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Public-images-osm logo.svg natural = shrubbery
Holiday Inn Express, Taunton. Car park shrubbery. - geograph.org.uk - 1829844.jpg
由人定期维护、修剪的灌木区域。看起来不那么规整也是有可能的。 在wiki页中编辑此说明 在数据项中编辑此说明
组: Natural
状态:使用中Page for proposal

natural=shrubbery 标签用于绘制灌木区域,这些灌木有人修剪或以其他方式定期维护(例如修剪的方形树篱或装饰性灌木)。这些灌木带通常用于景观园林,或用作城市中的隔离带(如道路车道隔离、道路与用地之间的隔离)。即使是人工种植和维护的灌木,也可能保持了更野生的形态(见下面的例子)。该标签与 natural=scrub 相对,后者用于没有人工干预的野生灌木林。


This tag was proposed in two iterations; as the stand-alone natural=shrubbery tag and as a refinement of natural=scrub. Both proposals were rejected, in large part due to them representing two opposing schools of thought concerning the mapping of man-managed shrubby areas. natural=shrubbery is documented here under the any tags you like principle, with a goal of growing support for it organically by mappers using it.

Mappers using this tag should be aware that broad rendering support may be quite a while off — if at all possible. For this reason some mappers prefer using natural=scrub for man-managed shrubby areas as well as wild scrubland. Be aware that this practice is disputed, yet still very common — see the documentation of that tag for further details.




Effective density

While natural=shrubbery should be considered an impassable object for most traffic unless a highway=* is mapped through it (unlike, say, a grass lawn), the effective density of these areas when mapped serves a number of purposes. For orienteering oneself using a map, this detail can be useful, and may be employed by renderers to highlight it. shrubbery:density=dense in particular is useful to indicate that a natural=shrubbery area acts as a hedge.

Note that the following descriptions are (of course) just a rule of thumb for a rough, general categorisation. Mappers should not barge through shrubberies to figure out its density.

Value Definition
sparse Sparsely planted shrubbery. Generally speaking able-bodied persons could walk through them (although this is usually not desirable).
medium Shrubbery with a medium density. Able-bodied persons might be able to barge through it, but it takes some effort and might result in scratches or soiled clothing.
dense Densely planted shrubbery. Effectively impassible without damaging the shrubbery (which at this point often acts as a hedge) and getting your clothes torn.

This table is a wiki template with a default description in English. Editable here.


灌木可以用通常的植物标签来完善,例如:属genus=*、种species=* 和叶形leaf_type=*,类似于natural=scrub

height=* can be added to all shrubby areas as well; it may be particularly useful for hedges which act like a barrier.

For natural=shrubbery which fall in the category of a neatly clipped hedge or a topiary于维基百科, shrubbery:shape=* can be used to indicate its shape. For a typical box-hedge this will be a basic shrubbery:shape=box, but any fanciful shape one might prune a topiary into can be described (e.g., shrubbery:shape=dragon or shrubbery:shape=spiral).


Before natural=shrubbery the tagging of hedges (i.e., dense shrubby areas that act as a physical (and often visual) barrier) as an area was often done with barrier=hedge together with area=yes. Because this practice is deemed controversial[1], the shrubbery:density=* key was developed as way to mark the effective density of a shrubby area. For hedges a combination of natural=shrubbery with shrubbery:density=dense and height=* can be used a replacement.

This use of natural=shrubbery can also be combined with shrubbery:shape=* — e.g., shrubbery:shape=box for a box hedge.

For hedges mapped as a linear feature, use barrier=hedge.


  • 对于野生灌木,使用标签natural=scrub。如果为保持道路畅通而修剪掉一些过于茂盛的灌木树枝,仍使用natural=scrub标签。
  • 对于单棵灌木,在节点node上使用 natural=shrub
  • 对于小到无法绘制为区域的条形树篱,请使用barrier=hedge



natural=shrubbery (shrubbery:density=dense 密灌木的示例)
Shrubbery with trees..jpg natural=shrubbery (shrubbery:density=medium 中等密度灌木的示例)
natural=shrubbery (shrubbery:density=sparse 疏灌木的示例)


Starr 010831-0015 Morella faya.jpg 这是natural=scrub
Bloeiende heide. Locatie, Schaopedobbe (Schapenpoel) 07.jpg 这是一个欧石楠荒地natural=heath的明显例子
Maasheggen bij oeffelt 2.jpg 这是natural=scrub。即使有时会修剪一些茂盛的枝叶以保持道路畅通[2]


In JOSM the Map Paint Style Greenery details can be used to visualize this tag and the values of the shrubbery:density=* and height=* tags:

Sample of the Greenery Details Map Paint Style in JOSM. These shrubbery:density=dense areas of natural=shrubbery are rendered with a suitable pattern.

A matching Preset (Greenery) is available as well:

Sample use of the Greenery preset in JOSM. shrubbery:density=dense is selected.