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How to map a crossing NOT on the same level? Like a foot bridge over a single lane street. Just add bridge=yes or tunnel=yes? -- unsigned

I would mark it as a footway and bridge. Since they don't actually intersect, it's not exactly a crossing. -- Phyzome (talk) 01:48, 1 June 2015 (UTC)

Crossing multiple ways

Noting that crossing is not to be used on a way, how is one supposed to mark that a single crossing crosses more than one way ?

Having a single crossing and drawing the ways converging and then diverging would look really messy.

It is an unusual circumstance but I've found one ! --pmailkeey

Why only nodes?

The wiki page suggests to only tag nodes with highway=crossing. It is good to see that already over 1000 ways have been tagged with this, and it feels natural that a physical zebra between to points are tagged as such. Secondary this greatly simplifies finding optimal routes for pedestrian routing.