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GroundTruth rendering rules for cycling maps. Main intention: keep roads similar to Garmin standards to be prepared for routing. Then add rules for paths, tracks, etc. including information on surface. Also added rules for relations tagged as cycling network.

These are rendering rules for GroundTruth tool for cycling maps.
Note: you need to run GroundTruth version 1.1 or above in order to be able to use these rules.
Feel free to modify or add new rules to this page if you find stuff that's relevant for cycling.

You can see other rendering rules pages by visiting the Category:GroundTruth Rules page.

Rendering Rules


Option Value Comment
RulesVersion 1.1 Minimal version of GroundTruth needed to use these rules


Rule Name Selector Min Level Max Level Type Name Label Colors Pattern
Land natural=land 18 Land "land"

Forest landuse=forest or natural=wood 18 Woods "forest"

Residential landuse=residential 18 City "residential"

Water waterway=riverbank or waterway=river or natural=water 18 River "water"

Sea natural=sea 18 Sea "sea"


Rule Name Selector Min Level Max Level Type Name Label Colors Width Border Width Pattern
Coastline natural=coastline 12 Shoreline "coastline"

Motorway highway=motorway 17 Major HWY thick "motorway"


3 1
MotorwayLink highway=motorway_link 20 Major HWY Connector-thick "motorway link"


3 1
Trunk highway=trunk 17 Principal HWY-thick "trunk"


2 1
TrunkLink highway=trunk_link 20 Ramp high-speed "trunk link"


2 1
PrimaryRoad highway=primary 18 Principal HWY-medium "primary road" ++ name


2 1
PrimaryRoadLink highway=primary_link 20 Ramp low-speed "primary road link"


2 1
SecondaryRoad highway=secondary 19 Arterial Road-thick "secondary road"


2 0
TertiaryRoad highway=tertiary 20 Arterial Road-medium "tertiary road"


2 0
Unclassified highway=unclassified 20 Road-thin "unclassified road"


2 0
Alley highway=residential or highway=service or highway=road 23 Alley "Alley"


1 1
Zone30 highway=residential and maxspeed=30 23 0x17 "zone30"


1 1
Track highway=track and not (tracktype=grade1 or tracktype=grade2) 21 Unpaved Road-thin "Track"

11110000 11110000

Trackg1 highway=track and tracktype=grade1 21 0x10 "Track g1"

Trackg2 highway=track and tracktype=grade2 21 0x11 "Track g2"

Roundabout highway=mini-roundabout or junction=roundabout 23 Roundabout "Roundabout"

Pedestrian highway=pedestrian or highway=living_street 23 Pedestrian Area "Pedestrian Area"


1 1
Footway highway=footway or highway=cycleway 23 Trail "Footway"

Cycleway (bicycle=yes or bicycle=designated) or highway=cycleway or cycleway=track or cycleway=lane or cycleway=opposite 21 Major Trail "Cycleway"

1111000011110000 1111000011110000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 1111000011110000 1111000011110000

Path highway=path 21 Path "Path"

Steps highway=steps 23 Steep track "Steep track"




1100110011001100 1100110011001100 1100110011001100 1100110011001100

Railway railway=rail 18 Railroad "railway"




1111111111111111 1111000000001111 1111000000001111 1111111111111111

River waterway=river 12 River "river"

Cyclenetwork relation:route=bicycle or relation:network=lcn or relation:network=rcn or relation:network=ncn 20 0x12 "cyclenet"

Stream waterway=stream 22 Stream-thin "stream"

NationalBorder boundary=administrative admin_level=2 12 Intl. Boundary "border"



NationalPark boundary=national_park 12 "nat. park"




Rule Name Selector Min Level Max Level Type Name Label Icon
City place=city 20 City (Large) name
Town place=town 21 City (Medium) name
Village place=village or place=hamlet 22 City (Small) name
Locality place=locality 21 Region name (no Point, middle) name
PlaceOfWorship amenity=place_of_worship 22 Place of Worship name
ParkingNode amenity=parking 22 Parking Area
MotorwayJunction highway=motorway_junction 20 Exit name ++ " " ++ ref
GuestHouse tourism=guest_house 22 Bed & Breakfast inn name
Fuel amenity=fuel 22 Fuel/Gas operator
Police amenity=police 22 Police Station "police station"
Hospital amenity=hospital 22 Hospital "hospital " ++ name