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屬性 (properties)


關鍵字(key) 值 (value) 幾何 (element) 描述 (desc) 地圖標註 (render) 照片 (photo)
area yes area 區域元素附加後會填滿,可搭配highway=pedestrian使用,做為標註廣場等開放空間。
Mapnik area pedestrian.png
bridge yes / aqueduct / viaduct / cantilever / movable / covered / … way 橋梁,建議和layer=*一起使用。值"yes"為預設值,或可自訂。
charge amount node way area Used for specifying how much is charged for use/access to a facility. See toll=* or fee=*.
covered yes node way area 用來區域或線段被其他元素覆蓋,但不適合使用layer=*時使用。 Various, depending on the covered entity
crossing no / traffic_signals / uncontrolled / island / unmarked / unknown node 交叉路口,詳見crossing=*
Zebra-crossing sm.jpg
crossing:island yes / no node way Specifies whether a pedestrian crossing has a refuge island
Praha 10 ulice Ruska 10 prechod s ostruvkem.JPG
cutting yes / left / right way 下沉式道路或鐵路,常用於崎嶇的地表。
Road cut.jpg
disused yes node way area 標明元素是否已被棄用,當設施也被移除時改用abandoned=*
Closed down shop.jpg
drive_through yes / no node area 意指此元素是否提供得來速服務,像是速食店等。
Drive-through ATM.jpg
drive_in yes / no node area 意指此元素是否提供免下車享受服務,在台灣相當稀少。
Autokino gravenbruch.jpg
electrified contact_line / rail way Indicates infrastructure to supply vehicles with electricity on rail tracks
Overhead power lines.jpg
ele Number node area 海拔。
Key-ele mapnik.png
embankment yes way 路堤式道路或鐵路。
end_date Date way 標示元素消失的日期。
est_width Number way 標明元素的寬度。
fire_object:type poo / szo node way area Potentially dangerous and socially significant objects
fire_operator Name node way area Fire station, which serves the object
fire_rank 1bis / 2 to 5 node way area Rank fire, defined for a particular object
frequency Number node way area Frequency in Hz
Wave frequency.gif
inscription User Defined node way area The full text of inscriptions, which can be found on buildings, memorials and other objects.
Beneventum, Arch of Trajan (III) (4749426050).jpg
internet_access yes / wired / wlan / terminal / no node area 標示元素(像是餐廳、咖啡店)是否有提供網路服務,詳見internet_access=*
layer -5 to 5 way 圖層,用來標示實際上的層級,不可和渲染順序混淆。0代表為地面,負號為地下,正號為高於地表。
Washington layers.png
leaf_cycle evergreen / deciduous / semi_evergreen / semi_deciduous / mixed node way area Describes the phenology of leaves
Olga Wisinger-Florian - Falling Leaves.JPG
leaf_type broadleaved / needleleaved / mixed / leafless node way area 描述葉子的類型
Picea abies Nadelkissen.jpg
location underground / overground / underwater / roof / indoor node way area Location
Power to the People - geograph.org.uk - 560240.jpg
narrow yes way 標明線段是否狹窄。
nudism yes / obligatory / no / customary / permissive node area Indicates if the described object provides the possibility of nudism
CapdAgde crop.jpg
opening_hours 24/7 or mo md hh:mm-hh:mm. (read described syntax) node way area 標示元素(商店等)的營業時間。
Neon Internet Cafe open 24 hours.jpg
operator User Defined node way area 標示營運者。
produce User Defined node area relation Describes a feature's agricultural output produced though a natural process of growing or breeding.
La Boqueria.JPG
start_date Date node way area relation 標示元素產生的日期。
Zero kilometre mark in Paris, 23 June 2013.jpg
service_times see opening_hours node area Times of service of a given feature e.g. church service
St Andrew's Church (Kowloon) Service times 2012.jpg
tactile_paving yes /no node way area Indicate if a specific place can be detected or followed with a blindman's stick.
Tactile paving.jpg
tidal yes area Area is flooded by the tide
Onehunga Shoreline For Reclamation.jpg
tunnel yes way 隧道。
toilets:wheelchair yes / no node area 標示輪椅是否可通行於該厠所。
wheelchair yes / no / limited node way area 標示輪椅是否可通行於元素。
Standard rollstuhl.jpg
width Number way 標示線段的長度。
wood coniferous / deciduous / mixed node area 通常和landuse=forestnatural=wood同時使用,標示森林的林種(針葉林、闊葉林或混合林)。
Diqing, Yunnan, China.jpg