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There's plenty of development work still to do for OpenStreetMap. There are several different areas to work on, and a range of different languages and technologies involved. More specific details can be found from the following component links.

Components of OSM

OSM Components.png
Description Code
(SVN url)
(trac tickets)

OSM database:
API for live data access git trac
XAPI faster, read-only
Server Side Script - -
Database (PostgreSQL) -
Planet.osm (dumps)

OSM website: - trac
Slippy Map - the View tab - -
Mapnik (OSM's install) svn (see slippy map bugs)
The Rails Port svn trac
Web front end - -
Wiki - -

Rendering and tiles:
Mapnik see [1]
Osmarender (XSLT) svn


Tiles@home distributed rendering svn -
Tirex mapnik-based tileserver
Staticmaps for requesting bigger map images
...see Rendering

Potlatch svn trac
JOSM josm svn josm trac
JOSM/Plugins svn josm trac
Merkaartor svn trac
Other editors:Category:Editors

Data converters/manipulators:
Osmosis svn -

Traveling salesman svn mantis

General development

See our Trac repository and bugtracker at .

Introduction to OSM development:

OSM dev environment:

Other information:

On your website


Data Processing

Serving Infrastructure