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A place where you can stay in a caravan overnight or for longer periods. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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A caravan site, caravan park, motorhome stopover location or RV park is a place where people with caravans / motorhomes / recreational vehicles can stay overnight, or longer, in allotted spaces known as "pitches" or "sites". They usually provide facilities including toilets, waste disposal, water supply, power supply etc..

They may also have some space for tents. If a site is primarily for tents, it should be tagged as tourism=camp_site. If tents are allowed on a site it should be tagged with tents=yes.

This tag is not for mapping parking spaces for (unoccupied) storage of caravans / RVs (though some caravan sites may offer that as an additional service).

A North American RV Park

How to map

Place a node or draw an area around the perimeter of the caravan site, and tag it as tourism=caravan_site.

Attribute tags

Key Value Comment
caravan_site motorhome_stopover Motorhomes or other recreational vehicles can stay overnight.
caravan_site:type What type of caravan_site it is.
  • village for a stopover where you can walk to the village and maybe find a baker or a cafe.
  • harbour for a site at a harbour or marina, often providing access to the same facilities as guests in boats have. Often partially using the boatyards where boat are stored in the winter
  • winery staying at a winery, often right next to wineyards. Altough usually not a requirement, overnight guests are expected to participate in a wine tasting in the evening and buy some bottles of wine, especially if the stay is free.
  • camp_site a separate motorhome stopover at a campsite. Often located outsite the gates to camp site.
  • museum a stopover located a museum, exhibition, monument, historic ruins, etc. Makes most sense for guests who wants to visit the museum.
  • restaurant at restaurant or cafe, often on the parking lot. Makes most sense for guests who would like to eat at the restaurant, drink some wine and then sleep in their motorhome
  • farm staying at a farm. Probably not much around in walking distance. But you can meet the people and animals at the farm.
  • beach next to a beach
  • supermarket on the parking lot of a supermarket.
laundry yes / no whether it is possible to do laundry at the site for free or for a fee. I.e, is there a washing machine that guests can use. Usually it is self-service, but can also be used if there is laundry service at the site.
name Name of the caravan site
bbq yes / no / bring_your_own Whether it is allowed to use a BBQ on the site. It can be provided on the site or you can bring your own BBQ.
operator The company/organization running the site
website / contact:website Specifying the link to the official website for a feature
phone / contact:phone A telephone number associated with the object in +<country code>-<area code>-<local number> format
capacity The number of available pitches
cabins yes / no Whether the site has cabins for rent
caravans yes / no Whether camping in caravans (trailers) is allowed
fee yes / no Yes or no, to indicate if money is charged to use this facility. Use fee:conditional if fees are only charged part of the year.
charge The amount charged including tourist taxes excluding extra services. If just an amount it is for 1 motorhome overnight with up to two persons. Extra services can be tagged with power_supply:charge, water_point:charge, sanitary_dump_station:charge, etc. Some sites charge for a multiple of 24 hours, others per day with a check out time. E.g., 10 EUR/24 hours, 10 EUR/day. Use check_out to indicate check out time.
power_supply:fee yes / no Whether there is a fee for using the power supply. Use no both for free power supply and for power supply that is included in the price for the overnight stay.
power_supply:charge The amount charged for power supply. Usually per KwH or by a time unit, e.g., day, hour, 4 hours.
internet_access yes / no / wlan Whether internet access is available
maxlength The maximum length in meters of vehicles allowed, e.g., 9
maxstay The maximum time that it is allowed to stay at the caravan_site. E.g., 1 day, 24 hours, 2 days.
maxweight The maximum weight in tonnes of vehicles that can stay at the caravan_site. E.g., 3.5
opening_hours When the site is open, usually by month (eg. Apr-Oct). At some sites you can arrive at any time but only register or pay at certain times, for this use opening_hours:reception.
permanent_camping yes / no / only Whether pitches are available for rent on a yearly or seasonal basis
power_supply yes / no Whether a power supply is available
power_supply:maxcurrent How much current in Ampere that can be drawn for available power-supplies, e.g., 6
reservation yes / no / recommended Is is possible to reserve a spot. If so then also tag phone/email/website depending on how reservations are made?
surface The surface where the motorhomes are parked. It may differ from the surfaces of access roads and areas between pitches.
sanitary_dump_station yes / no / customers Is a sanitary dump station present?
seasonal no Is the caravan site open all year, or closed in some part of the year, often winter.

spring;summer;autumn can be used but note that it is not making clear whether it is open during winter or closed during winter. Use opening_hours instead if possible.

static_caravans yes / no Whether the site has static caravans
tents yes / no Whether camping in tents is allowed. no also implies that camping behaviour is not allowed, such as using tables, bbq, outside the motorhome, rolling the awning out, etc.
toilets yes/no Are toilets available? Use toilets:conditional if toilets are only available part of the year (I.e., not in the winter when pipes might freeze). no often means that vehicles without their own toilet are not allowed. OCM toilet.svgOCM no-toilet.svg
nudism yes / no/ obligatory Whether nudism is allowed
water_point yes / no Whether water for filling holding tanks is available at this location. Also tag drinking_water, especially if the water is not drinkable.

Mapping facilities within the site

If the positions are known, facilities within the site can be mapped as separate nodes or areas:.

POI files and map

User:Marmai provides POI downloads and a map of RV parks in Europe.

Possible tagging mistakes

If you know places with this tag, verify if it could be tagged with another tag.
Automated edits are strongly discouraged unless you really know what you are doing!

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