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This information is outdated. Please see Foundation/Local Chapters

The Foundation are currently looking into establishing a framework which will allow local groups to federate themselves to the OSM-F. The process is being lead by Nickb.


Nick's summary of the goals of such federation are. Please note this is a working document, not a final proposal:

  • To promote the mission of the OSM-F amongst local and special interest groups
  • To provide a legal entity under which local or special interest groups can operate
  • To support the development of OpenStreetMap communities around the world

Roadmap and Timeline

  • Research and proposal phase - up to Nov 2008 - OSM-F put together a proposal which describes what a federated OSM-F group would look like
  • Initial consultation phase - Nov - Dec 2008 - Initial consultation with a small group of potential local groups. To be included in this phase of consultation, please email nick (
  • Draft Federation Agreement published - End 2008 - A draft agreement will be published and made available for approval of OSM-F members to approve. The OSM-F Board will seek agreement from the OSM-F membership, and publish a final proposal.
  • Initial Chapters Federated - Early 2009 - The first chapters are expected to be federated to the OSM-F

Initial consultation phase

A list of contacts who are being consulted will be published here once they have been notified (target 31st Oct)

More Deatils

nickb is keep a record of his work on this and other OSM-F matters here