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Complete description

The complete description of the project is provided into the Italian wiki page. Below there is just a brief desription of the general idea of project.

What is ViaLibera?!

ViaLibera?! - Project for the mapping and evaluation of the accessibility of the Municipality of Milan 9

The project, which started in October 2019, foresees the verification and mapping of the accessibility of three large areas of City Hall 9 in Milan, identified because they are considered strategic for the presence of important services (such as train/subway/university/hospital), with the indication of the critical points to be modified to allow all citizens, people with motor disabilities, elderly people, mothers with pushchairs, to easily access services.

The objective is to define a model of intervention that can also be exported to the other Municipalities of Milan and to other cities, which foresees the use of freely available or at least low cost, open source technologies and the active involvement of citizens, in order to develop a shared culture of accessibility as a good for all. The project foresees:

  • the use of a shared, participatory and freely accessible platform, both for enrichment and consultation: in particular, it was decided to use OpenStreetMap, which is a standard for the international technical-scientific community,
  • the design of the optimal mapping methods for the purposes of the project,
  • the participation of people with motor disabilities as evaluators of accessibility and experimenters of mapping methods,
  • training by accessibility experts, all evaluators,
  • the detection of the needs of different categories of citizens: mothers with small children, elderly people..,
  • the involvement in the surveys of students of the Politecnico di Milano, students of some high schools and volunteers of associations in the area,
  • the awareness of the owners of the shops in the three areas, so that they understand the economic benefits of being accessible to all and are thus encouraged to improve the accessibility of their shops,
  • the dissemination of mapping methods to the community, so as to generate a virtuous path that allows the continuous enrichment of databases,
  • moments of public presentation of the results to different targets (students, university students, citizenship)

Via Libera?! is a project promoted by Spazio Vita Niguarda Onlus, Ledha Milano, Politecnico di Milano and AUS Niguarda Onlus with the participation of Municipio 9, AMAT and CRABA, realized thanks to the contribution of Fondazione di Comunità Milano Onlus, as part of the Bando 57 2019 edition.