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Уважаемые Навигаторы, объединив наши усилия мы можем создать полезную и актуальную карту водных путей. Присоединяйтесь!

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Морские карты

Карта портов

Вы можете пройтись с GPS по причалам/пирсам, затем загрузить полученный трек в OSM и создать карту порта.

Дополнительная информация, полезная для яхтсменов:

порт seamark=harbour
паромный терминал amenity=ferry_terminal
рыболовный порт seamark=harbour
+ harbour:type=fishing
промышленный порт seamark=harbour
+ harbour:type=industrial
harbours (area, fence) landuse=industrial
+ industrial=port
марина leisure=marina
военная база military=naval_base
якорная стоянка seamark=anchorplace
berthing allowed mooring=*
маяк man_made=lighthouse
буй man_made=beacon
lay the land Tower: man_made=tower
Gasometer: man_made=gasometer
Windmill: man_made=windmill
Wind power generator: power=generator + generator:source=wind
глубина depth=* (in Meter at "low tide water-level")
обломки historic=wreck
mooring (dry)
boatyard waterway=boatyard
яхтенный кран man_made=crane
слип leisure=slipway
док waterway=dock
яхтенная заправка amenity=fuel
питьевая вода amenity=drinking_water
excrement disposal amenity=waste_disposal+waste=excrement
trash disposal amenity=waste_disposal+waste=trash
туалеты amenity=toilets
laundry shop=laundry
check in pier
pier man_made=pier
guest mooring
customs duty
супермаркет shop=supermarket
convenience shop=convenience
bakery shop=bakery
butcher shop=butcher
ресторан amenity=restaurant
интернет кафе
ship and sailor shop shop=boat
repair and assembling shop boat:repair=*
street to next village highway=*
парковка amenity=parking
такси amenity=taxi
post box amenity=post box

Якорная стоянка

Please record with your GPS the coastline on each bay/beach. Upload the recorded track and create a detailed map later. All other informations like supermarkets, bus stops, toilets, ... would be interesting.

яхтклуб leisure=marina
причал mooring=*
глубина depth=* (в метрах)
wreck historic=wreck
маяк man_made=lighthouse
сигнальный огонь man made=beacon
побережье natural=coastline
пляж natural=beach
скала natural=cliff (выше уровня воды)
ресторан amenity=restaurant
супермаркет shop=supermarket
магазин shop=convenience
автобусная остановка highway=bus_stop


береговая линия natural=coastline

The coastline in OSM is not very detailed especially in countries far away. Please record with your GPS the coastline on each bay/beach. Upload the recorded track and create a detailed map later. For a description of how to edit, upload and watch coastlines take a look at coastline.

If you are sailing along the coastline please take a look at all following items and check if they are already (correctly!) entered in OSM.

маяк man_made=lighthouse
сигнальный огонь man made=beacon
гора natural=peak
населенные пункты place=*
церковь amenity=place of worship
башня man made=tower
газгольдер, резервуар man made=gasometer
ветряная мельница man made=windmill
ветрогенератор power=generator + generator:source=wind
пляж natural=beach
скала natural=cliff


Безымянные недокументированные острова следует обозначать natural=land.


lighthouse (touristical) man_made=lighthouse

For a nautical lighthouse please refer to Lighthouse.

For nautical buoys please refer to Buoy.

Vacation spot

Take away your GPS on each land excursion, to go shopping, cycle tours, ...

streets highway=*
church amenity=place of worship
restaurant amenity=restaurant
fast food amenity=fast food
supermarket shop=supermarket
convenience shop=convenience
bakery shop=bakery
butcher shop=butcher
vegetable market
doityourself shop shop=doityourself
laundry shop=laundry
post office amenity=post office
post box amenity=post box
bank amenity=bank
atm amenity=atm
bureau de change amenity=bureau de change
bicycle rental amenity=bicycle rental
motorcycle rental motorcycle:rental=*
car rental amenity=car rental
fuel amenity=fuel
train station railway=station
bus stop} highway=bus stop
bus station amenity=bus station
aerodrome aeroway=aerodrome
taxi amenity=taxi
police amenity=police
hospital amenity=hospital
pharmacy amenity=pharmacy
museum tourism=museum
monument historic=monument
castle historic=castle
ruins historic=ruins
archaeological site historic=archaeological_site
nightclub amenity=nightclub

How to do it ...

  1. always take along the GPS device with you and switch on track recording
  2. set a way point on all important locations/objects
  3. document waypoint (text, picture, draft, dictation)
  4. save data as gpx-file, or upload the file
  5. draw map online or offline with JOSM

Keys and values to describe an object can be found at RU:Map_Features.

OSM for long term sailors

Your help or data ;) is beyond price! If you are not interested in drawing maps, you could also help with uploading GPS traces from coastlines, ...

Planning a sailing trip

OSM would be increasingly popular for planning a sailing trip See also Project "OpenSeaMap (OSeaM)". De:Seekarte