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Seticonos sss IS bezier forkup.png

Be artistic! Create icons for map features that aren't rendered already.

We all enjoy seeing our tagging work appear on the map. Different renderers and different styles show different icons so some icons only appear on specialty maps. But what if you want to create your own specialty map, and the icon you want is not available? The Project of the Week is to exercise your artistic talents. Create additional icons in the theme of a the OSM icon sets.

We are not talking about good/bad style, rendering rules, filtering... Let's just do the graphic work! There are a lot of other missing icons especially for shop=*, if you think an icon is important - Create it! Or see the list of suggestions below.

How to do?

1. Consider your favourite renderer. Take a look at the graphic style of similar objects. Follow the guidelines of the existing icons. This means:

Mapnik colours
name color
transport #0092da
food, some amenity #734a08
medical #da0092
shopping #ac39ac
tourism #0092da
small details, money, man_made #666666
  • flat icon style
  • single colour, no shading
  • follow color themes
  • create in SVG but has to fit in 16px!
  • reuse existing symbols as part of your icon, if it appears somewhere else (e.g. a bike), try to make groups for similar features
  • think about an international meaning of the symbols (e.g. red cross is more populare then other health symbols)

2. Have a look here Map features or in here to get presets:

and of course the enduser apps:

The wiki pages Map Icons, Proposed Icons orWikiProject Pictograms are intended to coordinate some of this work, however they're in need of an update/tidy up.

You might look at external resources, too:

Please use exactly the same color e.g. for shops

3. Use vector tools that know SVG to create your icon e.g. Inkscape, OpenOffice Draw, ...

4. Upload your icon as .SVG and as a 16px .PNG to the wiki, add it to this list. Indicate your icon license (CC-Zero or PDDL recommended) Edit

If you preffer mail, feel free to send a mail with all details to <digi_c AT> topic: 'osm icons'. Then I will do this work for you.


If you think a suggested icon is bad, feel free to post a better one once again or upload an improved candidate!

  • ...
  • (list yours here)


  • car repair, car shop - cause most people drive car and know the situation when your engine is down :(
  • parking subtypes - help me to get a better overview where the big parking multi-storys are (and how to avoid them by using park&ride)
  • bicycle shops - currently Map Icons only on the OpenCycleMap, thats bad!
  • butcher - well ok I like bread, but what about M E A T???
  • beauty shops - How about nutritional supplement stores, tanning salons, estheticians?
  • computer store - this is definitely important for a geek!!! ;)
  • medics - we have to care about the heath system by our own
  • sports - yes we see the areas but which type of sport is it for?
  • laundry - the biggest problem if you are new to town :(

Proposal : On openclipart, the are un waching machine.

As you might seen in the .SVG page of my try, it's allready this one :) --!i! 21:18, 21 August 2010 (BST)
Cause of their lower priority I think grey is ok. The fountain might be blue=water or light blue to get distinguished from a lake if it's within. --!i! 05:33, 28 July 2010 (UTC)
Thanks for the advice! I went with grey for the fountain because it sounds right, and to be sure it's visible when it's a node inside a pool/pond. -- JasonWoof 03:41, 29 July 2010 (UTC)
  • beaches - some people love to swim, other love to tan in the sun
  • tobacco - in Hungary can buy tobacco in national shop only


  • Some of the icons from this project of the week have been accepted into the icon collection at
  • We added a TRAC ticket to please the style maintainers to use more icons [1]
    • Some icons were added
  • user:!i! refactored the whole icon related wiki

About the author

Matthias !i! joined OSM in 2008 during research for a project. He lives in Rostock in north Germany where he tags address information and studies informatics at the University of Rostock. !i! also does some OSM community outreach in Mecklenburg Vorpommern and is developing a plugin for videomapping in JOSM.

Thank you for contributing this Project of the Week, Matthias!