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Runways Brussels Airport (7655183522).jpg
滑走路。飛行機が着陸したり離陸したりするために、脇にある平らな土地。 Show/edit corresponding data item.
OSM Cartoでのレンダリング
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グループ: 空路


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滑走路のコースに沿ってウェイを描き、 aeroway=runway を追加してください。


ときどき、追加で滑走路の輪郭が aeroway=runway + area=yes でタグ付けしたエリア エリア としてマッピングされていることがあります。



タグ 説明
Date source:date=* - If imported/updated from the FAA 56-day NASR database, this tag will contain the date the database became valid.
Elevation The ele=* tag should be used for the average altitude of the runway. Individual nodes (endpoints, displaced thresholds) may have more specific values.
Heading Use heading=* for the actual geographic headings (forward;reverse) of the runway. Rounded to nearest degree, left-0-padded to three digits if from import. Example: "083;263".
Incline Use the incline=[+|-]d.d% tag for the % incline of the runway. The direction of the way is from approach to departure. The incline is the elevation at the departure threshold minus the elevation at the approach threshold, divided by the distance between them.
Incline spec incline:spec=[+|-]d.d%: the % incline of the runway, as specified in the FAA airport diagram. According to the legend diagram, this is measured to the midpoint of the runway (instead of the far threshold) if the runway is >= 8000ft, and is only specified if the absolute value is >= 0.3%. Note that this tag is used only if the incline is in the same direction as the runway. Otherwise, the reverse_incline tag is used (see reverse_incline:spec=* below).
Landing Facility Site Number The FAA's Landing Facility Site Number for the airport with which the runway associated should be tagged with FAA:LFSN=*. There is generally no reason to edit this value - it is used to refer back to the associated aeroway=aerodrome node or way and the FAA database for synchronization of imports. Example: "01818.*A" is the LFSN for LAX.
Length The length=* tag can be used to hold the physical length of the runway surface, including blast-pad, displaced threshold, etc. This is generally more than the length actually available for takeoff and landing. Use meters, or specify units. ('100' for a hundred meters, or '200 ft' for 200 feet.
Reference Use the ref=* tag for the name of the runway (for example "02/20" or "09L/27R"). See [1].
Reverse incline reverse_incline:spec=[+|-]d.d%: the % incline of the runway as specified in the FAA airport diagram, in the reverse direction of the OSM way. See incline:spec=* above.
Source source=* - Source(s) of information present in tags, semi-colon-delimited if necessary. "FAA" indicates at least some information from one or more FAA databases or imports. Often combined with an imagery tag to indicate the imagery with which the boundary was drawn.
Source_ref source_ref=* - Key to source documents. Example: when source=FAA, you may see source_ref=nnnnnAD, which indicates the document number of the FAA Airport Diagram, which are at http://aeronav.faa.gov/d-tpp/vvvv/''nnnnn''AD.PDF where vvvv is the version number (incremented every 56 days).
Surface The surface=* tag can be used to identify the physical makeup of the surface of the runway. Example: "paved" or "grass".
Width Use the width=* tag to identify the physical width of the runway surface.


段階 タグ付け メモ
proposed aeroway=proposed
proposed=runway(taginfo で7件)
計画中の誘導路で、建設間近のものです。このタグは純粋な願望に対して使うべきではありません。他に proposed:aeroway=runway の用法もあります(taginfo で1件)。
construction aeroway=construction
construction=runway(taginfo で26件)
建設中の誘導路です。他に construction:aeroway=runway の用法もあります。(taginfo で1件)
In operation aeroway=runway 運用中の滑走路です。
disused disused:aeroway=runway(taginfo で219件) 使われなくなった滑走路ですが、運用に戻すことができるものです。
abandoned abandoned:aeroway=runway(taginfo で304件) 使えなくなった、またはほかの目的で再利用されている場合です。例えば highway=cycleway を追加します。

廃止された・放棄された滑走路には、レンダリングされるように natural=meadow のような追加タグをつけることが提案されています。

写真/説明 タグ Mapnik
Bogrunway.JPG aeroway=runway

参考としてミュンヘン国際空港(Munich International Airport)を参照してください。