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Public-images-osm logo.svg railway = tram_stop
Una parada de tranvía es un lugar donde un pasajero puede embarcar/desembarcar un tranvía. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Grupo: tranvías
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This tag is one way to mark a tram stop. It is used on tram tracks (railway=tram) and also on light rail tracks (railway=light_rail) where the halt ressembles more a tram stop than a railway halt (railway=halt).

Using the Public Transport scheme instead or in addition should be considered, see Trams#Tram_stops for the options.

How to map

Insert a node with railway=tram_stop and name=* on the tram track (railway=tram) at the position where the stop is located.

In contrast to highway=bus_stop this tag is tagged on the track because tram tracks are usually one-way and different directions don't have to be considered.

Optional tags:

Tag Usage Description
public_transport=stop_position Mandatory Indicating that it is a public transport stop.
railway=tram_stop Mandatory Indicating that it is a tram stop.
name=* Recommended Name of the tram stop, especially when there exists no relation public_transport=stop_area - relación.
tram=yes Recommended Conform to Public Transport Schema.
network=* Optional Name of the network if exists.
operator=* Optional Name of the operator if exists.
shelter=* Optional 'yes' if there is a shelter on the stop.

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