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To enhance tagging consistency this page describes how to map major chains of banks, related financial companies, restaurants, cafes and shops in the UK. For each fascia/brand name typical tagging is described and less favoured alternatives noted. Where necessary suitable tags for operator and owner might be suggested.

Name suggestion index

The name-suggestion-index is a database of common brand names for OpenStreetMap. The goal of the project is to maintain a canonical list of commonly used names for suggesting consistent spelling and tagging of features in OpenStreetMap. For example the iD editor will attempt to match a name as you type it using the values held within the index.

To add or update brand names in the index please refer to the contributing documentation. In short, you will need to edit the relevant brands .json file to add or update a preset values. As an example the preset value text for Lloyds Bank is shown below. This preset will: specifically work in GB and Isle of Man; auto-match to "Lloyds" or "Lloyds TSB" and suggest "Lloyds Bank" as a replacement; and auto-add amenity=bank, brand=Lloyds Bank, brand:wikidata=Q1152847, brand:wikipedia=en:Lloyds Bank and name=Lloyds Bank

 "amenity/bank|Lloyds Bank": {
   "countryCodes": ["gb", "im"],
   "matchNames": ["lloyds", "lloyds tsb"],
   "tags": {
     "amenity": "bank",
     "brand": "Lloyds Bank",
     "brand:wikidata": "Q1152847",
     "brand:wikipedia": "en:Lloyds Bank",
     "name": "Lloyds Bank"

Financial Services


Counts from database query. Note that taginfo links can count ATMs, bus stops, etc. so will be slightly higher. Many of these branches may have closed.

Brands which should no longer be present on the high street.

In OpenStreetMap building societies are also mapped with amenity=bank.

Main Name Example Signage No. Mapped Total Stores Range of Values Recommended Tags Comments
Skipton Oct 2017
1006 (Jul 2019) 82 'Barclays Bank', a number of branches 'Barclays Bank Hythe', etc.
Leeds Feb 2019
719 (Jun 2019) 144 'Natwest', 59 'Nat West'
[W] Lloyds Bank
Wetherby Oct 2013
670 (Jun 2019) 817 as of 2021-05-18 184 'Lloyds'
brand=Lloyds Bank
brand:wikipedia=en:Lloyds Bank
name=Lloyds Bank
Lloyds-TSB: rebranded as either Lloyds or TSB in Sept 2013. Cannot automatically decide which.
Brighton July 2019
619 (Jun 2019) Reduced to 511 by the end of 2021 603 'HSBC'
brand=HSBC UK
name=HSBC UK
HSBC rebranded as "HSBC UK" in 2018
Santander 538 (Jun 2019) 'Abbey National'
Pontefract May 2020
446 (Jun 2019) 1262 as of 2020-05-22 45 'Nationwide Building Society'
null 432 (Jun 2019) banks with no name
Wellington 2009
416 (Jun 2019)
Metro Bank
Borehamwood 2016
372 (Jun 2019) 322 'Metro' + 4 'Metrobank'
TSB, Lord Street, Liverpool.jpg
323 (Jun 2019) 520 as of 2020-05-22 Lloyds-TSB: rebranded as either Lloyds or TSB. Cannot automatically decide which.
Brighton 2018
? (Jun 2019) 102 'Royal Bank of Scotland'
Bank of Scotland
Kirkcudbright 2019
129 as of 2021-05-17 183 as of 2021-05-17
brand=Bank of Scotland
brand:wikipedia=en:Bank of Scotland
name=Bank of Scotland
Yorkshire Building Society
Wetherby 2020
97 (Jun 2019)
Yorkshire Bank 93 (Jun 2019)
Skipton Building Society
Leeds 2018
51 (Jun 2019) 3 'Skipton'
Clydesdale Bank 46 (Jun 2019)
Virgin Money
Castleford 2021
45 (Jun 2019)
Leeds Building Society
York 2019
37 (Jun 2019)
Co-operative Bank 35 (Jun 2019) 18 'The Co-operative Bank'


Main Name Example Signage No. Mapped Total Stores Range of Values Recommended Tags Comments
Brighouse Nov 2009
operator=Swinton Group Ltd
owner=Covéa Insurance plc
 Swinton is shown having 350 shops, and is now owned by Covea. Formerly it was a subsidiary of Royal Insurance (from 1997, Royal and SunAlliance). 49 outlets mapped. The Swinton website distinguishes between branches (retail locations) and offices (the latter should be tagged office=insurance.

Food and Drink

All of these should be in the UK Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.


Many former off-licenses have broaden their product mix and are now convenience stores (q.v.), but may retain off-license in the name.

  • Bargain Booze (68x) (Alternatives: shop=convenience (15x); shop=beverages (10x); )
  • Majestic / Majestic Wine / Majestic Wine Warehouse (62x) (Alternatives: shop=wine (5x); )
  • Nicolas (11x)
  • Oddbins ([W] Oddbins (22x) London & Scotland mainly now.
  • The Local (6x)
  • Threshers (11x)
  • Wine Rack (10x)


Often cross-over between cake/pastry/confectionery, fast_food and cafe.

  • Birds (17x) (Alternatives: shop=confectionery (8x); ) also amenity=cafe. The chain were formerly named "Birds the Confectioners", but re-branded to "Birds Bakery" and are based in the East Midlands. Most shops have a cafe selling cakes and pastries from the counter. They also sell bread, but often run out early in the day.
  • Cooplands (30x)
  • Greggs / Gregg's (355x) . Outlets have been tagged in a variety of different ways such as amenity=fast_food. Some stores have an associated cafe (e.g., at Bury St Edmunds). Generally Greggs are moving to a food-on-the-go proposition so fast food is probably most suitable.
  • Jenkins (14x)
  • Sayers (12x)


  • best-one / Best One / Best-One (68x)
  • The Co-Operative Food (18x) (Alternatives: shop=supermarket (14x); ). Reasonable as the brand covers both local convenience stores, high street supermarkets and large supermarkets.
  • The Corner Shop (22x)
  • Costcutter / Costcutters (311x) (Alternatives: shop=supermarket (71x); )
  • Costcutter Express (10x)
  • Day-Today (18x)
  • Esso (8x). Usually incorrect, Esso's brand for its on-site petrol stations is "On the Run".
  • Farm Shop (5x)
  • Food & Wine (11x)
  • KeyStore (12x)
  • Lifestyle Express (52x)
  • Little Waitrose (11x) (Alternatives: shop=supermarket (7x); )
  • Londis (348x) (Alternatives: shop=supermarket (29x); shop=yes (5x); )
  • Mace (70x)
  • Martins / Martin's (57x) (Alternatives: shop=newsagent (41x); )
  • McColls / McColl's (145x) (Alternatives: shop=newsagent (7x); shop=supermarket (5x); )
  • Newsagent (11x) (Alternatives: shop=newsagent (5x); )
  • Newsagents (5x)
  • Nisa / Nisa Local (147x) (Alternatives: shop=supermarket (31x); )
  • OneStop / One Stop / One-Stop / One Stop Shop (201x) (Alternatives: shop=supermarket (7x); )
  • Premier (136x) (Alternatives: shop=supermarket (5x); )
  • Premier Express (12x)
  • Scotmid (25x) (Alternatives: shop=supermarket (23x); )
  • Select & Save (15x) (Alternatives: shop=supermarket (8x); )
  • Shell (11x)
  • Shopsmart (13x)
  • Spar / SPAR (630x) (Alternatives: shop=supermarket (152x); )
  • Tesco Express / Tesco express (440x) (Alternatives: shop=supermarket (432x); ) out of 1709x
  • Village Shop (18x)
  • Village Stores / The Village Store (23x)


Main Name Example Signage No. Mapped Total Stores Range of Values Recommended Tags Comments
Caffe Nero
Sutton 2014
666 as of 2020-05-22 Is it "Caffe Nero" without or "Caffè Nero" with an accent?
St Albans 2016
Leeds 2004
Is there a more recent photo? Is it "Starbucks" or "Starbucks Coffee"?


Main Name Example Signage No. Mapped Total Stores Range of Values Recommended Tags Comments
Exeter 2007
Burger King
Leicester Square 2007
783 as of 2020-05-22
brand=Burger King
brand:wikipedia=en:Burger King
name=Burger King
Domino's 757 as of 2021-05-15 1150 as of 2021-05-14


Main Name Example Signage No. Mapped Total Stores Range of Values Recommended Tags Comments
Grape Tree 22 100+ name=Grape Tree Some shops were previously branded as "Julian Graves"
Holland & Barrett
Ealing 2018
363 (Jul 2019) 715 variations of case, 'and' vs '&', 'Barret', 'Barrat', etc. (Alternatives: shop=supermarket (16x); shop=health (8x); shop=yes (8x); shop=organic (7x); shop=chemist (6x); shop=herbalist (6x))


  • Pizza Express (240).
  • Pizza Hut (168).
  • Nando's (138+30 as Nandos).
  • Frankie & Benny's (87).
  • Prezzo (78),
  • Zizzi (70).
  • Little Chef (65). CHECK, closed.
  • Wagamama (61).
  • Bella Italia (58).
  • Harvester (47). Some may be mapped as pubs.
  • Strada (47).
  • Chiquito (38).
  • Cafe Rouge (38).
  • Toby Carvery (36). Some may be mapped as pubs.
  • ASK Italian (35). Permission granted to copy information from their website.
  • Carluccio's (32).
  • Gourmet Burger Kitchen (31)
  • Nandos (30).
  • La Tasca (28).
  • Côte Brasserie (17), French themed Restaurant chain. Some are mapped as Cote Brasserie (11).


Main Name Example Signage No. Mapped Total Stores Range of Values Recommended Tags Comments
Aldi Aldi 395 884 as of 2020-05-22 Aldi / ALDI
Asda [W] Asda Large Asda sign 582 as of 2020-05-22 580 Asda / ASDA
operator=Asda Stores Ltd
Asda has given permission to copy branch information from their website.
Booths [W] Booths Booths supermarket 28 as of 2020-05-23 28 as of 2020-05-22 Booths name=Booths Mainly NW England.
Budgens [W] Budgens Budgens entrance in Southam 90 286 as of 2020-05-22 Budgens name=Budgens Budgens have a complicated recent history (see wikipedia), and change may be common.
Also 33 shop=convenience
Co-op & The Co-operative Food Co-op Food (aka stores of The Co-operative Group)
July 2019
The co-operative food (others)
Southern Co-op foodstore, trading as "The co-operative food"
1309 Over 3000 co-op / Coop / Co-op / Co-Op / co-operative / Cooperative / Co-operative / Co-Operative / Co-operative Food / Cooperative Food / Co-Operative Food / Co-op Food / The Co-op / The co-operative / The Cooperative / The Co-operative / The Co-Operative / The co-operative food / The Cooperative / The Co-operative / The Co-Operative / The co-operative food / The Co-operative food / The Co-operative Food / The Co-Operative Food Either

For stores with the blue cloverleaf logo which belong to The Co-operative Group:

name=Co-op Food,

brand=Co-op Food,


operator=The Co-operative Group



For others belonging to other regional Co-ops:

name=The Co-operative Food,

brand=The Co-operative Food




...where the operator tags are linked to the correct business.

What most commonly refer to as "the Co-op" is one of a few different Co-ops which need tagging a bit differently. Key to differentiating is the operator tag.

~80% of stores are operated by The Co-operative Group[1] and these all have the blue style cloverleaf on signage, receipts etc. These should be tagged as "Co-op Food". A re-brand is in progress to move all stores owned by The Co-operative Group to the new blue fascia.

Many others, particularly across central and southern England are retaining the "The Co-operative Food" branding. These should retain the "The co-operative food" tag but with the operator = * filled in to reflect which Co-op it belongs to (e.g. [2], [3] or [4]).

The remainder are regional Co-ops such as the East of England Co-op[5] have their own brand and are listed separately in this table.

Any may haveshop=convenience variant where needed.

Farmfoods  wikipedia Farmfoods shopfront.jpg 232 as of 2020-06-14 327 Farmfoods/Farm Foods name=Farmfoods These are a frozen food specialist, similar to Iceland. Presence in supermarket category is marginal, or should at least be tagged in some way. They have refused outright for any data to be copied from their website
Costco Costco wholesale 29 as of 2020-06-14 29 as of 2020-05-22 Probably not a supermarket but shop=cash_and_carry.
East of England Co-op
East of England Co-op
(11x) East of England Co-op Supermarket or

Co-op Daily

name=East of England Co-op,

brand=East of England Co-op,


operator=East of England Co-op

These are not the same as Co-op Food as they're an independent business just found in East Anglia, see above. But a number have been erroneously 'upgraded'.

May haveshop=convenience variant where needed.

Heron Foods 156 as of 2020-06-16 295 as of 2020-05-23
Home Bargains (33x) 518 as of 2020-05-22 (Alternatives: shop=variety_store (19x); shop=discount (5x); shop=convenience (5x); ). Again probably misplaced, these are either variety stores or discount stores with some food.
Iceland Iceland shopfront in Jersey (343x) 1011 as of 2020-05-22 Iceland name=Iceland (Alternatives: shop=food (9x); shop=convenience (8x); shop=frozen_food (6x); )
Jack's [W] Jack's (store) 12 as of 2020-05-22
Lidl 468 608 Lidl name=Lidl
Lincolnshire Co-op
Lincolnshire Co-op foodstore
Lincolnshire Co-op name=Lincolnshire Co-op,

brand=Lincolnshire Co-op,


operator=Lincolnshire Co-operative

These are not the same as Co-op Food as they're an independent business only found in Lincolnshire, see above. But a number have been erroneously 'upgraded'.

May haveshop=convenience variant where needed.

M&S Simply Food M&S Simply Food in Bristol (65x) 419 Marks & Spencer Simply Food / M&S Simply Food (65x) M&S Food (8x) No clear recommendation on name, brand=M&S, but probably safest to use an operator tag operator=Marks and Spencer plc Not clear about all the different branding M&S use. (Alternatives: shop=convenience (51x); & shop=convenience (5x); for M&S Food).
Morrisons [W] Morrisons Morrisons Supermarket in Seacombe (439x) 515 Morrisons / Morrison's /Morrisons Local
(Alternatives: shop=convenience (5x); ). Morrisons Local (15 examples) should be tagged as this.
Sainsbury's [W] Sainsbury's Sainsbury's shopfront 741 1414 as of 2020-05-22 Sainsbury / Sainsburys / Sainsbury's (567x),
Sainsburys Local (174x)
name=Sainsbury's or name=Sainsbury's Local, brand=Sainsbury's Undoubtedly the Sainsbury's Local format can either fall into the supermarket or convenience store category.
Some of the Local stores were once mainstream Sainsbury's.
Alternatives, for both main chain & Local respectively : shop=convenience (28x); shop=convenience (142x); )
Stores total includes convenience stores. Sainsbury's have given permission to copy branch information from their website.
Scotmid foodstore



operator=Scotmid Co-operative

These are not the same as Co-op Food as they're an independent business only found in Scotland, see above. But a number have been erroneously 'upgraded'.

May haveshop=convenience variant where needed.

Tesco Tesco in Cullompton (556x) 482x (excluding Extra, Metro and Express) (Alternatives: shop=convenience (44x); )
Tesco Extra Tesco Extra at night (119x) 248x (Alternatives: shop=convenience (7x), certainly erroneous ). Tesco's hypermarket format, use brand=Tesco
Tesco Metro A small Tesco metro (141x) 194x (Alternatives: shop=convenience (28x); )
Waitrose [W] Waitrose Waitrose Supermarket - Station Parade - - 472690.jpg 267 390 as of 2020-05-22 Waitrose name=Waitrose or name=Little Waitrose, brand=Waitrose (Alternatives: shop=convenience (14x); ). Some smaller Waitrose stores trade as "little Waitrose", but the ones I've used are still small supermarkets rather than convenience stores.

Former Supermarket chains which are no longer in business, more or less entirely fixed on POIs, but may exist in other forms (e.g., external open data, bus stops etc):

  • Kwiksave
  • Netto: Ceased operations in 2011, stores sold to a variety of other retailers. All known Nettos had notes posted, and most (but not all) have been resolved.
  • Somerfield: Bought by Co-operative. Some stores closed, others re-branded. * Somerfield (27x) (Alternatives: shop=convenience (6x); ). Somerfield was purchased by the Co-op and all stores closed are re-branded. These are all errors.. All fixed.

Clothing (& associated products)


gender=* can be used to indicate if the shop specialises in mens or womens clothing. More expensive fashion clothes shops may be tagged shop=boutique or shop=fashion but the difference is entirely arbitrary, essentially subjective and not amenable to repeatable tagging by different mappers. The tag should be avoided. (Figures updated March 2018}.

Name Image No. Mapped Total No. of Stores Tags/Comments
[W] AllSaints 29 >145 worldwide 3 as AllSaints, 26 as All Saints
Austin Reed n/a 9 0 Austin Reed is now defunct and all outlets have closed, except five which have been bought out by Edinburgh Woollen Mill, NEEDS CLEANING UP
Bank 18 84
Blue Inc Blue Inc, Kings Mall, Hammersmith.jpg 34
Bonmarché Bonmarche - Broadway - - 1532884.jpg 72 >380
Burton Wfm burton menswear.jpg 60 >400 in the UK and Ireland
Cath Kidston Cath Kidston.jpg 37 132
CC 11 Part of Austin Reed group, taken over by Edinburgh Woollen Mills. Not clear if any shops left.
Dorothy Perkins Dorothy Perkins, Omagh, January 2010.JPG 107 576 in the UK
East 35
Edinburgh Woollen Mill Edinburgh Woollen Mill, Newtownards, March 2010.JPG 38 265
Evans Burton etc - Darley Street - - 1533004.jpg 39 >300
Fat Face Fat face in The Square - - 834858.jpg 115 209
French Connection Fcuk French Connection Shop Covent Garden.jpg 28 131 in the UK and Europe
Gap Gap at Castlepoint.jpg 65 1321 outside the US
Greenwoods 31 80
H&M H&M Festival Walk Store.jpg 136 250
Hobbs HOBBs in Winchester High Street - - 1539953.jpg 36 34 in 2002
Hugo Boss Hugo Boss at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre 09.JPG 18
[W] Jack Wills Jack Wills.JPG 37 70 in UK (320 worldwide)
Jaeger Jaeger Burgate - - 1448949.jpg 14 45
Jigsaw 55 56
Joules Joules in South Street - - 1557945.jpg 48 76
Karen Millen Karen Millen, Belfast, March 2011.JPG 21 84 CHECK, closed.
La Senza La Senza - Junction 32 - - 1167502.jpg 11 55 Out of business ? Franchise filed for bankruptcy, July 2014.
Laura Ashley HK TST K11 mall 22 shop Laura Ashley clothing.JPG 79 Some Laura Ashley stores may be more appropriately tagged with shop=furniture
Matalan Rushmere (01), August 2009.JPG 176 217 Some Matalan stores have been tagged as shop=department_store
M&Co. M&Co, Wetherby (4th July 2011).JPG 74 >300
Miss Selfridge Miss Selfridge, Northgate Street, 1995 - - 853705.jpg 21 >170 Many listed stores are franchises in other stores
Monsoon Monsoon clothing store on the Taxi rank in East Street, Brighton, East Sussex.jpg 75 1400 worldwide, including Accessorize outlets
Moss Moss Bros - Junction 32 - - 1166795.jpg 44 >150 Includes Moss Bros, which may be an outdated fascia
New Look New Look at Castlepoint.jpg 263 593 in UK (~1160 worldwide). Source [6]. 60 scheduled to close. Note: New Look has changed its signage since this image was taken
Next Rushmere (12), August 2009.JPG 310 ~700
Oasis Oasis - Junction 32 - - 1166762.jpg 53 1760 worldwide
Outfit 43 >70
Peacocks Peacocks store, South Street, Dorchester - - 299434.jpg 195 479
Phase Eight Phase Eight, Putney Exchange.jpg 49 106
Primark Primark.jpg 128 178
Reiss Leeds Victoria Quarter.jpg 39 160 worldwide
Republic Republic, Briggate (20th February 2013).JPG 6 0 Went into administration in 2013, remaining shops purchased & rebranded by Sports Direct as USC (q.v.)
River Island River Island at Castlepoint.jpg 127 247
Rohan Rohan - Station Square - - 1621930.jpg 27 61
Select 51 180 Numbers from website (About Us). Womens' fashion
Slaters 11 25 Menswear, Formal Hire. Shop numbers from website.
Store Twenty One Store Twenty One in South Street - - 1557823.jpg 26 >200 A variety of variant names exist, such as Store Twenty-one, Store Twenty One etc.
Superdry File:Toison d'Or centre commercial, l'enseigne Superdry.jpg 48 202 (w/w excluding Australia) Fascia branding for shops is Superdry Store so tagging may be this or Superdry. Recommend that if the former is used also add brand=Superdry
Ted Baker Ted Baker, Dublin, October 2010.JPG 30 192 Number of shops based on website.
T. K. Maxx TK Maxx at Castlepoint.jpg 223 407 in Europe Some T. K. Maxx outlets have a greater focus on homewares, so may be better tagged with shop=department_store. Only 170 (of 223) tagged as clothes shops.
Topman Topshop - Topman, Omagh - - 152098.jpg 23 >250 Some multi-branded stores (see image) missed in cout
Topshop Topshop, Omagh, January 2010.JPG 56 ~300
Urban Outfitters Urban Outfitters, Belfast, June 2010.JPG 27 43 in Europe
USC 11 92
Wallis Wallis in North Street - - 1559160.jpg 18
Whistles 31 46
White Stuff White stuff in South Street - - 1557873.jpg 52 >100
Zara HK CWB Times Square Shop ZARA 03.JPG 42 68


  • Brantano / Brantano Footwear (46x out of 145) CHECK, closed.
  • Clarks (98x) (Alternatives: shop=clothes (7x); )
  • Deichmann (11x out of 80)
  • Dune (10x out of 37)
  • Foot Locker (16x)
  • Jones / Jones Bootmaker (27x out of 114)
  • Office (20x out of 99 including overseas)
  • Schuh (18x out of 104x)
  • Shoe Zone (74x out of over 500 including Ireland)
  • Stead & Simpson (13x) Bought by Shoe Zone - are all shoes converted to Shoe Zone?


Main Name Example Signage No. Mapped Total Stores Range of Values Recommended Tags Comments
[W] Accessorize
Oxford Street, March 2016
116 (Jul 2019) shop=clothes 44 (Jul 2019), shop=accessories 35 (Jul 2019), shop=jewelry 13 (Jul 2019)
[W] Claire's
Chichester 2009
106+ (Jul 2019) shop=jewelry 38 (Jul 2019), shop=accessories 31 (Jul 2019), shop=clothes 13 (Jul 2019)
previous known as "Claire's Accessories". In July 2019 there is only 1 node tagged shop=fashion_accessories.

Motor Trade


Car dealers. For new cars, and some second-hand specialists use brand=* for the car marques sold. Name should be name of dealer not of marque. (There is a slight issue here as large chain dealers also are brands, but established usage is for brand to contain car marques. Also not that many main car dealers will offer servicing, repairs and a parts shop: ultimately these might be micro-mapped.

  • Arnold Clark (12x)
  • Evans Halshaw (12x)
  • Honda (10x)
  • Vauxhall (11x)


Car repair and servicing. Substantial cross-over between this and shop=car_parts for chains which specialise in Exhausts, Tyres etc.

  • ATS / ATS Euromaster (37x)
  • Halfords Autocentre (19x)
  • Hi-Q (9x)
  • Kwikfit (19x)
  • Kwik-Fit (48x)
  • National Tyres and Autocare (4x)

Furniture, Furnishings & Interiors


Main Name Example Signage No. Mapped Total Stores Range of Values Recommended Tags Comments
Bathstore 27 (Jul 2019) 148 on (Jul 2019) 163 mentioned elsewhere 'Bath store' 5, 'bathstore' 3, '' 1, 'BathStore' 1 (all Jul 2019)
went into administration 26 June 2019. Notices on shops say still trading. 'Bathstore' or 'bathstore'?



  • Bensons for Beds (13x)
  • DFS (26x)
  • Dreams (33x) (Alternatives: shop=bed (19x); )
  • Dunelm Mill (10x) (Alternatives: shop=department_store (6x); )
  • Furniture Village (8x)
  • Harveys (30x)
  • IKEA (15x)
  • Multiyork (16x)
  • Next Home (5x)
  • SCS (21x)


  • Paul Simon (3x)


  • Fired Earth (3x)

Other (uncategorised) Shops


shop=beauty is more usually used for shops providing 'beauty' services, such as nails, tanning etc.

  • Body Shop / The Body Shop (27x) (Alternatives: shop=cosmetics (15x); shop=chemist (11x); ). The Body Shop sell cosmetics, and clearly should be tagged as such.



UK Gambling Companies on Wikipedia is a useful category.

gambling=* can be used to provide more information about the types of gambling (typically betting and fixed-odds machines). min_age=18 is also applicable as this is legally required on signs outside the entrance, but can be inferred from the core tag.

According to the ABB, there are around 9000 betting shops in the UK, representing about 4% of all retail outlets. Approximately 1200 on OSM, Feb-2014.

Main Name Example Signage No. Mapped Total Stores Range of Values Recommended Tags Comments
[W] Betfred
Nottingham 2014
139 1350 Betfred / BetFred name=Betfred Also a number of Totesport shops: chain taken over and re-branded as Betfred some time ago, see talk-gb. The advertising slogan "the bonus king" seen on signage should not be included in the name.
[W] Coral
Leeds 2012
228 1800+ Coral name=Coral (Alternatives: shop=betting (57x); shop=gambling (5x); )
Source: shop numbers - Wikipedia.
[W] Ladbrokes
Nottingham 2013
299 2256 Ladbrokes / Ladbrooks name=Ladbrokes (Alternatives: shop=betting (79x); shop=gambling (6x) ). Source: shop numbers[7]
[W] Paddy Power
Nottingham 2014
44 140+ name=Paddy Power (Alternatives: shop=betting (11x); )
Source: shop numbers (2010) [8].
[W] William Hill
Nottingham 2014
349 2370 (Alternatives: shop=betting (88x); shop=gambling (9x); )
Source: shop numbers[9]


Main Name Example Signage No. Mapped Total Stores Range of Values Recommended Tags Comments
Blackwells (11x) name=Blackwells
Oxfam Bookshop (20x) Oxfam Books / Oxfam Bookshop A branch of Oxfam that specifically sells books. Branding outside is just 'Oxfam' but is known as 'Oxfam Bookshop'
The Works (35x) shop=stationery (6x)
Waterstones (35x) Waterstone's (132x)



  • Age Concern (11x) CHECK, rebranded Age UK.
  • Age UK (40x)
  • Barnardos / Barnardo's (28x)
  • British Heart Foundation (89x)
  • British Red Cross (8x)
  • Cancer Research / Cancer Research UK (73x)
  • Charity Shop (6x)
  • Mind (16x)
  • Oxfam (95x) (Alternatives: shop=clothes (10x); shop=books (8x); )
  • PDSA (20x)
  • RSPCA (24x)
  • Salvation Army / The Salvation Army (14x)
  • Scope (32x)
  • Sense (9x)
  • Sue Ryder / Sue Ryder Care (50x)
  • The Children's Society (13x)
  • YMCA (16x)




  • Hotel Chocolat (16x)
  • Thorntons (40x)



  • Hobbycraft (8x)




  • Johnsons (93x)


  • Bright House (8x)
  • CeX / CEX (14x)
  • Currys (82x) (Alternatives: shop=hifi (10x); shop=electrical (6x); ) Larger Currys are rebranded as Currys PC World.
  • Currys PC World (26x) (Alternatives: shop=computer (5x); ).
  • Sony Centre (10x)



  • The Flower Shop (14x)


  • The Co-operative Funeralcare (160x)



  • Card Factory (45x) (Alternatives: shop=card (15x); shop=cards (9x); shop=stationery (6x); )
  • Cards Galore (14x)
  • Clinton Cards (33x) (Alternatives: shop=cards (8x); shop=stationery (7x); shop=card (6x); )
  • Clintons (11x)
  • Flying Tiger (3x) / Tiger (9x) - originally just "Tiger", rebranded "Flying Tiger" in 2018. 99 shops in the UK. Some tagged as houseware/interior dec shops
  • Hallmark (12x) (Alternatives: shop=card (5x); )
  • Neon Sheep (2x) - 12 stores at the beginning of 2019, rapidly expanding chain owned by Mountain Warehouse
  • Oliver Bonas (5x)


  • A Cut Above (13x)
  • Barbers (12x)
  • Barber Shop / The Barber Shop (52x)
  • Clippers (14x)
  • Headmasters (14x)
  • Reflections (4x)
  • Rush Hair (14x)
  • Studio One (10x)
  • Supercuts (17x)
  • The Cutting Room (12x)
  • The Salon (21x)
  • Toni & Guy (41x)



  • Hidden Hearing (9x)


  • Bang & Olufsen (12x)
  • Richer Sounds (19x)


  • Ernest Jones (24x)
  • F Hinds / F. Hinds (24x)
  • Goldsmiths (16x)
  • H Samuel / H. Samuel (46x) (Alternatives: shop=jewellery (5x); )
  • Pandora (16x)
  • Warren James (10x)


  • Magnet (26x) / Magnet Kichens (4x) - 222 stores in the UK
  • Wren (9x) / Wren Kitchens (26x) - 77 stores in the UK


  • Launderette / Laundrette (54x)


  • Dalton Park (16x)



  • HMV (48x)



As of 17 June 2020

  • Boots Opticians (191x)
  • Optical Express (46x)
  • Scrivens (50x)
  • Specsavers (402x)
  • Vision Express (199x)


  • Blacks (48x) (Alternatives: shop=clothes (3x); )
  • Cotswold / Cotswold Outdoor (24x)
  • Go Outdoors (18x)
  • Millets (15x)
  • Mountain Warehouse (30x) (Alternatives: shop=clothes (6x); )
  • Trespass (15x) (Alternatives: shop=clothes (7x); )
  • Yeomans (7x)


  • Cash Converters (17x)
  • Cash Generator (13x)
  • Cheque Centre (4x)
  • H&T Pawnbrokers (15x)
  • The Money Shop (16x) (Alternatives: shop=money_lender (15x); shop=cash (11x); ) - CHECK, now closed


  • The Perfume Shop (14x)


  • Pets at Home / Pets At Home (106x)



  • Decathlon (10x)
  • JD / JD Sports (33x) (Alternatives: shop=clothes (21x); )
  • JJB Sports (19x) (Alternatives: shop=clothes (8x); )
  • Sports Direct (70x) (Alternatives: shop=clothes (15x); )


  • Paperchase (17x)
  • Ryman / Rymans (64x)
  • Staples (58x) Staples no longer operate in the UK, the stores were sold to Hilco for a nominal sum and were rebranded as Office Outlet
  • Office Outlet CHECK, closed.


  • Early Learning Centre (14x)
  • The Entertainer (14x)


  • First Choice (14x) CHECK, now TUI.
  • Flight Centre (34x)
  • The Co-operative Travel (23x)
  • Thomas Cook (84x) CHECK, closed.
  • Thompson / Thomson (76x) Thomson are in the process of rebranding as TUI, the name Thomson should disappear from the High Street.
  • TUI
  • Trailfinders (9x)


Variety stores[W] Variety store sell goods from a selected (often diverse) range of categories, usually at competitive prices. The archetype in the UK was Woolworths, with Wilko (formerly branded as Wilkinson) probably the most familiar chain in the format today.

Main Name Example Signage No. Mapped Total Stores Range of Values Recommended Tags Comments
B&M / B&M Bargains / B&M Home Store 163 560+ name=B&M / name=B&M Bargains / name=B&M Home Store 3 different brand names in use.
Home Bargains 216 481 name=Home Bargains
Poundland 54 896 name=Poundland Alternatives: shop=convenience (15x); shop=supermarket (11x); shop=discount (11x); shop=yes (7x)
Poundstretcher 24 410 name=Poundstretcher
Poundworld 8 190 name=Poundworld Closed down.
Wilko 130 387 Some tagged shop=department_store, shop=supermarket (16x); shop=doityourself (15x); shop=variety_store (12x); shop=hardware name=Wilko Some still tagged with old name Wilkinson/Wilkinsons/Wilkinson's - these need changing to Wilko


Main Name Example Signage No. Mapped Total Stores Range of Values Recommended Tags Comments
CeX 91 366 Name variants include name=Cex and name=CEX name=CeX second_hand=yes Only use if branch sells video games and video game accessories primarily, otherwise use shop=electronics
Game 136 328 Some tagged with name=GAME name=Game

Further reading

The standard weekly journals widely read in the retail trade are The Grocer and Retail Week. A little time spent leafing through these in a local library can greatly assist in getting to grips with the major classifications which are widely used by retailers, and in turn may help in deciding how to tag things.

There are some well established terms used in the British Retail Trade which it is probably useful to know:

  • Buying Group. A group purchasing organisation which individual retailers can belong to and they then purchase their supplies from the group at wholesale prices. Many originated as co-operatives, but most have been purchased by major wholesale and cash-and-carry chains.
  • Fascia. Often an individual retailer will not only make their purchases through the buying group but make use of the group marketing and brand on their own shop front (the 'fascia' in the trade). Franchised operations are similar (coffee chains, Subway etc.). Often the fascia name is used in aggregated market research data in the UK. Use brand=* for this, name is usually of the form "XXX Convenience Store". For franchises the name & brand are usually identical It is always a good idea to also add the brand as this will make searches more reliable.
  • Format. An example of different formats are Tesco Extra, Tesco Metro and Tesco Express. At the moment we do not tag individual formats.