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These companies offer commercial OSM Software and Services. They do business with OpenStreetMap - generating maps or other products, or offering professional services or consulting. If you are a company new to OSM and like to create products on the work of our community, we recommend to read the User:!i!/What a company should never do to avoid mistakes.

Company Name Languages Regions Headquarter Users Core competences
123map GmbH ( & & & Deutsch, English Worldwide Germany
23maps ( Deutsch, italiano, English worldwide Italy
3liz (3liz) français, English France France
AddisMap ( English, አማርኛ Africa, Ethiopia Ethiopia
Addis Adeba
User:Alexm User:Alazar_AddisMap Consulting, Printed Map Production, Tile Servers, Advertising on
Adrien Pavie ( français, English France France
User:PanierAvide Software development (web, desktop), Formation (OSM, GIS, geo-databases like PostGIS, web development), Consulting (GIS, open data, tools)
Agilogik GmbH (, ( Deutsch, English Germany Germany, Steingaden (Upper Bavaria) User:Docbarth, User:carstens Software-Engineering, Consulting, Software-Architecture, Analysis, Scientific Research, Hosting: Tile-Server,Geocoding,Routing,Cloud/Cluster-Technologie, e.q.
Aimpulse Intelligent Systems GmbH ( Deutsch, English Germany, NL, DK Bremen, Germany User:Gehrke Software Development, Data Extraction & Preparation, Consulting
Alantgeo ( English Australia, New Zealand Australia
User:Aharvey Consulting, Solution Architecture, Development
AND (AND) Nederlands, English Netherlands, United States, Worldwide Netherlands
User: BeeMoe OSM Pro Services, Routing, T-B-T Navigation and Geocoding Overlay Services, Tile Hosting, Application Development, Consulting.
APITUX ( français France France
User:Apitux sensibilisation (conférences, cartoparties...) , formation, consulting
API.Wikiocity ( English, Deutsch, français, español, italiano, 中文, and more Worldwide United States
User:Wikiocity Tilehosting, Vector and Raster Tiles, Static Maps, Geocoding, Search, Software Services and Development
Artéfacts ( français France France
Orléans, Tours, Vendôme


Cartopartie et Géomatique OSM (édition de cartes, gestion des données, SIG, ...)

Animation, formation autour de l'utilisation d'OSM, de la contribution au projet et de l'animation de cartoparties

Ataljé Kartan ( English Worldwide Sweden Prints customized map posters in different artistic styles
Averill Park Networking ( English USA Averill Park, NY Richard Welty Consulting & Custom Software Development
BoundlessMaps ( English, Deutsch Worldwide Germany, Heidelberg User:Runge Map design, cartography, vector (AI, PDF, EPS) and raster (JPG, PNG) maps
Camptocamp ( français, English, Deutsch Worldwide Switzerland / France
Lausanne / Le Bourget du Lac
User:Vdb, User:Sbrunner, User:Pedrov, User:Pgiraud, Bruno Binet, Antoine Abt, , User:EmmanuelBelo, Claude Philipona
Carte-Libre français,
France France
Frédéric Rodrigo Services around OpenStreetMap, Data, Tiles, OpenMapTiles, Routing, OSRM, Graphhopper, Geocoding, Addok, Training.
Carto'Cité français,
France France, Nantes wiki : User:Carto'Cité
web : Carto'Cité
Producing and monitoring data, creating web and printed maps, training and workshops
GeoDevLab English Greece Greece
custom web maps, professional GIS services
CartoType ([1]) English Worldwide UK custom software development and map data preparation for the offline vector map lib with the same name
Champs-Libres français,English,Nederlands Belgium Belgium
User:julienfastre, marcubu Interactive map, WebGIS, custom software development, formation, cartography, tiles server
CircleNet (LimaLabs) English,español United States United States
User:Lima_Mapper Tile distribution, CDN services
Computing Freedom Collective Pvt Ltd. (CFC) English, Malayalam India, UK Kerala, India Web development, WebGIS, Machine Learning, Cartography, Field/Aerial Surveying, Mapping
CycleStreets ( English, українська UK & Northern Europe, other areas UK
User:Cyclestreets Cycle routing API (additional areas available on request), OSM consultancy
Data Hits ( English Worldwide Canada
User:Mapalizer Mapalizer is personalized location analyzer tool for real estate websites.
Development Seed ( English Deutsch español русский Worldwide US
Editions Systeme D ( English Worldwide UK
Richard Fairhurst, creator of Potlatch OpenStreetMap editing
Cartography (online and print)
OSM->Adobe Illustrator
ENAiKOON GmbH ( english, french, german, spanish Worldwide Germany
User:Markus Semm
SPRL GEO-6 BVBA français, English, Nederlands Belgium Belgium, Brussels Web development , database ; Open-source and open-data solutions ; Tiles server (hosts
Geoapify ( English Worldwide Germany User:Geoapify Maps, geocoding, routing, reachability analysis, data visualization and location intelligence;

Cloud platform, managed dedicated servers or 100% on-premise;

Business-friendly free tier, white-label and re-selling allowed;

Consulting, software and web development, infrastructure planning and administration

Geofabrik ( English, Deutsch Worldwide Germany
User:Frederik Ramm tiles, WMS, routing, geocoding, server setup, shapefiles, Overpass, OSM consulting, software development, print maps
geOps ( & Deutsch, English Worldwide Germany
User:Rurseekatze WebGIS, Software Development, Tile Server, focus on public transport
Georepublic ( English, 日本語, Deutsch, Español Worldwide Germany


User:karida User:hal_sk
Gismo Software Limited ( English Worldwide UK
User:MickO OpenStreetMap editing
Data processing
Software Development
GIS • OPS UG ( Deutsch, English Worldwide Berlin, Germany Nils Nolde, Timothy Ellersiek Routing & QGIS experts, TomTom/HERE -> OSM converter, Web app dev, static vector maps provider over
Gravitystorm Ltd ( English Worldwide UK
Andy Allan - creator of OpenCycleMap
GraphHopper ( English,Deutsch Worldwide Germany User:karussell The GraphHopper Directions API helps to solve many routing problems of the real world and is based on our open source projects. We provide A-to-B routing, route optimization, matrix calculation, map matching, isochrones, geocoding and more.
The Hug ( English British Isles Scotland Paul Oldham WMS map server providing [tiles] for the whole of the UK and Ireland including OSM and other data. Bespoke web applications in 2D or 3D using aerial photography or map data.
IDgis ( Nederlands, English Worldwide Netherlands
Rijssen Geovisualizations ( English, Deutsch Worldwide Germany
User:imagico Map design and consulting, generalization of OSM data, 3d rendering, relief rendering and data processing, satellite images
Infoware GmbH ( Deutsch
Intevation GmbH ( Deutsch
ITO World ( English Europe UK
IVKaSoGIS ( Deutsch, English Central Europe Germany
Printmaps, cyclemaps, data processing using sql
Jawg ( French, English Worldwide France
Loicortola, TimothyBrown Tileserver, geocoding, routing, customization
Kathmandu Living Labs English, नेपाली South Asia, Nepal Kathmandu User:Nirab Pudasaini
Kartoza English, Spanish, Indonesian, Swahili, Portuguese, Afrikaans, chiShona, sePedi Worldwide Johannesburg User:GavinFleming We developed and maintain, which lets you maintain an up-to-date custom OSM extract on a local PostGIS instance.

We also develop custom web applications that use OSM extensively, often with GeoNode, and produce and serve cartographic products and services based on OSM.

Magellium français,


Monde France, Toulouse, Paris Imagery, Mapping, Geographic Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing, Earth Observation, Vision & Robotics.

OSM: service and software development. Providing services to access thematic OpenStreetMap datasets (WMS/WFS, tracking changes) - see magOSM.

Makina Corpus ( français, English worldwide Toulouse, France frodrigo
MAPCAT ([2]) English magyar Worldwide Budapest, Hungary OSM-based worldwide map API for public websites, internal systems or mobile apps
Mapcherry ( English română Worldwide Cluj-Napoca, Romania Vector tiles, geocoding and mapping services for your web or mobile application. Custom GIS and OSM-based solutions.
MAPconcierge Inc ( English, 日本語 Japan Japan
Mapbox ( English Deutsch español русский Worldwide US
ajashton, Artem Pavlenko, ericg, lxbarth, ian29, juey, mayar, miccolis, Rub21, springmeyer, tmcw Tilehosting, vector tiles, navigation, mobile SDK
Mapla ( English, Polski Worldwide Poland Consulting, Tilehosting, Geocoding, Routing, backend development
Mapnik Consulting ( English, русский Europe UK
MapQuest ( English worldwide US
mapwebbing Deutsch, English worldwide DE
MapTiler Cloud ( English, français, Deutsch, čeština Worldwide Switzerland
Map design, Tilehosting, Vector Tiles, Raster Tiles, WMS, TMS, Search, software development.
MapTiler Data ( English, français, Deutsch, čeština Worldwide Switzerland
Self-hosting, vector tiles, raster tiles, WMTS.
mchme ([3]) English, Deutsch Worldwide Germany
User:mmr Software Development (Android, Windows, Web), Data Extraction.
Micromapping (Unternehmen) ( Deutsch, English, français Europe Germany
Minden (Westf.)
Mousebird Consulting ([4]) English Worldwide San Fransisco frameworks for iOS and android to visualize OSM based Data on a globe etc. ... mainly based on MapBox products
NetToolKit ( English Worldwide US
San Jose, CA
User:NetToolKit Affordable geocoding API, tile server, and a JavaScript wrapper to simplify development with OpenLayers
NextGIS ( English, Russia Worlwide Russia, Moscow User:Sim Web GIS, Software Development, Data Extraction & Preparation, Consulting, Solution Architecture
No More Grapes Ltd English Europe UK Durham Gregory Marler, writer of the blog. Expertise in OpenStreetMap, and open data web development.
Omniscale ( English, Deutsch Worldwide Germany
User:olt High performance WMS and tile services (worldwide, live updates, retina tiles, printing).
OpenCage GmbH ( English, Deutsch Worldwide Germany
User:freyfogle, User:mtmail Forward and reverse Geocoding API
OpenVectorMaps ( English Worldwide USA
Growing library of free, editable street level vector maps. GIS mapping/cartographic services.
Oslandia ( français, English, español Worldwide France
Pietruska Verlag & GEO-Datenbanken GmbH ( Deutsch
RandoCarto français, English France France
User:JBacc Cartographie orientée randonnée/sports nature
Thomas Skowron Deutsch, English Worldwide Germany
User:Thomersch Vector Tiles, Data Processing, Location Based Services, Rendering
Tomasz Salwach ( polski,English Poland Poland
ScalableMaps ( English, slovenščina, hrvatski Worldwide Slovenia
Igor Brejc - creator of Maperitive Cartography, vector maps (PDF, SVG, AI), geospatial algorithms, Maperitive customizations, OSM data processing, digital terrain data processing
SightMap ( English, Deutsch Worldwide cities Germany Cheap and easy to download map tiles of major global cities as zip.
skobbler ( English, Deutsch Worldwide Berlin Part of Telenav (European division). Navigation apps based on OSM. Mobile and Web SDK for 3'rd party developers ( ( )
Stepmap ([5]) Deutsch
Germany user:Ole_StepMap
Snowflake Software ( English Worldwide UK
User:Snowflake Software Load, manage and visualise OSM data using GO Loader. User defined attribution to view in a GIS. Loads into Oracle, Postgis. (GO Loader)
Targomo ( Deutsch,English Worldwide Germany
Provides TargomoAPI - a suite of developer services for routing by foot, bike, car and transit (GTFS). Generates travel time polygons, e.g. the reachable area from source points in a given time and travel mode, among other solutions.
Association Tiriad français . English Worlwide France User:Ljbouere Formations et accompagnements de collectivités et associations
ThinkGeo ( English Worldwide USA
Frisco Texas
user:cbatman, cbatman Provides OSM Data in several formats including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Spatial, Delimited Files and SQLLite/SpatiaLite. ThinkGeo also offers a variety of other software products targeted towards .NET programmers.
Sygic Travel ( English Worldwide Czech Republic
user:MRTNKCR OSM tiles in both retina and non-retina resolution, available for offline usage.
WebGeoDataVore ( français, English Worldwide France
user:TomTom777 GIS consulting including Web mapping (OpenLayers 3 expert), OpenStreetMap Tiles server (raster/vector), WMS, Routing, Geocoding setup and data processing (OSM DB & PostGIS)
Webmapper ( Nederlands, English Europe Netherlands
user:Webmapper Web cartography, OpenStreetMap editing, setting up tiling servers, iD editor localisation
WhereGroup ( Deutsch, English Worldwide Germany
WhereOS ( English Worldwide Finland
WhereOS is an operating system for developing data driven applications, based on location data. We help customers to build applications, that combine OSM and other data, such as sensor data, IoT data, customer behavior data, industrial data, etc. See sample apps
BitLess Bvba ( Nederlands, English, français Europe Belgium
Brussels area
user:gplv2 Tile, vector and geocoding servers. Spatial databases, postgresql, OpenStreetMap editing, Software Development, data transformation, extraction & preparation. GIS Consulting. Specialized in Tile servers and Nominatim geocoding. Vector data provider. OSM oriented system administration, gis systems tuning.
SlimGIS ( English Worldwide China
- Provides Map UI controls for .NET developers to build GIS software and mapping apps easier. Also we have OSM data renderer; mapping theme designing and solution.
Toikka programming ([6]) English Worldwide Finland - Doing your animated map.

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