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Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Janko
Tagging: Admission=*
Applies to: node, way, area, relation
Definition: Creating a framework for mapping admission to places
Rendered as: Only routers should use it
Drafted on: 2016-02-29


Create a set of tags to be used for mapping admission to different places.


Right now, if we want to tag a place that needs admission, we only have the tag access=*. This only says if you can go through there or not. The case when you need to buy a ticket to be somewhere is not described by any tag. Having this tag could be very useful for cases when the shop for tickets is not close to the place you need the ticket for. That's when you need to route first to the place that sells the ticket, and then to the actual place you were going to.


  • Cinemas that have a displaced ticket shop.
  • Shops that sell skipass tickets for ski resorts.
  • Motorways that need you to have a vignette
  • Places that sell tickets for hiking and walking in nature, like National parks.
  • Ferries that you need to buy a ticket for on the coast somewhere


There is a whole set of tags that could be used, but the most important would be: access=admission and admission=issue.

access=admission would be added to places that allow entrance only if you have some sort of an admission token (ticket, proof of payment, wristband, vignette...). Those can be amenity=cinema, amenity=theater, tourism=museum, aerialway=ski_lift, highway=motorway, route=ferry, and so on.

admission=issue would be added to the place that issues those tokens. They would most often be tagged with shop=ticket, shop=kiosk, barrier=toll_booth, amenity=reception_desk, or wherever you buy the tickets.

The problem that arises is how do we link them.

One way is to give them a tag that has to have the same name on both elements: access=admission + admission:to=The Vintage Cinema and admission=issue + admission:to=The Vintage Cinema.

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I think these tags should not be rendered in any way. Maybe only in some specialized maps.

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