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If you are interested in Developing or just view the sourcecode of the OSM server and editors, you can find it in our git and subversion repositories.


Increasingly we're using GIT instead of subversion for a lot of code: or

The rails code (for the website and API) can be downloaded with the following command: git clone

This is described in more detail at Committing to the rails port. There are many other git repos relating to OpenStreetMap. In particular Potlatch 2 code is managed in git. See Potlatch 2/Developer Documentation/git. In theory git repos are decentralised and can live anywhere. You'll find links amongst the developer information related to various software/tools on this wiki. In practice you'll also find many of them on


The Subversion repository is at, this contains sourcecode for some useful tools and scripts.

To obtain the latest version perform a checkout from the repository, using the subversion client or a frontend of your choice. At the command line you might perform a complete checkout using the following command: svn co

This is >100,000 files totalling >1GB so it will typically take over an hour to perform the checkout. Watch out for failed externals!

You can view the source repository in your web browser at

Getting SVN commit access

A SVN account is required to make changes or upload new software. SVN accounts can be requested from the administrator of the svn server. See System Administrators. (The administrator is currently System-users-3.svgTomH (on osm))

Any changes that you commit will not be visible on the live site until an admin rolls out the new version.

If you ask SVN access to update a JOSM plugin, please talk about it with JOSM developers first, on josm-dev mailing list. JOSM plugins require some understanding of the JOSM development model thus it is very easy to break existing things.

Once access is granted, please consider adding the template Svnuser to your wiki userpage, which automatically adds you to Category:Users with SVN accounts.

How to use subversion

Subversion (or SVN) is a version control system very similar to CVS. There's plenty of information about using subversion. See these resources:

Subversion users

See also Category:Users with SVN accounts.

Subversion username Name User page on wiki (or osm)
aarthy Aarthy Chandrasekhar System-users-3.svgaarthy (on osm)
abunai Ulf ? System-users-3.svgabunai (on osm)
achmyr Alexander Chmyr
adam Adam Boardman System-users-3.svgAdamboardman
aharvey Andrew Harvey
ahlzen Lars Ahlzen
akks Alexei Kasatkin
alexkemp Alex Kemp
alexmenk Alexander Menk
alfonz Karol Čisarik User icon 2.svgAlfonZ (on osm)
amillar Alan Millar System-users-3.svgAmillar (on osm)
andre68 Andre Hinrichs System-users-3.svgAndre68 (on osm)
andreas Andreas Putzo
andrew Andrew McCarthy
andystreet Andy Street System-users-3.svgAndyS (on osm)
antblant Paweł Mrówka System-users-3.svgAntblant (on osm)
apatiev Anton Patiev
apmon Kai Krueger
arindam Arindam Ghosh System-users-3.svgMakghosh (on osm)
artem Artem Pavlenko User icon 2.svgArtemp (artem on osm)
avantman42 Russ Phillips System-users-3.svgAvantman42 (on osm)
avar Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason System-users-3.svgÆvar Arnfjörð Bjarmason (on osm)
balrog-kun Andrzej Zaborowski System-users-3.svgBalrog (on osm)
bastik Sebastian Klein
beata.jancso Jancsó Beáta
belecker Dirk Bruenig
benshu Ben Schulz
bilbo Martin Petricek System-users-3.svgBilbo (on osm)
biswesh Biswesh Mohapatra
blarson Blars Blarson
bkmap Burkhard Kirchner User icon 2.svgBkmap (on osm)
bmichel Michel Barakat
bobkare Knut Arne Bjørndal System-users-3.svgBobkare (on osm)
boman Falko Thomale System-users-3.svgBoman (on osm)
bomm Bodo Meissner System-users-3.svgBomm (on osm)
bpwook Jun-Wook Kwak
bnesbitt Bryce Nesbitt
breki Igor Brejc System-users-3.svgBreki (on osm)
bretth Brett Henderson System-users-3.svgBrett (on osm)
buerste Ruben System-users-3.svgBürste (on osm)
bvh Bart Vanhauwaert System-users-3.svgBartv (on osm)
bwr57 Rodion Scherbakov
casualwalker Jan Petranek
christofd Christof Dallermassl System-users-3.svgCdaller (on osm)
city-busz Balló György System-users-3.svgCity-busz (on osm)
cjb System-users-3.svgcjb (on osm)
cjw Christiaan Welvaart System-users-3.svgcjw (on osm)
claudius Claudius Henrichs System-users-3.svgClaudius (on osm)
clementm Clement Menier
clever Michael Bishop System-users-3.svgMichael Bishop (on osm)
cmalo Christian Malolepszy
cmarqu Colin Marquardt System-users-3.svgColin Marquardt
crosby Scott Crosby
crschmidt Christopher Schmidt System-users-3.svgCrschmidt (on osm)
daeron Teemu Koskinen System-users-3.svgDaeron (on osm)
damians Damian Sulewski
dankarran Dan Karran System-users-3.svgDankarran (on osm)
danmoore Dan Moore
dantje Daniel van Gerpen
darya Darya Golovko System-users-3.svgDarya (on osm)
davalv Davide Prade System-users-3.svgDavalv (on osm)
david David Earl
daviddean David Dean
deejay1 Łukasz Jernaś
deelkar Dirk-Lüder Kreie System-users-3.svgDeelkar (on osm)
devrise User icon 2.svgDevrise (on osm)
dhansen Dave Hansen
dieterdreist Martin Koppenhöfer System-users-3.svgDieterdreist (on osm)
dmarinus Dick Marinus System-users-3.svgMeeuw (on osm)
dmuecke Dieter Muecke
donvip Vincent Privat User icon 2.svgdon-vip (on osm)
dshpak System-users-3.svgDshpak (on osm)
dsilvers Daniel Silverstone System-users-3.svgKinnison (on osm)
dvaey David Murn
echove Etienne Chové System-users-3.svgEtienneChove (on osm)
eddyp Eddy Petrișor
edgemaster Thomas Wood System-users-3.svgThomas Wood (on osm)
edloach Ed Loach System-users-3.svgEdLoach (on osm)
emacsen Serge Wroclawski
emj Erik Johansson System-users-3.svgEmj (on osm)
erigrus Erik Gruschka
esscue Sebastian Queißer System-users-3.svgEsscue (on osm)
etienne Etienne Cherdlu System-users-3.svg80n (on osm)
extremecarver Felix Hartmann
extropy Viesturs Zariņš
feixm Michal Feix
fichtennadel Georg ? System-users-3.svgFichtennadel (on osm)
fkowitz Fabian Kowitz
flint Matthew Flint
floscher Florian Schäfer User icon 2.svgfloscher (on osm)
fma Friedrich Maier System-users-3.svgfma (on osm)
franpd Fran Prieto
fredb Frédéric Bonifas System-users-3.svgFredB (on osm)
frederik Frederik Ramm System-users-3.svgFrederik Ramm (on osm)
frsantos Francisco Santos System-users-3.svgFrsantos (on osm)
fsteggink Frank Steggink
gabriel Gabriel Ebner
galo Galo Higueras
gary68 Gerhard Schwanz System-users-3.svgGary68 (on osm)
gerdp Gerd Petermann
gerv Gervase Markham
giackserva Giacomo Servadei
giggls Sven Geggus User icon 2.svgGiggls (on osm)
gislars Lars Lingner
gjones Graham Jones System-users-3.svgGrahamjones (on osm)
glasseyes Daniel Glassey
glebius Gleb Smirnoff System-users-3.svgGlebius (on osm)
godofglow Thomas Schneider
gramzon Ivan ?
gravitystorm Andy Allan System-users-3.svgGravitystorm (on osm)
gslater Grant Slater User icon 2.svgFirefishy (on osm)
guardian Matthias Meißer
guggis Karl Guggisberg
haakonst Håkon Stordahl
hakan Hakan Tandoğan System-users-3.svgHakan (on osm)
hampelratte Henrik Niehaus
hardaker Wes Hardaker
harrywood Harry Wood User icon 2.svgHarry Wood (on osm)
hassans Hassan Sabirin
herm Hermann Kraus
hholzgra Hartmut Holzgraefe
hind Eugene "Hind" Zelinskij
holgermappt Holger Mappt
htonl Adrian Frith System-users-3.svghtonl
hughb Hugh Barnes System-users-3.svghughb (on osm)
iknopf Ingolf Knopf
imi Immanuel Scholz System-users-3.svgImi (on osm)
isortega Iván Sánchez Ortega System-users-3.svgIvansanchez (on osm)
jabi Jan Bilak
jakob Jakob Altenstein
jbarbara Joe Barbara
jbglaw Jan-Benedict Glaw
jdschmidt J. D. "Dutch" Schmidt System-users-3.svgDutch (on osm)
jeansch Jean Schurger
jennyh Jenny Herbert System-users-3.svgJennyH (on osm)
jhuesing Johannes Huesing
jldominguez Juan Lucas Domínguez Rubio
jlnicolson James Nicolson
jmckerrell John McKerrell System-users-3.svgMcknut (on osm)
jmdubosc Jean-Marie Dubosc
jochen Jochen Topf System-users-3.svgJoto (on osm)
joerg Jörg Ostertag System-users-3.svgTweety (on osm)
joergn Jörg Nuckelt
joergp Jörg Possin System-users-3.svgJoerg50 (on osm)
joerichards Joe Richards System-users-3.svgJoeRichards (on osm)
johannes Johannes Huesing
john07 Jonas Krückel User icon 2.svgJohn07 (on osm)
jom Jochen Mueller System-users-3.svgjoe_d5 (on osm)
jonas Jonas Svensson
jonb Jon Burgess System-users-3.svgJburgess (on osm)
jonobennett Jonathan Bennett System-users-3.svgJonobennett (on osm)
jongleur Peter Wendorff User icon 2.svgJongleur (on osm)
jordij Jordi Julià System-users-3.svgJordij (on osm)
joshdoe Josh Doe System-users-3.svgJoshdoe (on osm)
josias Josias Polchau System-users-3.svgJosias (on osm)
jotpe Johannes ? System-users-3.svgJotpe (on osm)
jp80 John ? System-users-3.svgJP80
jrreid Jason Reid System-users-3.svgJrreid (on osm)
jth Johan Thelmén
jttt Jiri Klement
juangui Juangui Jordán Aldasoro
julior Julio Rivera
jvidal Jose Vidal
k-nut Knut Hühne
kachkaev Alexander Kachkaev
kaymen Matthias Kay
kdrangmeister Kay Drangmeister User icon 2.svgKay_D (on osm)
khris78 Christian Gallioz
klumbumbus Gertrud Simson User icon 2.svgKlumbumbus (on osm)
koying Chris Browet User icon 2.svgKoying (on osm)
kpaster Kai Pastor
krokkofant Åsmund Realfsen
ksharp Keith Sharp
ksmlgl Kasım Ali Gül
lambertus System-users-3.svgLambertus (on osm)
larry0ua Valeriy Pekarskyy
larsf Lars Francke
ldp Lennard voor den Dag System-users-3.svgLdp (on osm)
lindi Timo Juhani Lindfors
lonelypixel Yves Goergen
lonvia Sarah Hoffman
lorenz Lorenz Kiefner
lucadelu Luca Delucchi
lucasvr Lucas C. Villa Real
lvarga Lubomir Varga
lysgaard Morten Olsen lysgaard
mackerski Dermot McNally System-users-3.svgMackerski (on osm)
malcolmh Malcolm Herring
malenki Malenki System-users-3.svgMalenki (on osm)
malte Malte System-users-3.svgE-Malte (on osm)
mapali Arnaud Vandecasteele
marcuswolschon Marcus Wolschon
martinvoosterhout Martijn van Oosterhout System-users-3.svgKleptog (on osm)
masimaster Christoph Masi
matt_gnu Matthias Merz System-users-3.svgMatt_gnu (on osm)
matthiasj Matthias Julius
matthewnc Matthew Newton System-users-3.svgMatthew Newton (on osm)
maxbe Max Berger System-users-3.svgMaxbe (on osm)
mazdermind Peter Körner User icon 2.svgMaZderMind (on osm)
mdeen Maarten Deen System-users-3.svgMdeen (on osm)
me.anujraaj Anujraaj Goel
medi René Wunderlich System-users-3.svgMedi (on osm)
melaskia Emilie Laffray
merio Mario Ferraro System-users-3.svgMerio (on osm)
mfloryan Marcin Floryan
mgarbe Martin Garbe
michi Michael Bemmerl System-users-3.svgMichi2 (on osm)
mikel Mikel Maron System-users-3.svgMikel (on osm)
miken Mike Nice System-users-3.svgMikeN (on osm)
milovanderlinden Milo van der Linden User icon 2.svgMilovanderlinden (on osm)
miurahr Hiroshi Miura User icon 2.svgMiurahr (on osm)
mkyral Marián Kyral
morwen Abigail Brady System-users-3.svgMorwen (on osm)
mrness Alin Năstac
mrtux Sven Strickroth System-users-3.svgMrTux (on osm)
mstapelberg Michael Stapelberg System-users-3.svgMichaelStapelberg (on osm)
mueck Heiko Jacobs System-users-3.svgMueck (on osm)
mzdila Martin Ždila
nakor System-users-3.svgNakor (on osm)
nelson Russ Nelson
nenik Petr "Nenik" Nejedly
nepos Matthias Pitzl
newmka Karl Newman System-users-3.svgSiliconFiend (on osm)
nic Nic Roets System-users-3.svgNicRoets (on osm)
nick Nick Whitelegg
nickb Nick Black System-users-3.svgNickb (on osm)
nickburch Nick Burch System-users-3.svgGagravarr (on osm)
nickhill Nick Hill System-users-3.svgNickH (on osm)
nienhueser Dennis Nienhüser
niplecrumple Vadim Varnavskij
nitegate Adrian Stabiszewski
nkaragiannakis Nikos Karagiannakis
nokutu Jorge López Fueyo User icon 2.svgnokutu (on osm)
nyuriks Yuri Astrakhan
nzara Nzara ?
ocroquette Croquette Olivier
ogriffet Olivier Griffet
ojw System-users-3.svgOjw (on osm)
oliverw Oliver Wieland
onovy Ondrej Novy
pa94 Alfons Andorfer
pablo Pablo d'Angelo
pascal Pascal Neis
pastor Anton Popov
patou Vincent Meurisse System-users-3.svgvmeurisse (on osm)
pavi Pavithran Sakamuri System-users-3.svgpavi (on osm)
pere Petter Reinholdtsen System-users-3.svgPere (on osm)
petrdlouhy Petr Dlouhý
petdr Peter Ross System-users-3.svgPetdr (on osm)
petschge Patrick Kilian
pgillard Paul Gillard
phicoh Philip Homburg System-users-3.svgphicoh (on osm)
pieren System-users-3.svgPieren (on osm)
plush Bartosz Fabianowski
pnorman Paul Norman System-users-3.svgpnorman (on osm)
polyglot Jo System-users-3.svgPolyglot (on osm)
postfix Werner König
pvitt Peter Vitt
ramack Raphael Mack
randomjunk Dave Stubbs System-users-3.svgRandomjunk (on osm)
raupach Oliver Raupach
raybooysen Ray Booysen System-users-3.svgTwyford (on osm)
rcernoch Radomír Černoch
rebeccas95 Rebecca Schmidt
redwards Russell Edwards
renerr18 Rene Rhodes
retsam Christoph Wagner
richard Richard Fairhurst System-users-3.svgRichard (on osm)
richardbrinkman Richard Brinkman
ritzert Michael Ritzert
rjachow Rafał Jachowicz
rjmunro Robert (Jamie) Munro System-users-3.svgRjmunro (on osm)
rodo Rodolphe Quiédeville System-users-3.svgRodolphe (on osm)
roland Roland Olbricht
rramthun Roland Ramthun
rub21 Ruben Lopez Mendoza User icon 2.svgRub21 (on osm)
rubke Rob Aerts System-users-3.svgRubke (on osm)
rudi Rudolf Mayer
saerdnaer Andreas Hubel
samely Eliane Joyo Meneses
sbreunig Stefan Breunig
sbrunner Stéphane Brunner System-users-3.svgSbrunner (on osm)
schluessler Timo Schlüßler
schuetzm Marc Schütz
sderle Schuyler Erle System-users-3.svgSchuylerErle (on osm)
ser Sergiusz Pawlowicz
shogunz0r Brendan Barrett
sholl Stephan Holl
simon04 Simon Legner
simone Simone Cortesi User icon 2.svgSimone (on osm)
simonpoole Simon Poole
sjors Sjors Provoost System-users-3.svgSjors (on osm)
skaiwalker Paul Müller
skela Marko Mäkelä
skunk Stephan Plepelits
slankes Killefiz
slowrider Christoph Eckert System-users-3.svgSlowRider (on osm)
smsm1 Shaun McDonald System-users-3.svgSmsm1 (on osm)
snikhil Nikhil Shirahatti
spaetz Sebastian Spaeth System-users-3.svgSpaetz (on osm)
springmeyer Dane Springmeyer
srichter Stephan Richter
ssinger Steve Singer System-users-3.svgStevens (on osm)
stefanb Štefan Baebler System-users-3.svgStefanb (on osm)
stephankn Stephan Knauss User icon 2.svgStephankn (on osm)
stereo Guillaume Rischard System-users-3.svgStereo (on osm)
stevage Steve Bennett
steve Steve Coast System-users-3.svgSteve (on osm)
stevechilton Steve Chilton System-users-3.svgSteve8 (on osm)
stevefaeembra Steven Kay
stevehill Steve Hill System-users-3.svgSteve Hill (on osm)
stevenleroux Steven Le Roux System-users-3.svgStevenLeRoux (on osm)
steventebrinke Steven te Brinke
stoecker Dirk Stöcker System-users-3.svgStoecker (on osm)
stotz Jan Peter Stotz
strk Sandro Santilli
subhodip Subhodip Biswas
sverre Sverre Didriksen
sward Simon Ward System-users-3.svgSward (on osm)
szeller Stefan Zeller
t2000 Stefan Triller
tabacha Sven Anders
tappenbeck Jan Tappenbeck
tbook Theodore Book
texamus Artem Dudarev System-users-3.svgTexamus (on osm)
the111 Matt Hoover System-users-3.svgThe111 (on osm)
thefin Adolf Hohl
thieber Thomas Hieber
tibnor Torstein Ingebrigtsen Bø
tilusnet Attila Szász
tim Tim Haussmann
timsc Tim Sheerman-Chase System-users-3.svgTimsc
tobwen Tobias Wendorff
tomhughes Tom Hughes System-users-3.svgTomH (on osm)
tordanik Tobias Knerr User icon 2.svgTordanik (on osm)
torsten Torsten Steiner
translatewiki TranslateWiki (contact Siebrand Mazeland)
tspeight Toby Speight
tstelmach Tomasz Stelmach
twain Brian Quinion
ulf Ulf Lamping System-users-3.svgULFL (on osm)
upliner Michael Vigovsky System-users-3.svgUpliner (on osm)
userlr Lutz Reinhardt
utaddei Ugo Taddei
vibrog Vidar Gundersen
vodryc Chris Vodry
volterra79 Francesco Boccacci
vsandre André ?
vvass Valentin Vasseur
wiktorn Wiktor Niesiobedzki System-users-3.svgWiktorN (on osm)
xamanu Felix Delattre
xin Xin Zheng
xivk Ben Abelshausen
yellowbkpk Ian Dees
yoda15 System-users-3.svgYoda15
zere Matt Amos System-users-3.svgMatt (on osm)
zverik Ilya Zverev User icon 2.svgZverik (on osm)