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Star image.

These are featured images, which have been identified as the best examples of OpenStreetMap mapping, or as useful illustrations of the OpenStreetMap project.

If you know another image of similar quality, you can nominate it on Featured image proposals.


Week 1
(2–8 Jan.)
Mabel laser cutter.jpg
English The Mable is a map table, an experimental product featuring OpenStreetMap streets laser-etched into a table top design. ±
Week 2
(9–15 Jan.)
Pic4Carto mapstats.png
English Pic4Carto helps to find useful street-level photos as a source for OpenStreetMap mapping. It shows a grid with the number of open licensed photos to be found in an area. ±
Week 3
(16–22 Jan.)
English An OpenStreetMap jacket on show at a “Who makes the map” exhibition at the German Museum of Technology. ±
Week 4
(23–29 Jan.)
English OSMvis is a collection of visualizations related to OpenStreetMap. Top: Most frequent words in the OSM Wiki. Left: Daily amount of new nodes. Right: Number of new users per day. See more visualizations at ±
Week 5
(30 Jan. – 5 Feb.) green paris poster.jpg
English A colourful map from A variety of interesting colour choices are available there to use for ordering poster prints.
(but can you spot the mistake in this image?)
Week 6
(6–12 Feb.)
Ramani Huria STEM boot camp school students.jpg
English High school students in Bagamoyo, Tanzania, being taught how to gather data and input add to OpenStreetMap, by the Ramani Huria team. Read more on the blog. ±
Week 7
(13–19 Feb.)
English highlights OpenStreetMap's rich landuse/landcover data. The strikingly colourful map shows how our wide range of landcover tags can be broadly classified and analysed. ±
Week 8
(20–26 Feb.)
OSM Mapathon in Albania 07.jpg
English OSM Mapathon at OpenLabs Albania, a hackerspace in the city of Tirana that are organizing a lot of activities related to OpenStreetMap, Wikipedia and FLOSS. In that mapathon they used FieldPapers. ±
Week 9
(27 Feb. – 5 Mar.)
Lauri Vanhala Helsinki map.jpg
English Lauri Vanhala took OpenStreetMap buildings in Helsinki, analysed the location of jobs and travel times from every building, and produced this map to help decide the best place to live. Browse the full map and read more on this blog. ±
Week 10
(6–12 Mar.)
Taipei meet-up Discussing notes.jpg
English Discussing river area mapping, and Notes at the OpenStreetMap Taipei meet-up. Regular events are listed on the OpenStreetMap Taiwan facebook group. ±
Week 11
(13–19 Mar.)
English March 4th was OpenDataDay and people all over the world organized small events to talk about and produce Open Data. In a lot of places we had OpenStreetMap activities, like mapping parties, mapathons and talks. Here you can see events in Xalapa (Mexico), Cotonou (Benin), Porto (Portugal) and Brasília (Brazil). ±
Week 12
(20–26 Mar.)
English The Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards (NOAH) coordinated a series of mapping sessions in the last 12 months that improved the map of Philippines. This data will be used in improving disaster management before, during, and after emergencies. Read more on the NOAH blog. ±
Week 13
(27 Mar. – 2 Apr.)
FOSSGIS 2017 group photo.jpg
English FOSSGIS 2017, the German OpenStreetMap and open source GIS conference, took place last week in Passau. ±
Week 14
(3–9 Apr.)
Hanshack aleppo destruction reprojected.png
English Illustrating the scale of destruction in Aleppo, Syria, by reprojecting it onto OpenStreetMap buildings of Berlin: ±
Week 15
(10–16 Apr.)
English The village of Le Saix (Hautes-Alpes, France) mapped in OpenStreetMap [1] and printed with a laser cutter. A collaboration between Centre de ressources, Apitux, Camille Bissuel and Planète Champsaur, made in Fab'Alpes in Gap. ±
Week 16
(17–23 Apr.)
English Geoff Boeing created OSMnx, a tool which uses OSM data to compare street networks and urban forms. In the image you can see one square mile extracts of some city centers around the world. Read more about Geoff's work on his blog. ±
Week 17
(24–30 Apr.)
English In 2017 we will have the first ever State of the Map Africa! It will be held in Kampala, Uganda’s capital, from 8th to 10th July. Here we see the well mapped Kampala city centre. ±
Week 18
(1–7 May)
Monterey CA papercut.jpg
English Kartegraphik has been doing handmade papercut maps based on OpenStreetMap data. This image is a map of Monterey, California. See more at ±
Week 19
(8–14 May)
Mapscii Berlin hack and tell.jpg
English A presentation of mapscii [2], a zooming panning view of OpenStreetMap rendered as ASCII art (also including Braille dot patterns). ±
Week 20
(15–21 May)
London Mappers so far in 2017.png
English The top ten mappers (yellow) account for most of the data contributed in London so far in 2017. Andy Allan presented "Who is mapping London?" at the recent OSM Q&A event. ±
Week 21
(22–28 May)
English Large railway stations often include shops and other features inside them. OpenStationMap ( reveals indoor mapping data (where it has been added) specifically for railway stations. ±
Week 22
(29 May – 4 Jun.)
Gardens of Ludwigsburg Palace.png
English Nammala from the Mapbox data team gave a round-up of some recent interesting edits, mostly vandalism detected using osmcha, but also this very detailed mapping of the Gardens of Ludwigsburg Palace made by Paddy1984. ±
Week 23
(5–11 Jun.)
San Juan Mapathon 2017 May (1).jpg
English Mapathons can be made more fun and interesting when your work is displayed on a wall of monitors for everyone to see! This mapathon, supported by the OSM Philippines community, was organized by User:GOwin as part of his MapAmore initiative and was hosted by the City of San Juan's Central Emergency and Disaster Operations Center (CEDOC). ±
Week 24
(12–18 Jun.)
State of the Map France 2017 - Group photo hands up.jpeg
English Some of the 250 attendees of State of the Map France 2017, which took place 2–4 June in Avignon. ±
Week 25
(19–25 Jun.)
Mapillary road signs within iD.png
English The iD editor showing a new data layer from Mapillary, with road signs detected within the street-level imagery. ±
Week 26
(26 Jun. – 2 Jul.)
English OpenStreetMap on a beanbag in the Telenav office in Cluj, Romania. ±
Week 27
(3–9 Jul.)
Drone panguan mapping.jpg
English With drone pilots, Marines, Navy and Army's Scout Rangers, User:Schadow1 organised a mapping expedition in southern Philippines for logistics, navigation, military operations purposes, and tourism. 1,957 data elements were added by the expedition. ±
Week 28
(10–16 Jul.)
English An historical map locating all State Of The Map conferences that took place since 2007. An interactive map is also available, made with UMap. ±
Week 29
(17–23 Jul.)
SOTM Africa 2017 balcony group photo.jpg
English The first “State of the Map Africa” conference took place one week ago in Kampala, Uganda. ±
Week 30
(24–30 Jul.)
Hlotse Community Council July Mapping Party.jpg
English Mzwandile Thokoane from the MapLesotho project, lead a mapping event to bring advanced JOSM mapping back to Hlotse, in Leribe, Lesotho. ±
Week 31
(31 Jul. – 6 Aug.)
Map cycle trailor.jpg
English Spotted wheeling the streets of Dresden, Germany, this tricycle has a localised OpenStreetMap design! ±
Week 32
(7–13 Aug.)
WorldBloxer minecraft screenshots.png
English OpenStreetMap data can be represented in the 3D blocky virtual world of Minecraft. See Minecraft for a list of projects to make this conversion. These scenes were created by WorldBloxer. ±
Week 33
(14–20 Aug.)
English Presenting OpenStreetMap and GPS mapping to an audience of over 100 mountaineers at AkyatCon2.0, the conference of the University of Philippines Mountaineers (UPM). ±
Week 34
(21–27 Aug.)
SOTM 2017 outdoor group photo.jpg
English The international OpenStreetMap conference State Of The Map 2017 took place last weekend in Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan. ±
Week 35
(28 Aug. – 3 Sep.)
English OpenStreetMap in the information screens of the Ireland bus company Bus Éireann. ±
Week 36
(4–10 Sep.)
Barrington-Leigh C, Millard-Ball A Density and completeness.png
English A research article by Christopher Barrington-Leigh and Adam Millard-Ball has undertaken worldwide completeness analysis of OpenStreetMap's road coverage based on visual comparison of imagery and other statistical methods. ±
Week 37
(11–17 Sep.)
Belorussian OpenStreetMap community.jpg
English In Belarus the OpenStreetMap community came together with the byGIS community for a big gathering with presentations and an OpenStreetMap birthday cake! More details, photos and talk videos on Gardster's OSM diary. ±
Week 38
(18–24 Sep.)
CartoCamp Segou.jpg
English Student group photo at the end of “CartoCamp” at Université de Ségou, Mali. ±
Week 39
(25 Sep. – 1 Oct.)
OSM dans ton smartphone v1.png
English A selection of Android apps for different types of OpenStreetMap contribution and use, presented by Claire Halleux at a recent mapathon in Kinshasa. ±
Week 40
(2–8 Oct.)
Spectrum of urban development patterns - Vahid Moosavi.png
English An automatically generated spectrum of urban development patterns for around 1 million cities, towns and villages across the planet. Image from Vahid Moosavi's paper “Urban morphology meets deep learning” (PDF). ±
Week 41
(9–15 Oct.)
English Different OSM communities across Asia came together at the State of the Map Asia 2017 conference that took place in Kathmandu, Nepal from September 23 to 24th. ±
Week 42
(16–22 Oct.)
English The PRODEPA state agency created an online map of the city of Belém, State of Pará, Brazil, showing the location of a dozen of processions, and of points of interest, temporary medical facilities and blocked streets, for the “Círio de Nazaré” religious festival, gathering more than 2 million people during 2 weeks in October 2017. ±
Week 43
(23–29 Oct.)
SOTM US 2017 Group Photo.jpg
English Last weekend State of the Map U.S. 2017 took place in Boulder, Colorado. ±
Week 44
(30 Oct. – 5 Nov.)
Kharkiv dark wiki.png
English Gontsa is creating a series of images merging OpenStreetMap data on top of Landsat satellite imagery. This image shows Kharkiv, Ukraine, during the autumn. You can see other works of Gontsa on his Instagram page. ±
Week 45
(6–12 Nov.)
DINAcon 2017 award.jpg
English An award given to the (Swiss) OpenStreetMap longterm contributors, presented at the DINAcon 2017 conference in Bern on digital sustainability. ±
Week 46
(13–19 Nov.)
English A map made by Stolen Ride shows every London cycle parking location mapped on OpenStreetMap and an optional layer of police data with the places of reported stolen bikes. ±
Week 47
(20–26 Nov.)
English December 2017 will see two State of the Map conferences in African countries! 1st-3rd, SotM Cameroon will be held in Yaoundé, and 8th-9th SotM Tanzania is in Dar es Salaam. ±
Week 48
(27 Nov. – 3 Dec.)
English The town hall of Ribeirão Grande, Brazil, put in the town entrance a map based on OpenStreetMap data, and a big QR code (containing the string geo:-24.09498,-48.36436?z=19, an URI for representing its geographic location, based on the standard scheme proposed in RFC 5870). ±
Week 49
(4–10 Dec.)
Malawi Red Cross hand.jpg
English Missing Maps data being used in a flood preparedness mission in Malawi, by the Malawi Red Cross Society and the Netherlands Red Cross. Information (building=*) on building quality and materials is added to OpenStreetMap to facilitate an efficient future aid response. ±
Week 50
(11–17 Dec.)
OSMGirls Niger Togo.jpg
English Richard Folly visiting Fatima Alher and the OSMGirls, a multilingual mapping group of young African women (based in Comoros, Côte d'Ivoire, France, Ghana, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Niger, South Africa, Tanzania, Togo and Uganda). ±
Week 51
(18–24 Dec.)
IMG 1608.JPG
English Regular mapping event “Mapping Yangon” at Phandeeyar Myanmar Innovation Lab added on OpenStreetMap the street names, health centers and public locations of Dala township, Yangon region, Myanmar. ±
Week 52
(25–31 Dec.)
Watercolour on Mapzen Sevilla map.jpg
English Detail from a watercolour map of Seville, created by Andrew McGuire as a Christmas present for his wife. Hand-painted upon an OpenStreetMap base-map via Mapzen. ±