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About me

I live in Aveiro, Portugal. On the field I am currently using an Openmoko Freerunner as GPS and FoxtrotGPS as map software. Besides tracing with aerial photos (Bing) I enjoy walking around with a fieldpaper/walkingpaper. Then I use JOSM to edit and upload. I do not use Potlatch because it's based on Flash and it does not work with Gnash.


Mapping the world is a huge task. Instead of mapping randomly I believe it's smarter to focus my energy where it matters most. Different people will have different uses for the map so different priorities. This is to help me focus and set my priorities.

Where to Map

Map the city I live and other places I know and go frequently. If I go to a place with few or no mappers I'll try to map it with enough detail.

What to Map

With "what" I mean what map features should I tag. This depend on what I will use the map for.

The basics

  1. Most important of all is having the nodes and ways of the streets/roads.
    • Add nodes and ways from GPS traces or aerial images.
  2. Then specify how the ways cross with
  3. Then name and type of highway
  4. Draw building outlines - needed for house numbers


See also Routing, OSM_tags_for_routing, Access Restrictions

Parking and Other Car Services

Public Transports

  • How do I get from location A to B using public transportation.
  • Above with schedules

Finding POI


  • Where is the tourist office?
  • Where are historical places?
  • Where are restaurants?