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To celebrate OSM's 17th anniversary in 2021, the Local Chapters and Communities Working Group of the OpenStreetMap Foundation is organising a 17-hour global mapping party on the 8th of August!

17 countries/regions from all around the world will come together, with each local community moderating in an one-hour slot within a 17-hour period on August 8, Sunday. We will use the same Big Blue Button room all day and there will be a different country host every hour.

Anyone is welcome to join any part of the day during the whole duration of the event, whether their local community is hosting or not!

Don't see your country listed and want to get involved? Please feel free to sign up in an empty slot! If there are not empty slots, please reach out to and we'll help find a time.

Join the fun by going to this Big Blue Button Room August 8.

Thanks for celebrating OpenStreetMap with us and don't forget to use the hashtag #OpenStreetMap17!

Time (UTC) Time (local) Country Host Community/group Theme Contact person(s)
03:00 13:00 [1] Oceania OSGeo Oceania* TBD Edoardo Neerhut
04:00 12:00 Philippines OSM Philippines community Schools Eugene Alvin Villar, Arnalie Vicario
05:00 07:00 Italy Wikimedia Italia* Improve Asti Anisa Kuci
06:00 11:30 India OSM India community Power Plants in India Naveen Francis
07:00 10:00 Uganda MapUganda / OSM Uganda TBD Geoffrey Kateregga
08:00 11:00 Tanzania OSM Tanzania community Innocent Maholi
09:00 11:00 Zambia OSM Zambia TBD Chomba Chishala
10:00 13:00 Turkey Yer Çizenler Missing Roads in Turkey Can Ünen
11:00 20:00 Japan OpenStreetMap Foundation Japan* Local streets K_Sakanoshita
12:00 14:00 Belgium OpenStreetMap Belgium* Road Completion Jonathan Beliën
13:00 15:00 Kosovo Free Libre Open Source Software Kosova (FLOSSK)* TBD Besfort Guri
14:00 16:00 Hungary OpenStreetMap Hungary Mapping landcover (either farmlands, either forests) Attila Kun
15:00 10:00 (CDMX UTC-5:00) Mexico - están invitad@s de cualquier lado de América OpenStreetMap Mexico - Geochicas Ríos en zonas inundables. Edificios. Vea los proyectos mapeadora
16:00 17:00 United Kingdom OpenStreetMap United Kingdom* Tourism Jez Nicholson
17:00 18:00 Portugal OSGeo Portugal Addresses (endereços de Portugal) Jorge Gustavo Rocha
18:00 15:00 (Brasília) Brazil OSM Brasil/OSM Ceará Road Completion Narcélio de Sá
19:00 15:00 (EDT)
14:00 (CDT)
13:00 (MDT)
12:00 (PDT)
United States OpenStreetMap US* Playgrounds Maggie Cawley

* A Local Chapter of the OpenStreetMap Foundation

Promotional Graphics

Please feel free to use any of the following images to promote the event. Contact if you have any questions.
Flyer for the OSM 17-hour Global Mapathon

Twitter graphic (minimal version) for OSM 17-hour Global Mapathon
Twitter graphic (minimal version) for OSM 17-hour Global Mapathon
Twitter graphic for OSM 17-hour Global Mapathon
Twitter graphic for OSM 17-hour Global Mapathon

OpenStreetMap 17th Birthday Flyer - ES
OpenStreetMap 17th Birthday Flyer - FR
OpenStreetMap 17th Birthday Flyer - PTBR