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See silt kirjeldab looduslikke objekte. Neid võib sildistada loodusobjektidena isegi juhul, kui inimesed on neid muutnud.

võti väärtus element kirjeldus Tag Usage[1] renderdus foto


natural fell node area No, see #545.
natural grassland area Areas where the vegetation is dominated by grasses (Poaceae) and other herbaceous (non-woody) plants. For mown/managed grass see landuse=grass, for hay/pasture see landuse=meadow.
Surface grass.jpg
natural heath node area nõmm
Lüneburger Heide 080.jpg
natural moor node area Don't use, see wikipage. Upland areas, characterised by low-growing vegetation on acidic soils. currently not rendered by openstreetmap-carto
Moorland - geograph.org.uk - 384704.jpg
natural scrub node area põõsastik Ülesharimata maa põõsaste või madalate puudega.
Starr 010831-0015 Morella faya.jpg
natural shrubbery area An area of shrubbery that is actively maintained or pruned by humans. A slightly wilder look is also possible currently not rendered by openstreetmap-carto
Holiday Inn Express, Taunton. Car park shrubbery. - geograph.org.uk - 1829844.jpg
natural tree node puu
natural tree_row way A line of trees.
Rendering-natural tree row-mapnik.png
Row of Poplar Trees - geograph.org.uk - 242206.jpg
natural tree_stump node A tree stump, the remains of a cut down or broken tree.
Tree stump1 30u06.JPG
natural tundra node area Habitat above tree line in alpine and subpolar regions, principally covered with uncultivated grass, low growing shrubs and mosses and sometimes grazed.
Croix de Fer- View to South-West.JPG
natural wood node area
Biogradska suma.jpg

Water related

natural bay node area laht
Lowlandman's Bay, Jura - geograph.org.uk - 25388.jpg
natural beach node area rand
View from Highway 1, California 25.jpg
natural blowhole node area An opening to a sea cave which has grown landwards resulting in blasts of water from the opening due to the wave action
natural cape node A piece of elevated land sticking out into the sea or large lake. Includes capes, heads, headlands and (water) promontories.
Provincetown Spit Cape Cod.jpg
natural coastline way rannajoon Rannajoon peaks jooksma kellaosuti suunas ümber vee ja kellaosuti vastassuunas ümber maa, st maa jääb joonest vasakule ja vesi paremale. Erandina ei pea rannajoon moodustama suletud joont, vaid olema ühendatud, et tekiks suletud polügon.
natural crevasse way area A large crack in a glacier
natural geyser node A spring characterized by intermittent discharge of water ejected turbulently and accompanied by steam.
Strokkur, Iceland.jpg
natural glacier node area liustik Aasta läbi jääga kaetud ala.
Grosser Aletschgletscher 3196.JPG
natural hot_spring node A spring of geothermally heated groundwater
Grand prismatic spring.jpg
natural isthmus node area A narrow strip of land, bordered by water on both sides and connecting two larger land masses.
Isthme de Langlade.jpg
natural mud node area muda
Death 12 bg 082303.jpg
natural peninsula node area A piece of land projecting into water from a larger land mass, nearly surrounded by water
Shimabara Peninsula Japan SRTM.jpg
natural reef area A feature (rock, sandbar, coral, etc) lying beneath the surface of the water
Vanatinai, Louisiade Archipelago.jpg
natural shingle node area An accumulation of rounded rock fragments on a beach or riverbed
Scree render.png
Vorderrhein Mundaun.JPG
natural shoal node area An area of the sea floor near the sea surface (literally, becomes shallow) and exposed at low tide. See natural=sand as well.
natural spring node allikas
La Sorgue, Fontaine-de-Vaucluse.JPG
natural strait node area A narrow area of water surrounded by land on two sides and by water on two other sides.
Rendering-natural strait.png
ISS054-E-53958 (Strait of Dover).jpg
natural water area
Natural water.jpg
natural wetland area soo või raba

Geology related

natural arch node way area A rock arch naturally formed by erosion, with an opening underneath. currently not rendered by openstreetmap-carto
Delicate Arch LaSalle.jpg
natural arete way An arête, a thin, almost knife-like, ridge of rock which is typically formed when two glaciers erode parallel U-shaped valleys.
Arête nord du Râteau.jpg
natural bare_rock area An area with sparse/no soil or vegetation, so that the bedrock becomes visible.
Bare rock.png
Coastal rock formation.jpg
natural cave_entrance node area koopasuu
natural cliff node way area rannakalju/pankrannik Lineaarsena peaks kalju ülemine ots paiknema joone vasakul pool, alumine ots paremal.
Natural cliff-125.png
natural dune node way area A hill of sand formed by wind, covered with no or very little vegetation. See also natural=sand and natural=beach currently not rendered by openstreetmap-carto
Ayres dunes, Isle of Man.jpg
natural earth_bank way Large erosion gully or steep earth bank
A gully (Budanova Gora) 1.jpg
natural fumarole node A fumarole is an opening in a planet's crust, which emits steam and gases
Námafjall in summer 2009 (2).jpg
natural gully way Small scale cut in relief created by water erosion
Gully in the Kharkov region.jpg
natural hill node A hill. currently not rendered by openstreetmap-carto
Good binsey.jpg
natural peak node mäetipp
natural ridge way A mountain or hill linear landform with a continuous elevated crest
North Ridge of Mount Rohr.jpg
natural rock node area A notable rock or group of rocks attached to the underlying bedrock. currently not rendered by openstreetmap-carto
Gainfarn froschstein.jpg
natural saddle node The lowest point along a ridge or between two mountain tops
Saddle img.png
natural sand node area liiv Taimestikku pole või on väga vähe.
Kalabrien Ricadi Sandwellen 2129.jpg
natural scree node area kiviklibu
Scree render.png
natural sinkhole node area A natural depression or hole in the surface topography. currently not rendered by openstreetmap-carto
Rax doline.jpg
natural stone node kivi Üksik kivi, nt rändrahn currently not rendered by openstreetmap-carto
Big rock at saynatsalo.jpg
natural valley node way A natural depression flanked by ridges or ranges of mountains or hills currently not rendered by openstreetmap-carto
natural volcano node vulkaan Võib olla nii aktiivne, puhkeseisundis kui
natural user defined node area

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