yet clickable as link, but as mentioned above, that should be coming soon. -VP 2018-4-18

Again, good enough for me to move this entry to the fixed section --Kai M. Poppe (talk) 08:02, 13 August 2020 (UTC)

Currently, they are using google maps on iOS, checked now --Dieterdreist (talk) 14:59, 27 November 2020 (UTC)

kvgOF Kreiskarte PDF no yes Nohmok 2017-12-02 2017-12-02 2017-12-04 („Kartendaten: © OpenStreetMap“ added) Map of local transport company. Distributed via web and print. Map creation, conception and design is attributed to „Baumgardt Consultants Gesellschaft für Marketing und Kommunikation bR“. They seem to have some experience creating maps for local transport companies – a closer examination of their products would make sense. yes yes TZorn 2018-05-16 2018-03-29, 2018-05-16, 2018-05-28 2018-06 OSM Maps on different sub pages of the European Commission using the attribution "Leaflet | Map data by Eurostat and the European Commission" (Google search of sub pages). Very unclear whom to contact. I tried several feedback forms and email addresses I found. Not sure I really contacted the right ones.

I got a response from someone at the Communications Networks, Content and Technology Directorate General on 2018-05-17 and they changed the attribution on my initially pointed out page. However many more pages are still showing the wrong attribution. I contacted them again on 2018-05-28.

They still had to fix something in the CMS code but now the pages I sampled all are showing correct attribution and license link. -- TZorn (talk) 10:28, 15 June 2018 (UTC) Subsidiary of City of München yes yes Sakudo 2018-06-15 2018-06-15 editor Gabriele Böhmer 2018-06-22 resolved yes yes Richlv 2018-07-30 2018-07-30 Between 2018-08-02 and 2018-11-24 Missing attribution in detail pages. Replied on the same day promising to resolve the issue. On 2018-08-02 added attribution, but linking to the main page - asked to link to the copyright page. Link has been changed to the copyright page when last checked on 2018-11-24.
Apothekerkammer Schleswig-Holstein yes yes Discostu36 2019-04-05 2019-06-25 Leaflet map with carto background is shown after entering date and post number. Only attribution was to themselves ("AKSH"). No reply to e-mail, but fixed the attribution.
Bayerische Architektenkammer yes yes zarl on 2019-06-25 2019-06-25 via contact form 2019-06-25 Map usage on the search result pages for their yearly "Architekturen" event, e.g. on [19]. --> Fixed on the same day -- Discostu36 (talk) 13:18, 25 June 2019 (UTC)
Western Sydney University no no Daviewales on 2019-07-25 2019-07-25 On or before 2020-08-13 --Kai M. Poppe (talk) 08:02, 13 August 2020 (UTC) Appear to have swapped out Google tiles for OSM tiles without changing attribution and copyright notices.
InPost yes yes Rmikke 2018-12-13 No reaction till 2019-09-09. Correction before 2020-04-13 Only link to Leaflet instead of copyright yes yes tastrax 2019-12-08 2019-12-20 Pin in top right goes to a map for changing location. OSM map with no attribution. Email sent to 2019-12-08. Advised 20-12-2019 that they will get developers to add the correct attribution. Fixed 20/12/2019 - also advised that and checked for correct attribution.

yes yes Ebenezer 2019-12-02 On or before 2020-08-13 --Kai M. Poppe (talk) No mention of OSM. No attribution. Replied on 2019-12-03 to say that someone will look into it. Sent a reminder 20/12/2019 (tastrax). Noted 2020-08-13 that maps now have attribution. yes yes tastrax 2019-12-23 2019-12-27 Failed to attribute at all. Email sent to '', '', Response 24/12 - Thanks for your advise on the map attribution. We will look into this matter whenever possible and update the content accordingly.Notes correct attribution 2019-12-27 Midday. yes yes tastrax 2019-12-26 2019-12-27 Standard email to [[20]] ; [[21]] 2019-12-26

Fixed by midday 2019-12-27 yes yes delphiN 2020-01-02 2020-01-07 Standard email to yes yes zarl 2020-03-18 e-mail to support@ 2020-03-20 Each panorama has a map available (top right: "Open Map") that also displays thumbnails of neighbouring panoramas. Example:
Kommunaler Versorgungsverband Baden-Württemberg no yes Nw520 2020-04-30 via Email to info@ 2020-05-22 Automatic attribution by Leaflet has been actively hidden via CSS; 2020-05-22: Received no reply but attribution has been added, however there's no link to ODBL (but CC-BY-SA 2.0). I won't pursue this matter further yes yes User:Roadrenner 2018-09-03 2018-12-01 Missing attribution pages in GMaps API. Seems solved User:Petermahlzahn. yes yes Roadrenner 2018-03-25 On or before 2020-08-14 Google Maps API with OSM
Badegewässer-Atlas Niedersachsen, Karte yes yes --Kai M. Poppe (talk) 13:14, 10 August 2020 (UTC) 2020-08-10 via Email to 2020-08-19 Using OpenLayers.Layers.XYZ to display swimming lakes in Lower Saxony. Completely missing attribution, told them to use the example on the OpenLayers dev-website on how to correctly add an attribution. Solved by putting a static attribution below the map, very friendly and understandig communication with the responsible people. yes yes tastrax 2020-08-13 2020-09-17 no no User:voschix 2020-10-08 no reply yet regards embedded maps by their users; e-mailed on 2020-10-08 yes yes Thv 2020-10-10 2020-10-10 (web form on the page) 2020-10-12 (acknowledged by email, also fix ack'ed later same day) Real estate franchising in Finland. Map view has bottom right text "Leaflet" where there is often the correct attribution published by The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) yes yes Leojth 2020-10-20 (email) 2020-11-02 confirmed fixed Had no attribution or license information at all partial partial Mateusz Konieczny (talk) 2019-09-13, 2019-11-11 Between 2020-09-09 and 2020-11-07 The Android app has the attribution only deeply hidden in the settings what is not sufficient. The website version doesn't mention the licence but links to the copyright page what may be sufficient. website is down website is down Undo on 2009-11-29
Maxspeed map, Stefan Dettenhofer website is down website is down TobiBS on 2010-03-07 (switch map style) yes yes georgo 2015-01-23 georgo not yet before 2021-01-24 No attribution, google attribution instead of osm. Rendering freemap missing. website is dead website is dead georgo 2015-01-23 georgo not yet No attribution website is dead website is dead maybe !i! on 2011-03-09 !i! on 2011-03-08 !i! on 2011-03-16
darktable confusing state - due to dependency chain and packaging chain. darktable is fixed, but myriad of specific distribution may not be confusing state - due to dependency chain and packaging chain. darktable is fixed, but myriad of specific distribution may not be SK53

Mateusz Konieczny

2020-05-10 via github issues #3443 #4977

2021-01-24 pinging in #3443

They tried to fix it but due to bitrot in dependency chain this fix actually does not result in anything. See

Dependency was updates, now it is up to "various distribution maintainers to update the osm-gps-map package to the latest release, so that users will get an update. In case of macOS build it's macports project, in case of Windows it's msys2 I think, and for Linux the list is very long."

Nærheden oversigtskort yes yes Fod 2020-05-06 via Email to
2020-08-13 reminder sent to
2021-02-16 reminder sent to
2021-02-20 Also reported to MapBox using the MapBox form
2021-03-10 verified by Fod (talk) 14:43, 10 March 2021 (UTC)
Wikimedia Commons Android app - Mateusz Konieczny on 2020-06-04 Mateusz Konieczny on 2020-05-21 via As of 2021-03-12 proper attribution visible by default is added. It was added earlier.
OSM Relation Analyzer, GrundID GmbH yes link appears to be dead as of 2020-03-20 TobiBS on 2010-03-07 link appears to be dead Mateusz Konieczny (talk) 11:04, 20 March 2021 (UTC) Copyright by OSM (Data by OpenStreetMap) License not named
Mensa am Turm, Göttingen link appears to be dead as of 2020-03-20 link appears to be dead as of 2020-03-20 Alagos 2013-05-23 2013-05-23 link appears to be dead Mateusz Konieczny (talk) 11:04, 20 March 2021 (UTC) The canteen "Mensa am Turm" (by Studentenwerk Göttingen) uses an OpenStreetMap to show local cooperation partners. There are several maps inside the building on the walls and on the webpage - no license or authors mentioned. I contacted them via email and waiting for a response.

UNEP Global Islands Database link appears to be dead link appears to be dead Imagico 2014-01-23 not yet link appears to be dead Mateusz Konieczny (talk) 11:04, 20 March 2021 (UTC) OSM is attributed in the about box but without license information and not in the normal view. Data is older, possibly from before the license change. Seems to violate the share-alike requirements as well since the data is combined with other sources but not made available under a free license. / Flayer links appear to be dead as of 2020-03-20 links appear to be dead as of 2020-03-20 --Alexm (talk) 14:29, 2 January 2015 (UTC) 2015-01-02 link appears to be dead Mateusz Konieczny (talk) 11:04, 20 March 2021 (UTC) Uses OSM in Flyers and for example on link appears to be dead as of 2020-03-20 and issue is fixed according to link appears to be dead as of 2020-03-20 and issue is fixed according to Germano Massullo 2016-02-07 2013-09-17 link appears to be dead Mateusz Konieczny (talk) 11:04, 20 March 2021 (UTC) osm-gps-map is an API that allows various softwares to show and use Openstreetmap. The shown map does not show attribution informations & dead website, replaced by spam website dead website xnyhps 2017-08-18 2017-08-26 link appears to be dead Mateusz Konieczny (talk) 11:04, 20 March 2021 (UTC) Augmented reality game for Android using the player's real location. In-game objects are shown on a map, which is taken from OSM. I could not find any attribution in-game or on the website. yes yes Roadrenner 2017-07-16 not yet Appears to be fixed as of 2020-03-20 (though they use "Open Street Maps") Lonely Planet App, where they have different cities where you can download an offline map.
Normaly there should be a credit, however they will give their apps a fresh audit. --Roadrenner (talk) yes yes Species 12:00, 11 March 2015 (UTC) not yet Attribution shown as of 2020-03-20 but without map Shows Mapquest tiles on search result pages, without any attribution. website not loading as of 2020-03-20 website not loading as of 2020-03-20 Cquest (talk) 09:24, 14 March 2015 (UTC) 2015-03-13 (twitter) website not loading as of 2020-03-20 MapBox (OSM) based tiles, no OSM attribution on map website dead as of 2020-03-20 website dead as of 2020-03-20 Fllwatcher 2015/05/07 - website dead as of 2020-03-20 Picture in the website header is from OSM. License and attribution missing. (open page, agree to share location) yes yes Reported via due to no contact detail and being a Mapbox customer. And User talk:Roblo53 Reported on 2020-03-20 Fixed as of 2020-03-23 Put "OsmGps ©" despite using OSM data, default map style and OSMF servers. Even in layer switcher map style name is not mentioning OpenStreetMap. Dark layer is from Mapbox. Using OSMF tile servers in violation of usage policy (lack of attribution). Aerial imagery looks like Esri likely also used in violation of its usage terms. Used also Mapbox servers in violation of their rules. yes yes Mateusz Konieczny (talk) 14:47, 13 April 2021 (UTC) Mateusz Konieczny (talk) 14:47, 13 April 2021 (UTC) Fixed 15 minutes after reporting via email :) /glos24 email
@MapsByAntonia - #30DayMapChallenge (01 November 2020) no no Donal Hunt (OSM Ireland) 2020-11-01 2020-11-01 OSM Ireland board members replied via reddit requesting attribution.
2020-11-03 Antonia acknowledged the lack of attribution and corrected images were possible. Future images will be attributed correctly.
2021-04-16 Later maps published on the twitter account have the correct attribution. e.g. [link]
@MapsByAntonia - #30DayMapChallenge (02 November 2020) no no Donal Hunt (OSM Ireland) 2020-11-02 2020-11-02 OSM Ireland replied via twitter requesting attribution.
2020-11-03 Antonia acknowledged the lack of attribution and corrected images were possible. Future images will be attributed correctly.
2021-04-16 Later maps published on the twitter account have the correct attribution. e.g. [link],1912,komunikat,krakow_bedzie_mial_premetro.html yes yes Mateusz Konieczny (talk) 13:26, 7 June 2021 (UTC) 7 June 2021 (UTC) Before 20 June 2021 (UTC) copy of /glos24 email yes - very prominent lets say that prominent link is sufficient (IANAL) User:Mateusz Konieczny on 2021-03-04 ( / email ), later also phone call by another person Before 20 June 2021 (UTC) Google is attributed, OSM not. (they are using Google library to display OSM, in violation of Google ToS). yes no User:Mateusz Konieczny 2021-04-30, 2021-06-20 2021-06-25 No attribution, plagiarism by attributing OSM data to Eurostat. Send a message through online forms (see / for detail) yes yes tastrax 2020-12-02 Noted 1/7/2021 Request sent to both mapbox and PTV via feedback forms
VIVASECUR GmbH [22] yes yes Marcel Rogge 2020-09-27 via info@ 2021-06-30 Usage without attribution in commercial products [23] and [24] see also User Manual (german)
ITALIARECENSIONI.COM [25] no no voschix widespread usage on their web site; any image search for "" (on Firefox or Chrome) shows many of them; company mailing address in Iceland: Kalkofnsvegur 2, Reykjavik, Capital Region, 101, IS; phone +354.4212434 [26] no no voschix 2021-09-19 email to widespread usage on their web site [27]; all their bus stop maps seem to be based on OSM, but carry only "Leaflet" as source. yes yes User: mhaelsig on 2021-04-08 User: mhaelsig on 2021-04-08 fixed on 2021-09-15 Company behind is (Germering, Germany)
Cycling UK yes yes Graham Seaman, 2021-09-05 Standard email sent to 2021-09-05.

Acknowledgement received 2021-09-08 "passed to communication team who will respond". Fixed on 2021-09-30. Turns out map had some attribution, but hidden behind info button. Now fully visible: very helpful response from organization.

McBroken yes yes Hauke Stieler (OSM Germany) 2020-10-23, 2021-01-27, 2021-09-30 No attribution (neither to OSM nor to Mapbox) is given.

2020-10-23: Contacted the maintainer and got a response that he wants to fix that. Nothing happened.
2021-01-27: Wrote another mail to the site maintainer but got no answer so far.
2021-09-30: Attribution added and got an e-mail with an apology that it took very long.

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