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This page is being considered for cleanup. Please discuss this page.
This wiki page documents what data related to the Philippines has been or is being imported into OpenStreetMap. This is part of WikiProject Philippines.

TODO: Contact respective data owners to inform the pending license change

Guidelines for OSM-PH bulk data import

  1. All planned imports should be announced to the talk-ph list.
  2. Imports should NEVER delete or get in the way with local mapper's contributions, unless there is mutual agreement.
  3. Data that will be imported will be provided to anyone willing to evaluate the quality of the data via a public download link. However, if the data holder have expressed that the "raw" shouldn't be distributed (due to some unfounded paranoia which I don't quite understand since it will be added to OSM anyway) another means to distribute data for evaluation will be made.
  4. Community-consensus should be made before imports.
  5. Another announcement will be made when consensus was achieved.
  6. Another announcement after data import.
  7. Update this page or provide a link to a documentation of the finished import.

Data from the Government

The "public domain" data definition in the Philippines used for many government datasets explicitly disallows commercial use. Hence, explicit permission is required for any dataset before being used in OpenStreetMap. For more information, see the community-maintained FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about data sources for OpenStreetMap contributors in the Philippines.

The government agencies below has given their explicit permission to use specific datasets:

Agency Dataset Period Consent Given Project Status Project Hashtag/Repo
Department of Education Public Schools 2012 2016 On-going. Final phase. 2022-01 OSMaPaaralan
Department of Public Works and Highways Road and Bridges Inventory CY 2021 2022-01 Community discussion.

Schadow1 Expeditions

Background: Schadow1 Expeditions is a mapping and travel resource site for the Philippines documenting its Philippine expeditions, travel guides and mapping advocacy through GPS-based mapping funded through donations. GPS traces, POIs are contributed through various mapping consortium in the Philippines including OpenStreetMap.

Source Tag: Schadow1 Expeditions

Current status

Ervin Malicdem, maintainer of Schadow1 Expeditions, continuously provides data such as roads, establishments and resorts, transport stations and routes, hiking trails, and boat routes.

Bohol Tourism POIs by DTI GIZ Private Sector Promotion Program (SMEDSEP)

July 25, 2012

Background: POIs of Bohol tourist sites (churches, beaches, caves, etc) and Bohol tourism operators (accomodation, restaurants, shops, etc) compiled by the DTI GIZ Private Sector Promotion Program. Also contains tourism related infrastructure. Accurate GPS coordinates provided.

Import approved by Ben Alvin dela Cruz - Adviser, Private Sector Promotion (SMEDSEP) Program of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

Source tag: DTI GIZ Private Sector Promotion Program (SMEDSEP)

WaypointsDotPH and RPMap

Background: WaypointsDotPH and RPMap are two of the earliest volunteer mapping projects in the Philippines using GPS-based mapping. Interestingly, both have similarities with OpenStreetMap; they basically use GPS traces to create Garmin maps. However, the approach is somewhat centralized. Contributors would send the traces to the mapmakers and the mapmakers prepare and distribute the output maps.

Initial discussion with the group is very encouraging they would like to share their years of accumulated data to OSM and at the same time create various applications using OSM data.

What they have:

  • Road network for the whole country
  • Lots and lots of POIs
  • GPS traces

Proposal for import:

  • Respective project maintainers will ask consent of all their contributors on the import process to OSM database. Only data from contributors who gave explicit consent will be imported.
  • Data review and assessment. Check for data integrity (copyright issues, etc.). Roads which are already in the OSM database will not be imported.
  • Subset data into manageable sizes.
  • Import data

Current status

Ed Garcia, maintainer of WaypointsDotPH, is adding roads, mostly provincial, using personal GPX traces and those contributed by WaypointsDotPH members.

Geonet Name Server

Main article: GNS
  • Imported all towns and cities for the country using MikeCollinson's GNS 2 OSM Conversion Script
  • Imported all islands and islet using Mike's script (20081010)
  • Imported all names for mountains, ridges and hills (20090115)
  • License - US Public Domain, no problem with license change

AMS Topo Maps

Public domain topographic maps (scale is 1:250,000) from the University of Texas' Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection (


  1. Rectify the maps in GRASS or QGIS
  2. Set-up a local webmapserver with mapserver (anyone willing to host this?)
  3. Add the WMS url in JOSM
  4. Use WMS in JOSM


  • maning started digitizing roads in Mindanao
  • digitized Guimaras, some of Aklan, Negros, Cebu, Bohol, Siquijor, Ylin, Masbate
  • discontinued 1:250K is too coarse
  • License - US Public Domain, no problem with license change

POI import from jklinc


  1. The files are in mapinfo format, so convert to GML using ogr2ogr.
  2. Create a lookup table for the POI type code to OSM Map Features
  3. Process with the gml2osm script by Ivansanchez
  4. Edit with JOSM


  • maning started the initial upload, the data was added the username:maning
  • License - requested data donors for ODBL change

Taytay, Rizal roads from Rally de Leon

added tag: source=import from rallydeleon's gtm

  • License - Rally already agreed on the ODBL. No problem with the license

Laguna Roads

Started uploading Laguna roads from BSWM. I have converted the roads to the following:

  • National = primary
  • Provincial = secondary
  • Municipal = residential

In many cases this is wrong, hopefully other editors would correct them.

  • License - Public Domain, no problem with license change




The Naga City Government maintains a public domain WMS of the city including roads, landuse (2000), admin boundaries, building footprints. I'm still coordinating to request the orginal data. In the meantime, use the WMS plugin in JOSM. Link:

I downloaded the data from their WFS server into a GML file, applied gml2osm, fixed some small things on JOSM, and uploaded it all.
I would like some locals to re-check the road data, as it may have inaccuracies.
The layers imported were: roads, rivers, railroads, schools, hospitals. Layers pending are political boundaries (barangay?) and land use data, because of the complexity of working with relations for lots of adjacent areas.
Ivansanchez 14:42, 30 March 2008 (BST)
  • License - Public Domain, no problem with license change

Coastline Corrections

Main article: WikiProject_Philippines/Coastline_Corrections

Biak na Bato National Park Community Based Mapping Project Data

BUNDUK a federation of community organizations surrounding Biak na Bato National Park gave permission to add Biak na Bato data to OSM. Data imported - Park Boundaries, roads and trails, rivers, caves, springs

  • License - agreed on the license change

email request:

 > From: Maning Sambale <XXXXXXXXXXXX>
 > Subject: Request to add BNBNPCP GIS data to Openstreetmap
 > Date: Thursday, October 16, 2008, 2:38 PM
 > Kumusta na kayo?
 > Hingi sana ako ng permisong ilagay sa internet yung datos
 > ng mapa na galing sa ginawa nating 3d map ng Biak na Bato
 > National Park.
 > Nasa akin na yung datos gusto ko sana ilagay sa database ng
 > (
 > Sana mabigyan nyo ako ng pahintulot.
 > Gumagalang,
 > Maning Sambale

email response:

 Re: Fw: Request to add BNBNPCP GIS data to Openstreetmap
 Monday, March 16, 2009 2:27 PM
 To: Maning Sambale <XXXXXXXXXXXX>
 ok po, your request is granted....pag ok na paki email ako para 
 makita namin mga pinaghirapan mo.Maraming salamat sa mga abala na 
 ginagawa mo para sa ikauunlad ng samahan sa Biak na Bato.

San Carlos City, Negros

Planned data import from San Carlos City LGU

email request

 from	maning sambale <xxxxxxxxx>
 to	noel mondragon <xxxxxxxxx>
 date	Tue, Mar 31, 2009 at 5:33 PM
 subject	Request to use San Carlos GIS data for Openstreetmap
 City Mayor
 San Carlos City Local Government Unit
 FC Ledesma Avenue
 San Carlos City, Negros Occidental
                  City Engineer
                  City Engineering Department
                  This City
 Hon. Mayor Eugenio Jose V. Lacson,
 Greetings Of PEACE!
 My name is Emmanuel "Maning" Sambale and I am writing your good office
 in behalf of Openstreetmap Philippines.  Openstreetmap is an
 international project whose aim is to create and provide free
 geographic data for the whole planet.  This is a volunteer project
 currently with more than 90,000 users worldwide.  The Philippines is
 one of the active countries in South East Asia.  We have a website and
 a wikipage for your reference:
 The current focus of mapping is Metro Manila.  An example of our
 current coverage is here:
 We are also expanding our coverage to other provinces in the country.
 We believe San Carlos City as one of the progressive agro-industrial
 center of Negros Occidental, should be extensively mapped as well.  
 The link below is the current map data for San Carlos City:
 As an initial step, we would like to gather secondary
 information about San Carlos.  May we request your office to provide us
 with digital map data from the City's GIS department?  We will take
 care in converting the data to Openstreetmap and our local volunteers will regularly
 update the information. We assure you that all updates and revisions will
 be given back to the City Government.
 Our group is also willing to provide technical assistance in preparing
 webmap for your city's website just like Google Map but with better street data.
 Thank you very much and we hope you can grant our request.  Should there be any
 clarifications, please send me message at
 Respectfully yours,
 Emmanuel "Maning" Sambale
 For Openstreetmap Philippines

Status: Imported administrative boundaries and POIs Note: The imported that has an offset approximately to the west. Some links:

Requires additional GPS trace to correct the boundaries.

  • License - agreed on the license change

National parks and protected Areas

Several shapefile were available as an output of the Philippine Biodiversity Conservation Priority-Setting Workshop, December 4 - 8, 2000. Related to national parks and protected areas includes:

  • 123pas_ini_unproc.shp Unproclaimed protected areas as initial components vis-a-vis integrated terrestrial and inland water priority areas.
  • 2pas_unproc_addl.shp Unproclaimed Protected areas as additional components vis-a-vis integrated terrestrial and inland water priority areas.
  • 36pa_iniunproc_ver.shp Unproclaimed protected areas with boundaries for verification as initial components vis-a-vis integrated terrestrial and inland water priority areas.
  • 83pas_proc.shp Proclaimed protected areas vis-a-vis integrated terrestrial and inland water priority areas.

Metadata information

Source: PAWB-DENR, CI Philippines
Restriction: No restriction of use
Date: 12/08/00
Citation: Data Source: Participants of the Philippine Biodiversity Conservation
Priority-Setting Workshop, December 4 - 8, 2000
Scale: 1:7,500,000

Proposed tags:

name=Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park
nipas_category=natural park
source=PBCPP, 2002

License - no restrictions of use, no problem with license change

Status: Data imported - 83pas_proc.shp - some boundaries showing only large squares were excluded. Maning 01:38, 2 July 2009 (UTC)

Southern part of Bohol

March 30, 2010, roads and POIs donated by the Arivac consortium were imported in OSM. More details here