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A parking space designed for bicycles. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Group: bicycles
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The term ‘bicycle parking’ refers to any parking space designed for bicycles, where one can leave a pedal cycle unattended in reasonable security. In cities and towns, these can often be found in front of shops or along streets; possibly in association with parking for motorized vehicles. Examples of specific forms include covered bike sheds and lockers, simple ground-anchored bike racks, or curvy artistic lumps of metal for chaining your bike to.

How to map

Add a node tagged amenity=bicycle_parking in the geographical centre of the feature if it's just a small number of bike racks close together. Larger areas of cycle parking may be represented with a closed way. You can also map a single open way along the length of the parking if applicable. Don't use multiple together: use only one object per feature.

Tags used in combination

Tag Description
name=* Larger areas of bike parking may be named.
operator=* Cycle parking may be operated by some organisation.
covered=* Parked bikes are protected from rain.
indoor=* Cycle parking is in an indoor facility.
access=* Public access is implied in most roadside cases; but other cases are possible - see below.
capacity=* The total number of bikes that can be parked here. Please note that many stands are two-sided and can hold up to two bicycles for each stand. If the capacity of another type of bicycle is given (e.g. capacity:cargo_bike=*), this is the sum of all capacities.
cargo_bike=* Indicated, whether the parking spots are also usable by cargo bikes. See also beneath.
capacity:cargo_bike=* The total number of cargo bikes that can be parked in this bicycle parking.
fee=* In some places, one must pay to park one's bike.
bicycle_parking=* Details the type of bicycle parking (e.g. stands, wall loops...).
cyclestreets_id=* A link to the ID (e.g. 12345) of the location describing a photo of the cycle parking in CycleStreets. Multiple IDs should be separated by semi-colons.
maxstay=* Maximum allowed bicycle parking time - given sometimes at covered parking-places.
surveillance=* Closed-circuit television (CCTV) security cameras can be marked with this. See the linked page for details of the values in use. Depending on the layout, a separate node nearby may be enough.

Access tags

  • Use access=private to indicate that access is not available to the public and requires a key or codes to access.
  • Use access=customers is for bicycle racks reserved for customers of the operating amenity, e.g. the bicycle rack of a shop, sports club, doctors office... This might be indicated by a sign and might be enforced by removing your bicycle; even though this is often based on politeness.
  • Use access=members that one needs to get a subscription to use the bicycle parking, but getting a subscription is available to the general public.

Types of parking

See main entry: bicycle_parking=*.

Cargo bike parking

Main article: Cargobike

With the rise of cargo bikes, especially in cities, typical bicycle parking systems don't work properly. There are different cities, like Berlin or Stuttgart which offer bicycle parking spots, explicitly for cargo bikes. Use cargo_bike=designated to indicate that a bicycle parking has designated spots for cargo bikes and capacity:cargo_bike=* to indicate the total amount of cargo bike spots. Use cargo_bike=yes if all spots can also be used by cargo bikes because of their design.


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