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Ovo je uputstvo za pocetnike za mapiranje na OSM (Open Street Map) projektu.

Mapiranje je jedan od glavnih nacina da se pomogne OSM projekat, ali ima i drugih nacina, ukljucujuci i neke kojima nije potrebna tehnicki know-how ili GPS uredjaj.

  • Ovo uputstvo pretpostavlja da ste vec registrovani na OSM ovdje i na ovom wiki-u, za koje trebaju dvije odvojene prijave.

The 5 steps to making a map

  1. Collect Data
  2. Upload Data
  3. Creating/Editing OSM data
  4. Label Data, and Add details
  5. Render and Use Maps!
Collect DataUpload DataCreating/Editing OSM dataLabel Data, and Add detailsRender and Use Maps!First Page2.PNG
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Further documentation

  • More advanced questions, and FAQs can be found on their own pages around the wiki
  • Additional information is available here.
  • Additional help from the community can be found in various places.
  • Help on editing/updating the Wiki is available on the Wiki help page
  • If you want to add quick annotations to the map so a more experienced mapper can have a look at it you can use Notes