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An area designed for practising a particular sport, normally designated with appropriate markings. Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Leisure
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Tag leisure=pitch is used for a pitch, an area designed for practicing a particular sport, normally designated with appropriate markings. Examples include: tennis court, basketball court, ball park, riding arena.

Pitches may be contained within a larger landuse=recreation_ground, leisure=park, leisure=sports_centre, leisure=horse_riding or specific sports field (see the discussion/talk page for discussion on how to tag a larger sports field). A facility with seating for large numbers of spectators should be tagged with leisure=stadium retaining leisure=pitch for the playing surface itself. A golf course should be tagged as leisure=golf_course rather than as a pitch.

How to map

  • If there is some physical outline of the pitch or painted line markings, draw an area area around it and add leisure=pitch and proper sport=* tag.
  • If a pitch has no clear landcover outline, draw a node node in its middle, then add leisure=pitch and the proper sport=* tag.
  • If a pitch is not in use anymore, its state can be described with the Lifecycle prefix, e.g. disused:leisure=pitch if it is currently not ready to be used, but could be reinstated easily; or abandoned:leisure=pitch when it cannot be used without extensive repairs, etc.
  • If several pitches are mapped as one object, it is useful to add capacity=* to state the number of pitches included. If detailed information is available, each pitch should be mapped separately.

Tags to use in combination


Multi-sport pitch

(pitch made for 2 or more disciplines)

Annopole Stare - Orlik.jpg
area leisure=pitch
+ sport=multi

Soccer pitch

Kowloon Tsai Park Artificial Turf Soccer Pitches 2016.jpg
area leisure=pitch
+ sport=soccer
+ surface=artificial_turf
+ lit=yes 

Soccer pitch without any physical outline or line markings:

Boisko w Trzmielewie 03 ubt.JPG
way leisure=pitch
+ sport=soccer
+ surface=grass

Tennis court

Tennisplatz Bonbaden.jpg
area leisure=pitch
+ sport=tennis
+ surface=clay

Basketball court

PHC Basketball Court.jpg
area leisure=pitch
+ sport=basketball
+ surface=artificial_turf

Single basketball hoop with pitch:

Terrain de sport de Bonlier le 11 juillet 2015 - 2.jpg
area leisure=pitch
+ sport=basketball
+ surface=sand

Single basketball hoop without pitch:

Permanent Basketball Hoop (30190136883).jpg
node leisure=pitch
+ sport=basketball


Hammond skatepark.jpg
area leisure=pitch
+ sport=skateboard
+ surface=concrete

Riding arena

(here outdoor dressage arena)

Buelkau Dressurplatz 01 (RaBoe).jpg
area leisure=pitch
+ sport=equestrian
+ surface=sand

Indoor tennis court

area leisure=pitch
+ sport=tennis
+ building=*

Table tennis table

Table tennis table.jpg
node leisure=pitch
+ sport=table_tennis

Large chess board

node leisure=pitch
+ sport=chess

Pitches by layout

The following diagrams can help you identify the sport=* based on aerial imagery. Standard dimensions are shown in some diagrams, but a pitch does not need to be regulation to be tagged with sport=*.

Similar tags

Possible tagging mistakes

If you know places with this tag, verify if it could be tagged with another tag.
Automated edits are strongly discouraged unless you really know what you are doing!
If you know places with this tag, verify if it could be tagged with another tag.
Automated edits are strongly discouraged unless you really know what you are doing!