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Defines if a certain payment method is accepted or not.
Group: Properties
Used on these elements
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Status: in use

Defines if a certain payment method is accepted or not.

The notation is made with a subkey: payment:method=yes/no/interval


  • yes: The payment method is accepted.
  • no: The method is not accepted.
  • interval: If the payment methods is accepted only at certain times the notation for opening_hours=* can be used.


This list shows the payment methods mostly used, but you are not limited to just these keys.


Key Information Comment
payment:coins=* If you can pay by coins.
payment:notes=* If you can pay with notes (paper money).
payment:cash=* A shortcut tag for payment:coins=* + payment:notes=*.


Key Information Comment
payment:cheque=* If you can pay by cheques.

Wire transfer

Key Information Comment
payment:wire_transfer=* Wire transfer on Wikipedia. If you can pay by wire transfer.

Electronic Purses / Intersector Electronic Purses (IEP) / Stored-value cards

A stored-value card refers to monetary value on a card not in an externally recorded account and differs from prepaid cards where money is on deposit with the issuer similar to a debit card. One major difference between stored value cards and prepaid debit cards is that prepaid debit cards are usually issued in the name of individual account holders, while stored value cards are usually anonymous.

Key Information Comment
payment:electronic_purses=* Generic tag for any electronic purse This should be mainly used when electronic purses not accepted. If EPs are accepted, please indicate which by using a more specific key.
payment:ep_geldkarte=* GeldKarte homepage

GeldKarte on Wikipedia (german only)

Used in Germany.
payment:ep_quick=* Quick homepage (german only)
Quick on Wikipedia (german only)
Used in Austria. Discontinued with 2017-07-31
payment:ep_cash=* Cash on Wikipedia (german only) Used in Switzerland, now defunct.
payment:ep_proton=* Used in Belgium. Proton is defunct as of 1-1-2015 so tags should be removed.
payment:ep_avant=* Used in Finland.
payment:ep_chipknip=* Chipknip homepage (dutch only)
Chipknip on Wikipedia
Used in the Netherlands, Chipknip is defunct as of 1-1-2015 so tags should be removed.
payment:ep_mep=* Used in Portugal
payment:ep_minipay=* Used in Italy
payment:ep_minicash=* Used in Luxembourg
payment:ep_moneo=* Used in France
payment:ep_monedero4b=* Used in Spain
payment:ep_monedero=* Monedero on Wikipedia (spanish only) Used in Argentina. Previously used mainly for public transport, but it was replaced by SUBE for that purpose.

Debit cards

Key Information Comment
payment:debit_cards=* Generic tag for any debit card This should be mainly used when debit cards are not accepted. If cards are accepted, please indicate which by using a more specific key.
payment:laser=* Laser on Wikipedia

Laser homepage

payment:maestro=* Maestro on Wikipedia

Maestro homepage

payment:visa_electron=* Visa Electron on Wikipedia

(please add link to website)

payment:visa_debit=* Visa Debit on Wikipedia

(please add link to website)

payment:girocard=* Girocard on Wikipedia

Girocard Webseite

In Germany known as "EC"
payment:bankaxess=* BankAxess Webseite Norway
payment:bancomat=* Bancomat on Wikipedia

Bancomat homepage

payment:coinkite=* Coinkite Website
payment:postfinance_card=* PostFinance Card homepage Switzerland

Credit cards

A comprehensive list of credit cards can be found in the credit card category on wikipedia.

Key Information Comment
payment:credit_cards=* Generic tag for any credit card This should be mainly used when credit cards are not accepted. If cards are accepted, please indicate which by using a more specific key.
payment:mastercard=* MasterCard on Wikipedia

MasterCard homepage

payment:visa=* Visa on Wikipedia

Visa homepage

payment:unionpay=* UnionPay on Wikipedia

UnionPay homepage

payment:diners_club=* Diners Club on Wikipedia

Diners Club homepage

payment:american_express=* American Express on Wikipedia

American Express homepage

payment:discover_card=* Discover Card on Wikipedia

Discover Card homepage

payment:jcb=* JCB on Wikipedia

JCB Card Homepage

payment:contactless=* Contactless payment on Wikipedia Used to indicate that a venue has 'contactless' (RFID/NFC-based) card readers.

Fuel cards

More information plus additional providers of fuel cards.

Key Information Comment
payment:dkv=* DKV on Wikipedia (german only)

DKV homepage

payment:uta=* UTA homepage
payment:routex=* Routex homepage
payment:roadrunner=* Roadrunner homepage (german only)
payment:svg=* SVG homepage (german only)

Payment via phone

Key Information Comment
payment:toll_number=* Used on 0 objects (02/2015)
payment:mobile_phone=* Unclear what this should be in detail. Please discuss this feature in the comments.
payment:payback_app=* Payment with PAYBACK-App

Public transport

Key Information Comment
payment:icsf=* Suica card on Wikipedia

Suica card homepage
Transport card on Wikipedia JP

"IC Stored Fare", used in Japan for buses, trains, subways and convenience stores. ICSF is a general name of some prepaid cards that published by Japanese public transport companies. They keeps interoperability between themselves. This tag includes those cards.
payment:OV-Chipkaart=* OV-Chipkaart on Wikipedia (Dutch)

OV-Chipkaart homepage

Contact-less payment card for public transport in the Netherlands.
payment:oyster=* Oyster card on Wikipedia

Oyster card homepage

payment:prepaid_ticket=* One or more tickets you buy in advance and that are stamped at a ticket vending machine before traveling. Example
payment:sube=* SUBE card on Wikipedia (spanish)

SUBE home page (spanish only).

Government-issued contact-less card, used in Argentina for buses, trains and subways. Apparently uses MiFARE Classic.

Road toll

Key Information Website Comment
payment:e_zpass=* E-ZPass on Wikipedia E-ZPass homepage
payment:nc_quick_pass=* North Carolina Quick Pass Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina have an interstate agreement allowing their subscribers to use the electronic toll roads in the other states.
payment:peach_pass=* Peach Pass on Wikipedia Georgia Peach Pass Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina have an interstate agreement allowing their subscribers to use the electronic toll roads in the other states.
payment:pikepass=* Oklahoma PIKEPASS
payment:sunpass=* SunPass on Wikipedia Florida SunPass Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina have an interstate agreement allowing their subscribers to use the electronic toll roads in the other states.
payment:via_verde=* Via Verde on Wikipedia Via Verde homepage Electronic toll collection system used in Portugal


Key Information Comment
payment:cryptocurrencies=* Generic tag for any cryptocurrency This should be mainly used when cryptocurrencies are not accepted. If cryptocurrencies are accepted, please indicate which by using a more specific key.
payment:bitcoin=* Bitcoin page on this wiki (osm data)
Bitcoin on Wikipedia
Bitcoin homepage
payment:litecoin=* Litecoin on Wikipedia / Litecoin homepage
payment:dogecoin=* Dogecoin on Wikipedia / Dogecoin homepage

Digital wallets

Key Information Comment
Google Pay on Wikipedia

Google Pay homepage

The service was known as Android Pay until October 2017, then renamed to Google Pay. The old tag is still in use.
payment:apple_pay=* Apple Pay on Wikipedia

Apple Pay homepage

payment:samsung_pay=* Samsung Pay homepage
payment:twint=* TWINT homepage

Government assistance programs

Key Information Comment
payment:ebt=* Electronic benefit transfer on Wikipedia
payment:snap=* Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program on Wikipedia
payment:wic=* Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program for Women, Infants, and Children on Wikipedia


Key Information Comment
payment:service_voucher=* Service vouchers are accepted Called also "Titres-Services" (FR) or "Dienstencheques" (NL). Use payment:service_voucher=only with office=employment_agency to indicate offices that specialize in brokerage of services paid with these vouchers.
payment:meal_voucher=* Meal or luncheon vouchers are accepted Called also "Ticket Restaurant", given by employers to pay for lunch.
payment:szep=* Hungarian Széchenyi electronic vacation voucher is accepted Called "Széchenyi Pihenőkártya" (literally Széchenyi leisure card) or "SZÉP kártya" for short, given by employers to pay for leisure and catering. Many restaurants and hotels accept it. If you know whether a given issuer is accepted, please indicate: payment:szep:otp=*, payment:szep:kh=*, payment:szep:mkb=*
payment:paypal=* PayPal on Wikipedia / PayPal homepage
payment:u-key=* U-Key on Wikipedia Frequent combination: amenity=vending_machine
payment:token=* Token on Wikipedia This key is a umbrella term for payment with Coupons, Vouchers, Gift token, Token coins, Jetons, Game tokens, Electronic or Security token (-Card).
payment:token_coin=* Token_coin on Wikipedia Use this key if you need a token coin (for exit of Parking area, Car washes, Pay toilets, Laundromat …)
payment:gift_card=* Gift cards on Wikipedia
payment:none=* Use this key if the service is free of charge Do not use this if the service is free of charge, as payment:none=yes negates the key in the value (troll tagging). Use fee=no instead.


It is assumed that the official currency of the country, where the tagged element is located, is accepted, so it doesn't explicitly need to be tagged. If different or additional currencies are accepted for different payment methods, consider appending the three letter code of the currency at the end of the key. For example:

To give a hint which currencies are accepted in general for the tagged element (for all payment methods) you can use:


For more complex payment situations, please add additional information using the description:payment=* tag. If possible provide an english translation using description:payment:en=*.

Similar tags

  • fee=yes/no/interval, a more basic tag to specify whether a fee is usually charged for a service, or for access
  • toll=*, to indicate that a road, bridge, ferry, or other way is tolled; i.e., that you must pay to use it.